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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Are you ready for the holidays?

Are any of us really ever ready?  
But ready or not, here they come!  

Thanksgiving is a week away and we don't even have a turkey yet!
So what to do?  Go camping!

We decided to go camping for what will probably be the last
time this year.  Priorities are important!  

 Doyle always enjoys it, even though he has to stay on his
 leash.  There are exciting new smells and sights for him.
The squirrels know to keep their distance.  Luckily.  

 I always bring a vintage tablecloth for the picnic table, and the table
inside the camper.  Oops!  Left the bag at home.  No worries, found this one
 while out shopping. Lots of stains makes it the perfect camping tc!

 Of course we always shop the local antique shops, etc.  
I stopped dead when I spied this Christmas beauty in a fun booth.
My heart did the pitter-patter thing, and I leaned in to read the price tag.

 Really?  NFS!  Sigh........

 I love this type of booth and got lost in it for awhile.

I couldn't resist these sweet vintage tea towels.  They kinda
made up for missing out on the the tablecloth.  

It was a great weekend!  Very chilly but we were prepared, had a
large campfire, and our little Aliner camper has a great heater.

Now I suppose I'd better go get the turkey and cranberries.😏

Are you ready or getting ready for the holiday season?
Here's to a wonderful Thanksgiving for us all!  
Thanks for visiting.  


  1. Camping in the Fall can be so much fun as long as you have a heater! I would have been so disappointed by the NFS sign on that tablecloth also. BUT those towels are adorable (the kitty one stole my heart). I'm taking my Mom home to Texas for the holiday and a big family reunion. It will be great. Then we will think about Christmas! Hugs!

  2. Oh what fun! We had snow on Tuesday so no camping here until spring! We always go to my sister's in the western mountains of Maine so all I do is peel and make pies. Love the little tea towels! Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Looks like a fun time - two of my favorite things - camping and antiquing! I don't have a camper these days, but we are looking for one like yours - small and cute. Too bad about the tablecloth, but the tea towels are darling. I don't have to host this year, so just baking the pies. Yay! Happy Thanksgiving! x K


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