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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Vintage Tea Towel Collection Part 2

As promised, I'm sharing more vintage tea towels. 
Both colorful and fun, who doesn't like them!

Warning ~ lots of photos!
The top two large towels with roses and fences are tagged Wonder-dri by Startex. 
Pink floral and a couple Southwest/Mexican designs.
Don't you love the mod looking birds on the bottom right?  Sweet!

Some food themes here. The top fruit stripe is by Startex, the next is a
Vera.   The two matching salad towels are tagged "A Golden Creation"
made in USA.  The 1962 is a calendar towel with a great backyard
barbecue theme.  Dad's all decked in his hat and apron and Mom
is wearing a skirt, of course! 

More food related towels.  The Vera on the left still has it's original label. 
Sweet blue and red pair of vases of fruit, and the apple towel has a lovely
crocheted edge. 

This group is mostly linen.  The mod pair on the left has an original price tag,
sold by Kaufmann's $1.50   The design looks 60's-70's to me.  The Spinning
Wheel towel is marked  Made In Ireland-Irish Linen Mills. 
The Apple & keys pair are Martex Dry-Me-Dry.

Warrington souvenir towel by Old Bleach.   The Calendar towel is 1978.
The Fondue by Bourguignonne, Made in Switzerland by KREIER.
These guest towels fall into the "naughty" category.  They were fun & popular.
 Naughty but not too naughty.  That generation knew how to laugh and have fun! 

These are both by Wilendur, and are either towels or table-toppers. 
The bottom pattern is named "Momentos" or Pin-ups".  

Faded pink dogwood by Wilendur on top left.  The bottom left is a swiss
embroidered huck towel.  Daffodil dish towel is by Cannon. 

Great colors here!
Mint condition Calories towel and New Jersey souvenir. 

Designer Tammis Keefe "Don't Forget" towel.  Prized & adorable,
 with elephants showing the grocery lists. 
The Bottles of Key West is not vintage, love the colors.

That naughty generation also enjoyed many many a few cocktails.

Love the towel on the right with cocktail names & a border of dressed pigs.
"Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think" towel faded badly when I washed it. 
Cocktail recipes, if you need them.  Made by Ulster.

These are my old stained dish towels that I use in the
kitchen everyday.  Old dish towel love!

The last photos don't really belong here but I found these cuties when I was
digging through my linens.  I believe the transfers are Vogart. 

Love her version of "He loves me, he loves me not."

He do - he don't
I hope he do!

& I hope something here made you smile. 


  1. Those are fantastic! Made me smile. The designs are whimsical...I think I like those birds the best although the last one is pretty cute. :)

  2. Yes, lot's of smiles seeing all your awesome linens!

  3. A wonderful collection! Loved seeing them all! x Karen

  4. Some of them really are works of art.

  5. What a wonderful collection! I love the colors and the designs!! Oh the pink's of course!!

  6. What a wonderful collection! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a great collection! I have never seen so many cute and unique tea towels all in one place!

  8. Wow! Yes, you made me smile, right from the moment I read LOTS of photos!!! Great collection, Pam, thanks for sharing! :) --Fran

  9. I love your collections. I always enjoy it when you share them. Do you have books on identifying them? I know that if I have a question on vintage linens you can help me as you are so very knowledgeable ! Thanks so very much for sharing. Have a super weekend.

    xo Dianne

  10. Wow, love your collection! Where do you store it all so it can be seen and enjoyed?!

  11. You have an excellent collection! Loved seeing them all!

  12. What an amazing collection! I especially loved those "semi-naughty" ones.

  13. You always find so many wonderful vintage pieces, I think my favourite out of this group is the one with the spinning wheel.

  14. I love the old timey ones like you use every day. And I just found a 1966 calendar and grabbed it up. That's the year I got married! How long ago was that? oh my! lol Hugs!


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