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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Tea Cup Exchange!

Stephanie of The  Enchanting Rose hosted her
9th Tea Cup Exchange!

The first time I joined in was her 6th exchange, and I have not
missed it since.  She is a wonderful hostess and I have much praise
for her exchanges and her beautiful blog.

This year I received a wonderful package from Carol in Texas.
She nailed it!  Look at this gorgeous teacup (aka coffee cup also
in my house) and she paired it with this gorgeous vintage towel.

If you have ever visited my blog, you know I love and am
somewhat obsessed with vintage linens.  I recently showed off my
tea towel collection. I now have this beauty thanks to my new
friend Carol.  She was so very generous!

Look how pretty & welcoming she made the package for me!

Her wonderful package included this "Time for Tea" coloring book
with a set of pencils.  What fun!  Also a wonderful assortment of teas,
 flavored coffee package, and shortbread.  She made a pretty card
and wrote a fun note.  Carol has personality plus!  She doesn't have
a blog, or I would link you up.  

I am very grateful to Carol for making this a terrific experience,
 and happily made her this thank you card.

I sent a package to Ann of New York, who blogs at Apple Street Cottage.
Here is the link:  The Apple Street Cottage blog
Yellow is one of her favorite colors, so I thought this beautiful antique
teacup would be well suited.  I included an autumn colors
flower tea towel.

I also sent Ann the lacy tea cozy, tiny cream pitcher, a pair of
Cloverleaf England tea coasters, hot mat, and assorted tea.

I'm not sure if she realizes it, but I hand painted the card I sent.
Ann sent me a nice thank you note, which said she loves it all.  
Of course, chocolate and biscotti was also included.  ;)
Here is the link to Stephanie's blog so you can
visit and see all the lovelies.

The Enchanting Rose Exchange Reveal Link Ups!

Mr. Retro picked this garden bounty today, which I'm sure is the
last of it.  We are starting to have some chilly weather, but after all it is
almost November!  

 Enjoy all the wonderful exchanges!

Hope you have been enjoying this fall season as
much as I have been!


  1. Love it all, Pam. You spoiled me! I haven't put my post up yet, but I will later this week. Happy Halloween and thank you again!

    1. I put a link to your blog in my post so you can be easily found. :)

  2. The teacup and towel you received is so pretty and of course you sent great things also! What a fun exchange!

  3. What a great exchange! I love what you received - I have those same tea cups but with black stripes (I use them with my Alice in Wonderland tea set :) The package you sent was awesome. How wonderful to have included the hand-painted card!

  4. What beautiful gifts sent and received! Enjoy the fall weather while it lasts, as you said it's almost November! I think we've all been pretty lucky! Have a Happy Halloween too!

  5. Your tea cup is quite unusual and beautiful. Carol did a fabulous job putting your package together.
    Your package to Ann was lovely as well. Loved your hand painted card. :)

    Enjoy your treasures~~

  6. You both sent and received wonderful tea goodies. The tea cup you sent is gorgeous and I also love the one you received, very unique! I also love the card you painted, you're very creative. Have a wonderful week, Kelly.

  7. what a fun swap! I have been toying with the idea of doing a christmas mug swap. I guess I should make up my mind soon!
    happy halloween!!

    1. Yes Viv, a Christmas mug swap would be such fun! :)

  8. Looks like everyone had fun with the tea cup exchange. Everyone is so talented with what they give to each other. OH those tomato's look so yummy! Happy Halloween!!!

  9. Your cup you sent your partner is wonderful I love a cup when it has a design inside.
    I like all your received goodies also. This was very fun and hope to do it again someday

  10. Oh friend, both packages are delightful! I just love the tea cup you received! And the little extras are simply wonderful. I must say that the tea cup coloring book is darling!

    The treasures you sent to Ann are beautiful and you were so sweet to create a package based on her favorite color. You are very thoughtful, my friend.

    Thanks for joining the exchange and making it extra special. Love and hugs!

    1. Thank you Stephanie, You make 100's of us happy by generously sharing your time and hosting your exchanges for us. :)

  11. Such lovely gifts! It's so nice to give and receive such sweet treasures! xx Karen

  12. Wow, both packages filled to the brim with sweet and thoughtful gifts. And lucky you that your garden is still producing! There's nothing like the taste of garden-fresh tomatoes :) --Fran

  13. What a thoughtful package! It looks ever so cozy, with the shortbread and the coloring supplies. So lovely!

  14. Awe...such a sweet package of gifts! This has been so much fun and especially the opportunity to meet other bloggers. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. Now that tea cup is very pretty and unique! I love it! You received so many lovely items in your package from Carol! I also love the tea cup you sent to Ann. What a beauty!

  16. Isn't it fun to open up the box?! I felt so special. Your new to you teacup is lovely and different. A coloring book, too -- fun! Have a wonderful day!

  17. Great package! I love that tea time coloring book! That is such a fun idea. I'm so glad you were blessed with a great partner. :)

  18. Isn't it wonderful to make such new and special friends! The vintage items she sent you were just so special, and thoughtful! Love the tea coloring book, and all the wonderful teas, so delightful! And the package you sent out just perfect for you new friend, your hand painted card is adorable, a very talented gal you are! So fun to be "tea partying" today with everyone :)

  19. A unique teacup and lovely other goodies, have fun colouring in your new tea time book.
    The hand painted card sent to your partner is exquisite.

  20. I love the scalloped details of the teacup you received. The tea towel is wonderful! The teacup you sent out is equally beautiful, and my! how generous you both were :)

  21. Your autumn-themed tea exchange treasures are absolutely wonderful!

    And so is that garden bounty - yum yum yum!

    It's so oddly warm - warmest nicest fall weather in my recollection! My iris are blooming for the THIRD time right now! It's mid Ohio! I used to cheer sometimes at footballs in the SNOW! Loving it! : - )

  22. Two beautiful packages. Two spoiled women. Wait we were all spoiled.

  23. I always love seeing what everyone gets and gives... So much fun!!


  24. What a lovely package you received filled with pretties. I love your tea cup, it is so lovely. The pretties you gifted Ann are amazing! I adore vintage linens as well; they always make me smile!

  25. I loved seeing all the wonderful treasures you received and likewise those that you gifted! This exchange was my first and it was more than I could ever have dreamed it could be: beautiful tea cups and lovely ladies!

  26. What lovely packages. I missed the exchange this time, but I will be on the lookout for the next.

  27. What lovely gifts you received, Pam! What special gifts you sent to Ann, all carefully chosen and I know they were appreciated. Your hand painted card is a treasure. Isn't our sweet friend, Stephanie, the most caring, kind hostess? Enjoy your new gifts.

  28. What a unique teacup! I'm admiring its scalloped design. Yellow is one of my favourite colours so I also love the pretty teacup that you sent to Ann.

  29. Oh my, what loveliness, both sent and received! Both teacups are stunning and what wonderful other goodies as well! Stephanie just amazes me by putting all of this together twice a year. Blessings!


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