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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 ~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Friends!

2019 is here...a new beginnings for us.

My tablecloth ladder filled with lovely vintage tablecloths.
Some are new to me, as Santa was very good to me this year!

Gray rainy weather doesn't make for the best photo, 
but from the top rung:

Simtex, "Pavilion Plaid", Green/Blue colorway

Fallani & Cohn, green grapes design

Vera, pink floral on pink

Wilendur, Dogwood, Red Colorway

Marlene Linens (ML), Casserole

Simtex, MCM Plaid

Now that the holidays are over, I'm working on
restocking my shop.  

These two beauties are already listed, both Marlene Linens.

Marlene Linens Apple

Marlene Linens Bamboo

Both have their original paper tags!  

Enjoy New Years Day, and don't forget to eat
some black eyed peas.  Thanks for the visit!  


  1. I love your ladder with table cloths on it. You have the BEST collection. I hope 2019 is a much better year for me and blogging.

  2. Happy New Year Pam! Those are all such lovely tablecloths! You're much more ambitious than I, still have a stack of things to list in my shop!

    1. Happy New Year to you Diane! My stock is down and need to list lots to catch up, lol.

  3. I had a small bowl of black eyed peas. I love how the tablecloths look on the ladder. Happy new Year!
    xx Beca

  4. Same to you Beca! I don't like those peas, but sometimes we gotta do things, lol.


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