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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vintage Tablescape - California Hand Prints

Sharing a favorite thing again this week, a vintage tablescape. 
 Which of course starts with my very favorite thing, 
a vintage tablecloth.
This modish beauty is made by California Hand Prints, also known
as CHP.  Chafing dish, fish, cheese, asparagus, wine... so many
 interesting kitchen items and food on this colorful tablecloth.

Though the theme of the tablecloth favors mid-century modern,
I couldn't help but add some things from the "cute" category.

I used a mixed bag of odd dishes, and some chartreuse Hazel Atlas Ovide.  
I couldn't resist the crying onion dish with the two chef towels.  It looks like 
the crying onion knows what is coming!  

Did you spy George & Judy from  "The Jetsons"?
Too fab salt & pepper shaker set!

Vintage Smith glass Moon & Star candlestick holders, Indiana Colony 
drinking glasses, and Anchor Hocking water pitcher.  Love all the greens.

Center lattice bowl is an MMA reproduction, which I use often.
Colorful non-matching Vera napkins help the colors "pop".

I do hope you've enjoyed my latest tablescape.  

And thank you for viewing my "too many" photos.  

I plan to join up with Tablescape Thursday again this week.  
So many beautiful tablescapes to visit!

On a personal note, Mr. Retro has his 2-month post-op visit
tomorrow.  He should be able to stop wearing the cervical collar and
hopefully be able to drive again.  It's been a long two months, but
we've both learned some things along the way. 👫  Please send 
 positive thoughts that he receives a good report from the doctor.  


  1. Thinking good thoughts and sending positive vibes for Mr.Retro!

  2. I am just so excited when I see a new table(cloth) setting from you. I love your collection! Prayers for Mr. Retro!! Hugs to you!!

  3. Love the bright colors and cute dishes! Sending prayers for hubby to have a good report and speedy recovery. xx K


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