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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Back to real life!

Christmas is a peaceful time, and ours was just
wonderful, spent with family.  Yesterday we made the 10 hour, heavy traffic
on crowded highways, trip home.  It was all worth it, but now I have
a house filled with piles of stuff....real life!  

I want to share a couple cute things with you.  
(Pardon my hasty photos.)
 How about this Howdy Doody  theme "Krispy Kan"?
Need to do some research here.  

 When my Mom passed away a couple years ago my Sister and I, and other
family, saved many of her things. However, my Sister had a stack in her
basement of the final things from Mom's storage. Time to go through and 
purge, donate or toss.

BUT...we definitely found some more keepers.  
Today I want to share just a couple things.  

Mom's angel girls.

From the Five & Dime: W.T. Grant & Co., 49 cents each.
These sweet angels also came home with me.  

She kept some of my school things, cards and letters I sent her.

She kept this, and wrote that I did in school when I was in 
2nd Grade!

We had to find a magazine photo to show what our father
 did for a living.  My absent father was out of the picture,
so I found a photo to use as my "working" Mom.

I'll translate this for you:

"My Mother Works"
"My mother works for the Railroad.  She sells tickets in a big office.
Sometimes she works in East Haven.  She works at night and days too."

I literally laughed out loud when I read it!  Lucky the Dept. of
Social Services folks didn't come knocking on our door!

Actually my Mom did work two jobs!  She was a ticket seller for 
the New Haven Railroad, and she did bookkeeping part-time
for a small business.  She was our only breadwinner so did
 what she had too...she was a pretty darn amazing woman!

Nana, her Mother, lived with us and helped bring us up.
She was like our "at home" Mom.  No need for Social
Services intervention.  😍

Hope something here made you smile, and that your 
special holiday time was wonderful also.
After I unpack I'll be back to share more goodies!


  1. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. I got to spend time with both my girls and Grands. Now to clean up the decorations.

  2. What a treasure those angels are! I am so glad you have them. My grandmother left the price tags on things and I am glad she did so I can see where she bought something. I have done the same and it brings back wonderful memories! Sounds like your mom was a amazing woman.

  3. Oh I like Howdy Doody tin, I use to watch him every morning waiting on the school bus now this was back in the 1950's

  4. What wonderful memories. I used to love shopping at Grant's. The old W.T. Grant building is still proudly standing in our town (Bath, Maine) with its granite sign embedded into the building. My husband's parents lived in New Haven when they were first married and then they moved to Litchfield, CT where he grew up. Small world!


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