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Monday, September 18, 2017

Art pottery ~ Roseville Hull Weller

Hello there!  I'm happy to be back.
Thank you so much for all your good wishes!

While recuperating I couldn't help but notice some things
that needed doing...badly!  My pottery collection, which lives on
a long wall shelf (out of harms way) was looking pretty dusty.
Mr. Retro got them all down for me.  Cleaning them was a good
project while I was recuperating from surgery.  

Now they are all clean and pretty again, a good time to 
share my pottery with you.  

I have loved this collection since my Mom started it for me.  
She gave me my Nana's vase, the green Roseville Peony
 (2nd from the left) obviously my most treasured.  That was
 back in 1990 and look at what has happened since then!
Roseville Freesia basket and the Peony.  Behind is a tall deco
Thornberry and a Snowberry cornucopia, and in the 
back a White Rose cornucopia and Clematis vase.  

Mr. Retro gave me some as Christmas and Birthday gifts.  
The small Iris Roseville in the front was a gift from
hubby and has the small sticker attached.  The blue basket
 is Magnolia, and the small basket is the first non-Roseville,
Wild Rose by Weller.  

Behind them is a small Bushberry and green Snowberry
basket, both Roseville.  The cornucopia in the rear is
Water Lily by Hull and the deco style fan vase is Weller. 

Some of my vases are less than perfect, say having a chip on
the base or a small age crack.  None of the damage shows 
when they are up on the shelf.  I love them all equally, except
 for my Nana's, which has a special place in my heart.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection. Promise to be back
soon, it's time for a fall tablescape!  

PS/ The pretty green bowl and candlestick holders are Fenton. 
I didn't bother removing them from my table for the photos.  

This is a story for another day.  *Smiles*


  1. So happy you are feeling better! I love Roseville pottery and should give mine all a good bath and take photos! I also have McCoy,Hull and so many more. I have a hard time saying no to a pretty piece of pottery at a good price.

  2. Sweet Pam, welcome back! And oh, how I happy I am to know you are doing better.

    You have such a beautiful collection of pottery and it was truly a delight to see it all.

    Happy hugs to you!

  3. Glad to hear you are doing better! Your collection is beautiful...your home has so many beautiful collections. It must be like visiting a museum. My granny's home was like that...I used to be in awe as a child. I would spend hours looking at all her pretties. Such fond memories. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Hugs, Vicky

  4. Welcome back Pam! I'm glad you're feeling better. That's a marvelous collection, they are all so wonderful! Can't wait to hear your story about the gingerbread house! Have a relaxing weekend!xox Diane


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