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Friday, February 9, 2018

Longing for Spring & Thrift Finds!

It's not even mid February and I am longing for spring.
How about you?  Not that we've had a horrible winter, 
I just need warmer and sunnier days.  

I don't thrift as much as I used to because I am trying
to clear out a whole room of "treasures", but hubby and I
 hit a couple places last week end.  Always fun to share,
and a few of these things will end up on Etsy.  

Very old pottery calico cat & dog shakers.  Unsigned.

Bust style statue of the Virgin Mary.  
Marked Japan

Russel Wright cream pitcher, Iroquois "Ice Blue"
I have some blue plates and a casserole dish in the same pattern.

Doilies, always a sweet find, especially when they
 have purple edges.  

And hubby's find for a thrift he passes on the way home
from work.  At first I thought it maybe was a Scandinavian
design, but once I was closer I could see the design was 
embroidered.  Lovely work.  Probably not very vintage,
but I love it.  So any ideas on this?  

Because of the design I'm thinking it is foreign.  Very nicely made.
Oh...there was a matching runner and he got me that too.

"Always hang on to men who thrift."

 Wonder who we attribute that great quote to?

That would be me!  😁

Closing with a photo of a very old
Beistle Valentine centerpiece.

Very imperfect, yet still adorable!  

Enjoy a great week-end!  


  1. The embroidered cloth and runner are from imdia. Specifically western region of india.

    1. Thanks so much! Knowing this I searched and found other similar designs from India. So beautiful!


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