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Sunday, January 15, 2017

AUCTION wins! Do you bid?

Snow last weekend cancelled an estate auction we planned to attend. 

Happily it was  rescheduled.  Perfect activity for a cold and damp winter day. 
 Doyle agreed!

Do you ever attend auctions?  Do you bid and come home with treasures?
Or just go for the entertainment?   Because they surely are entertaining.
You get to see lots of stuff; good stuff, bad stuff, "what the heck is that?" stuff.   
Perfect for people watching too.  

So grab a coffee, take a comfortable seat, listen to the auctioneers chant, and fall
under the auction spell.  After checking out the goodies I decided there wasn't 
anything I had to have.  Good, no stress, just watch & be entertained! Turns out
I missed looking at the colored glass items on the front table, ready to be sold 1st. 
Gulp, I love colored glass!  Might as well fess up here, I bid on three items and 
won the three items.  Like I said, the "auction spell".  ;)

1st item won, Swung glass vase.  
Remember these from the 60's?  I have always wanted one.  This
beauty is a beautiful aqua, about 20 inches tall, so cool.  Oops, others
 wanted it also, but not as much as I.  I had to bid all the way up to $9.
Yup, a whole $9.  Definitely a bargain.  This was my priciest purchase.  

2nd item won: Amethyst water pitcher, by Cambridge Glass.
I have to do a little research to see if this is as old as I think it is,
but it is beautiful, in color and design.  Someone started out the
bidding at $5, I bid $6.....sold!  No one outbid me, sweet!

 Thought I was done bidding for sure, and then this happened.  
3rd item won:  Pair of  Fenton lotus candlestick holders
& 7 Anchor Hocking ruby red drinking glasses.
So the auctioneer starts the bidding with his chant...$ 20, 20, 20...
10, 10, 10.....8, 8, 8....okay 7, 7, 7.....c'mon 5, 5, 5......

My arm holding the bidding number just shot up of its own free will.
I swear it did!  I already own a pair of the candlestick holders,
 but c'mon it's $5, I can sell them, right? No one outbid me, my
$5 bid was the only bid, therefore the winning bid.  Sweeeet!

 After getting home, I took out my pair of candle holders to compare.
What?  How wrong I was, as my set is a whole different red.  I'm
wondering if they are amberina.   My new set is a deep ruby red.  
Guess I don't have to sell them after all! 

Lovely ruby red glasses by Anchor Hocking.  Don't you wonder how
drinking glasses survive so many years?  Luck, has to be the answer. 

I was tempted, but didn't do anymore bidding.  The most expensive sale of the day
was $3,000, and the lowest was $3.  Something for everyone.  My winnings
totaled $20.  Not bad for a day's entertainment and vintage treasures.  

Hubby was eyeing up an old pinball machine, but fortunately we left before
they auctioned it, lol.  We passed our favorite thrift on the way home and
made a quick stop.  Hubby was happy to find an old pressure cooker for $3,
(beef stew here we come!)  & a couple of  $1 collector books. 
 We both went home happy.  

Hope you have an auction experience to share here.
Winter has truly set in, stay warm & healthy my friends!  


  1. Sounds like a fun day out and to bring home treasures made it even better! That vase is huge! It didn't look that big in the first picture but the ast one with all the items you can tell how big it is. Hope you're doing well and staying warm. Have a great week!

  2. I've not been to an auction, I'm fearful I would fall under the spell and buy buy buy!! I LOVE all the glass you got! I have some Cambridge glass and love it. Fun!!

  3. I used to be a weekly auction attendee... but usually warm weather draws me to the garage sales and flea markets instead!

  4. Oh what fun! Especially if hubby enjoys it too. I love your blue vase, I have a red one like it my son gave us for our Ruby Anniversary! I've never participated in an auction, but I do LOVE Estate sales. I always try to be first in line if there is something like Pyrex that I want! You and Doyle stay warm in that snow up there!!
    Dorothy and Wilma

  5. You found some nice treasures! I'm too impatient for auctions but we do quite a few estate sales. Your snow is still pretty, ours is almost gone as we've had rain here in MN - but more snow is in the forecast. ~ Diane

  6. I wish my MR like to go to the auctions with me, oh maybe someday he will! I like the blue vase, makes me think of my Grandmother and her blue kitchen. You got some great buys and did not spend alot, always makes me happy!


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