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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tablecloths & Dishes~Thrifty Finds!

Snow Day!
We really don't get much snow in our area of Virginia, but today was
different.  We were in the path of that huge snowstorm and got ten inches.  

I figured the least I could do was update my blog and show you some
thrift finds.  I'm still in the "donate" phase of cleaning out, that
doesn't stop me from thrifting linens and dishes, two exempt items. ;)

 I found this wonderful tablecloth at an end of year sale.
The manufacturer is Marlene Linens, and the pattern is Jamaica.

Bold, colorful & modern...tablecloth love!

I always search the thrifts for odd dishes to use in my tablescapes.
After I do the tablesetting I usually re-donate.
 I haven't done a tablescape with these yet, but like them so much they are in the
cabinet and we are eating off them, lol.  Got at a local  thrift shop (75 cents each),
 not vintage, marked Home.  Is that Target?
Don't they look great with this blue border Wilendur vintage tablecloth?

 These blue floral by Theodore Haviland of New York (Goodwill $3.25 for 5) 
look so pretty on this Violets & Lily of the Valley design vintage tablecloth,
manufactured by Marlene Linens.  

Two dessert sized plates made in Hungary and nice quality (50 cents each), 
and a creamer-pitcher that I thought hoped was Russel Wright,
 but haven't found a photo, so probably not.  Anyone know?
Green apple design tablecloth manufactured by Marlene Linens.   

& lastly few books from our Friends of the Library thrift, $1 each.

Tag Sales/Flea Markets by Martha Stewart
Best Little Houses
The Not So Big House
We read them, and if not a keeper, donate them back for resale.
The price is right, cost way less than magazines, and support our library.

Look at those icicles!  It was windy and freezing, but made for a peaceful snow day.  

I forgot Doyle's photo.  He was helping hubby clean off the
cars. Here he is attacking a plant pot for some reason.  Dog play!

Thanks for visiting.  
Come back soon, I might actually do a tablescape! lol


  1. I love your tablescapes and thrift store dishes, but look at all that snow!!
    I would want to play in it like a kid.
    Stay warm,

  2. Your tablescapes are always amazing and beautiful...I hope you do one soon :) Love your dishes and tablecloths - you have such an incredible collection.

    Stay warm, my friend. It was -18 today - brrr... Hugs to you!

  3. Love the tablecloths you find! I think using the dishes and then donating back is a great idea and keeps the dishes under control! I'm working on my dish closet soon. I have some I need to use in a table then donate also. Oh so much snow!! Stay warm.

  4. Awwwe, look at cutie Doyle playing in that snow! I bet he is excited! Mine wouldn't know what to do in snow!

  5. Always love your tablescapes! You should do a book! Such a good idea to use and then donate back. The snow sure is pretty, but not fun to drive in! Keep cozy! xo Karen

  6. Hi Pam, your posts warm my heart! Love those super snow images and Doyle! Anyway, glad to see that people like yourself still collect vintage things. I like your idea of passing items on eventually too. So many are promoting the spartan, minimalistic way of living. Boy that's not for me, I used to live like that years ago when I was just starting out... it was called being poor and barely able to pay the rent! Forced minimalism! I'm over that, maybe in a few years if I move I'll have to start clearing out, but for now I'll enjoy all my vintage lovelies! Thanks for sharing your beauties! ~ Diane

  7. Pam, those Haviland plates are perfect on the ML violets & lily of the valley! What a great way to use and enjoy your dishes without having to keep them forever!


    PS: Give Doyle a warm hug from me!

  8. I always look forward to your blog posts, your photos are pure eye candy and this one did not disappoint. That Violets & Lily of the Valley tablecloth! OMG!! And I LOVE to see what Doyle's been up to :) --Fran


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