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Monday, December 11, 2017 that you Rudolph?

Oh no, that is sweet Doyle, who just turned 8 years old.

His Birthday wish was for snow! He loves snow...but unlike so
 many of you who got the snow, we had 2 days of rain instead. 

 Doyle had to settle for rolling in the Gingko leaves.

Wait, here is Rudolph!  The local art school had
it's fun painting class for December.  
I couldn't miss out on painting Rudolph!  

I might still glam up his antlers a little.  The class was 
small, just 7 of us, but was fun and it helped me with
some Christmas spirit.

I know this is the happy holiday time of year, but it can also be
stressful.  It is no longer my favorite season....
maybe if it came less often, like every 3 years?

OK I better quit before I turn into Scrooge.  I'll share a few
photos first.  Enjoy all your festivities!  

Christmas Card tablecloth & Christmas stack
Mid-Century Santa Graphic

Are you in the Christmas spirit?  
& are you in the Christmas frenzy?
I'll be back before Christmas.  Thanks for visiting!  


  1. Both of your Rudolph's are adorable. I know what you mean about this time of year. I stopped stressing at Christmas a few years ago when I adopted the "no gift" rule. Now I simply make a donation in a family member's name and everyone wins! The only gifts I give are for the little ones in our family and we know how much fun that can be! I wish you a stress free and Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy Birthday to Doyle and I wish him snow! I'm in the Christmas spirit but trying very hard not to get frazzled this year.

  3. LOL yes it's a frenzy at my house since I 'm working 40 hr week again !!! can't keep up on decorating etc.

    Sweet Doyle love those table cloths

  4. Happy B-day Doyle, wishing you lots of snow! Your Rudolph painting is adorable, glad it helped you get in the spirit of the season. I'm feeling much more calm now that I've closed my Etsy shop until after Christmas!haha

  5. Sweet Doyle - he's making the best of it, I see! Love your cute painting and glad it helped with getting in the spirit. I wasn't feeling it at all this year, so I scaled back on everything and glad I did. I might keep my minimalistic approach every year. My family drew names and that helped with the gift-giving, too. Hope you can just let some things go.....Love the linens. xx Karen


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