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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Who Likes "Vera"?

Vera Neumann: 1907-1993, American Artist
Known for her bold linen, scarf and bedding designs.

Designer of so many mod patterns of the 1960's and 1970's.  
No wonder her linen designs are being produced again today.   

Sharing some photos of vintage Vera.

Lovely blue tablecloth with abstract floral design.  

Vera signature and ladybug emblem

Sweet vintage napkins
Mod flower designs

Vera designs are both colorful and coveted.  

I have this towel I've been working on to restore, but have a way to go...
and think I may not get there!  Heavy grease stains,
set in for years don't want to budge.  
Worst case scenario, I'll use it in my kitchen as an
actual dish towel...imagine that. 😍

I know I have some vintage Vera scarves stashed away
that I can share next time.  Thanks for visiting!  

We're expecting more snow today!  
A good day for catching up on some chores and
starting a fire in the woodstove.  

Have a good week friends!  


  1. I prefer her earlier work, but my mother loved everything of hers!

  2. I love Vera and have some scarfs that I just treasure. Some first things I bought as a grown up 18!! Your linens are so pretty!

  3. I love Vera! I had no idea who "Vera" was until I read your post; but I have a gorgeous scarf with "Vera" on it that I purchased from a thrift store a few years ago. It makes me feel so alive with its bold, happy colors. Thank you.

  4. I have been a fan of Vera items for years. I sell quite a bit of her stuff in my Etsy shop.

  5. So colorful and pretty! Makes me think of spring! xx K

  6. Did you try blue Dawn original? I find it a miracle for some stains but then it is always fun to have a great dish towel

  7. Oh goodness, I really love that first tablecloth. I've never heard of her (Vera) before. There's always that one stain.... Great tip Kathy!


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