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Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Simtex Tablecloth & Too Many Dishes!

Happy almost May!  Spring seems to be a busy season for everyone.
We planted tomatoes and peppers, only to be deluged with three 
days of rain.  Crossing fingers they will survive.

So what is a tablecloth and dish hoarder/collector/thrifter/rescuer
to do in the rain?  Why play with her tablecloths and dishes of course!  

Ooh la la...pretty in pink for spring.

This tablecloth is made by Simtex, pattern is Pavillion Plaid.
Note my fav Fiesta pyramid candlestick holders on the table.  

It has often been mistaken for a Russel Wright design, but according to
the collectors book, Setting your table Wright, it is not by the designer.

I love the pink colorway, but who wouldn't also love the blue, green & yellow?

I have been wanting to organize some of my  "too many dishes" for months,
and rainy days became the perfect opportunity.  I have an enormous set of
Iroquois (maker), Impromptu (shape), Ben Seibel (designer), 
pattern name:  Stellar.
Ben Seibel was a prolific designer with so many wonderful
dishes and patterns to his credit.  

Here are my Stellar serving and unusual pieces, plates and bowls. 

How cool are these mid-century dishes?  Great shapes and atomic design.

Unless I have a drastic change of heart, I'm going to list them on
Craigslist as a first try at selling.  

Aren't they fabulous?  I've enjoyed having them for 20 years, 
so it just feels  like time to pass them on.  
I may take them to one of the cool dealers in Richmond, and
have considered a trip to Replacements, Inc.  A dish lovers heaven!

Hazel Atlas has been another of my favorites, especially for
tablescapes.  The solid colors go so well on all my printed
tablecloths.  I have the gamut from pastels and bold colors, and
have both the ovide and moderntone style platonite dishes. 
These are from the 40's into the 50's, a poor man's Fiesta.  

Above is my entire collection!

Below is a cabinet full of what I am keeping.

Below is what I hope to sell.  

I love them all, but it really is time to do some cleaning out.  I may give
these a try on Craigslist also.  Or consignment, or ....who knows.

I should mention, if you live somewhat near and would like to see, 
drop me a note!  That would be such fun.  So wish me luck with
these, both selling and being able to part with them.  

I hope you liked seeing just the "tip" of my hoarding tendencies.  
Have a great weekend!  I've been checking the ads, but really
should stay away from the sales.  👸

Looking ahead to next week...& Cinco de Mayo!


  1. It is so hard to downsize our treasured dishes. I have sold some of mine and it breaks my heart but...I can't keep them all. Good luck with selling them. Hugs!

  2. It must be Spring! I'm thinking of a clean out too. We'll see how far I get. Good luck!

  3. I just found you from Between Naps your site...I am in Hampton, tell me where in VA you are.

  4. Hi Pam, thanks for your visit. I hope you are able to seel the dishes you want to get rid of. I have so many that I actually have a dish ROOM in the basement. I know I have to start purging, it is just so hard to decide what to let go. Have a wonderful Mother's day!

  5. Hi Pam! Sorry I have been a stranger. Love your Cinco de Mayo 'scape. I love the Fiesta pyramids with that cloth!!! I hope we can catch up soon. Monica

  6. Wow, I am so impressed with your downsizing! I hope that you were successful. I've never sold (nor bought) anything on Craig's list but I know lots of people who swear by it!


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