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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vintage Christmas Tablecloths at Last!

I finally have some pretty Christmas tablecloths to share.
It is not all of them, hoping to sneak another post in before Christmas.
So many different patterns, from pretty to whimsical.
Do you have a favorite type?

This mid-century design by Luther Travis is a favorite of collectors.
I've been waiting for a nice sunny day to take photos, but no luck,
so forgive the overhead light reflecting yellow.  

This beauty is made by CHP, California Hand Prints.  Lovely for both
Fall and Winter holidays. 

Santa looks like he is swinging from the wreaths in this one, named
Christmas Festival, and made by Parisian Prints.  

I have had this tablecloth longer than I can remember.  It is faded, the silver is
worn off the bells, and it has some serious stains that don't wash out.  It is a large
one and has seen many a Christmas dinner at our house.  

I found this at an antique shop, an after Christmas sale.  Isn't he the cutest Santa ever?
I've been told he is a rare find.  And for now he is a keeper!

Snow covered trees on an aqua background...what's not to like?
Made by Wilendur. 

Another whimsical and hard to find vintage tablecloth.  I've seen this one
called "The Night Before Christmas".  If you love it, it is currently being
reproduced.  (sorry about that yellow glare again)

Colorful and unique, Christmas cards on a tablecloth.  

I don't know if this pattern actually has a name, but it is referred to as
Hot Air Balloon Santa.  Apropos!

Such a pretty Wilendur Poinsettia.  Actually, I use this all year round,
with it's pastel Poinsettias.

I think this is a late 60's or 70's era.  I can't find my information,
but it may be from Germany.  

The beauty below belongs to my friend Joan.  It is a  CHP, and 
is just gorgeous.  Love her tablescape.
Adding a fun note ~ She purchased this tablecloth at the Estate
Sale of  Dennis Morgan, the actor.  Sweet!

I made this wreath a couple years ago, but so many little bits had fallen off.
I had fun sitting down with it this week and adding some new goodies.  
 I joined an ATC swap hosted by Kim at ArtJoyStuff blog.  The
 theme was A Vintage White Christmas.  Here are the six I made.
(sorry bad phone photo)

Here are the six lovelies I received in return.  Sweet
extras generously provided by Kim.  Her swaps
are beloved.  So many talented artists!
JoAnne - Mary - Lynn
Liz - Laurie - Manu

Hope you enjoyed seeing my Christmas tablecloths.  I hope to come 
back and share a tablescape before Christmas...time is flying!  :)
Are you ready?  


  1. It's about time for the Christmas table cloths!! (just kidding but I do look forward to them each year). I have to say the first one makes my heart go pitty pat! I may have to see if I can find one like that! You know how I love Pink and Christmas! Hugs!

  2. Oh my gosh! All Gorgeous. My fave, If I had to pick one, would be the Pine cones. I Love pine trees & all Evergreens.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful tablecloths.

  3. You have the best selection of tablecloths! Pretty ATC!!! I'm thinking about having a Valentine card swap! I know, Christmas isn't even here! LOL!

  4. The handmade Christmas cards are gorgeous! And I love seeing your tablecloths. I have a few and put one on my library table (I'll show it in a post soon) I buy them whenever I see them at a good price! Happy holidays!

  5. Beautiful collection of table cloths. I love the hunt of collections. I also want to say THANK YOU for your beautiful ATC I received in Kim's exchange. Such pretty embellishments. I will keep it as a Little Treasure and enjoy it this holiday season.

  6. Hi Pam, Thanks for stopping by. Love all your vintage tablecloths, I have a few but nothing like yours. Thank you for sharing your lovely ATC's. It was such a FUN swap.
    Hugs Lynn

  7. I love the 1950's tablecloths with red white, Santa and deer. I got a new tablecloth just the other day, had never seen the pattern before, so I was happy! Wish I had more tables to display them!

  8. What a beautiful collection of tablecloths and your ATC look so pretty.
    Merry Christmas to you !

  9. You have a beautiful collection of tablecloths. I loved the one with pinecones, quite pretty.
    Your white Christmas cards are lovely.

    Have a blessed Christmas~~

  10. I love all your Christmas tablecloths. If I had to choose just one it would be the vintage red and white Santa in the sleigh. Have a very merry vintage Christmas!

  11. I don't think I could pick a favorite, ALL of those tablecloths are fabulous! I adore the graphics, the colors, the weight of the fabric! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe how quickly December is flying by 😊🎄 --Fran


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