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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall & Halloween Goodies!

A quick post to show some of my Halloween goodies.
I've done a little editing here because I published this post before the
hurricane.  It seems the worst was avoided, but we are still sending
prayers out to those affected.

Each year I enjoy getting out my box of small size Halloween goodies.
I crafted most of these goodies and got a few from swaps.

These are Mr. Retro's favs.


Love the pumpkin nesting dolls, somewhat vintage and 
are a Lillian Vernon product.  Cute or what?
The pumpkin made from canning lids was a swap gift.  

These three were all gifts.  The adorable fall apple tag a swap gift
from Sue, who used to blog at "Sue Loves Cherries".  We miss her!

Three of my favs.  I love using tart molds for ornaments. 
The pumpkin shaped tea light holders are Princess House. 

Mr. Retro loves this best, the infamous Bates Motel.
This one is a spoolie.  

Adorable vintage image!

I'll end with the "honesty" pumpkin stand.  Just put your money in
the box and choose your pumpkin.  This works in rural Virginia.  
(I've showed this previously, but worth a repeat.)
Once when camping in rural Delaware we happened upon a pumpkin
 stand similar to this one...BUT the box wasn't even attached to the stand.
No lock, sitting loose, just put your money in the unlocked box.  
In today's world it is heartwarming to know some folks live this way. 

Are you all decorated for Fall and/or Halloween?
Happy Autumn!


  1. Thinking of you, sweet friend! I will be praying for your saftey during Hurricane Matthew.

    LOVE those sweet owls :) Hugs to you!

  2. I remember vegetable stands that ran on the honesty method. Once in awhile, I still see one!
    Stay safe, my friend!

  3. You have some adorable decorations, Pam! Love your hand-crafted tart molds :) I will be thinking of you - stay safe! Sending prayers your way. xx Karen

  4. I love those little nesting dolls...I've never seen pumpkins before. I have a few sets, mostly Christmas but these are unique. Of course I always love seeing the handmade items. I just want to pick every one of them up and look up close! Better watch when I leave...or check my pockets! teehee! Hugs!

  5. I love to see everyones adorable halloween collection of decorations! Im glad you took the time to share while preparing for a hurricaine. Im also glad that it appears that it will miss you. I need to call my mother and my dad and step mom. mom is inland in Deltona and my dad is in jacksonville. I hope the storm is not too bad for them.
    as for farm stands and the honor system, there are a lot of them around here. you can put your money in and get your own change. we are very trusting people around here I guess! lol!
    or.. just not too smart! lol!
    happy day

  6. That is good news that you are safe from the hurricane. I just put up my halloween mantle and will post about it soon. I also enjoy seeing fall/halloween decor.

  7. You have so many cute Halloween things! Most of my favorite things are from swaps or are things I've had for years.
    Glad you're safe from the hurricane, but of course wish everyone was!

  8. I love all your gooles and goblins! I stopped at a stand like that in my home town with my city girlfriends they couldn't believe you could drop your money in and leave! Stay safe!

  9. You really do have some very special Halloween goodies from friends. I love seeing all your new crafting additions too. Glad you are safe from that terrible storm. Thinking of you!

  10. Thinking of you and hoping that you stay out of the path of the hurricane. I love that honesty stand! There is one that I drive by when I bring my daughter to school out in western Massachusetts, but the table is usually almost empty so I have never stopped. I always assume that all of the good stuff has already been bought! I did my fall decorating on Sept. 1 and my Halloween decorating on Oct. 1 (I've already replaced the potted mums on my front step)! I don't usually rush the fall season but after two months of non-stop 90+ degree temps, I was ready for a change. Your decorations are fabulous, especially those cute owl spoolies :) --Fran

  11. Such sweet creations to get out each year and decorate with! They are all so cute! Hope you're staying safe with the weather and storms!! :) xo Holly

  12. I love your little halloween goodies...especially those cute little owls on the spools!

  13. The creativity here is just fantastic! So much cuteness! The storms all over the country have just been terrible, seems never ending! Love that vintage image too, so sweet. Hope all is well, sending my best to you! ~ Diane

  14. I love all your adorable decor, it's all so unique. It's amazing in this day and age that people can still put out jars for change. We have a lot of that here for firewood bundles, produce, flowers, etc. I hope it continues. Have a great week!

  15. so many fun and interesting goodies, love the stacking pumpkins, the wire shaped pumpkins are cool too as is the canning jar lids!!


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