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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thrift Store Finds & Clothespin Doll Witches!'s my favorite season!   It is also a LOT of bloggers
 favorite time for crafting, both fall & Halloween.

 It is also a favorite time to do some thrifting!  Sharing a few
weekend finds here. 
First, some linens.  I hardly ever find linens at the thrift store, but
I luckily found two tablecloths and some Vera napkins at the last
two thrifts I visited.  Yahoo!

Pretty ribbons, bows and flower bouquets.

Great geometric design in a pretty green.  Neither of these
 tablecloths were tagged or labeled, the makers are unknown to me. 

I also found this vase for 50 cents.
Gold crackle style paint over blue with a bow design.
I toyed with not buying it because I'm not sure I even like it,
but it is vintage and by Gonder, so I had to rescue it. 

Mr. Retro found the 2 demitasse cup and saucers.  So sweet! 
They are made by Syracuse.  Marked "Old Ivory
Syracuse China, Made in America".

I may have to brew some Cuban coffee as an excuse to use them.  

I've had such fun making the clothespin dolls.  These are 3-part.
A wooden clothespin, wooden ball for the head, and a base to
stand the clothespin in.  Paint in whatever colors you wish,
and paint some simple faces and hair styles. 
Then you are ready to glue & dress.  I had hoped to find witch hats at the
Dollar Store, but no luck so I made my own, kind of pathetic and cute at the
 same time.  The photo below from a different angle shows the paper brims. 

I couldn't let the good witches have all the attention, so I added an
 "I'll get you my pretty" witch and a pumpkin head doll. 
Have you done any fall decorating or crafting yet?

I went to a fun class last week.  We made whimsical house collages, using paper
products, Modge Podge and our imaginations.  It was such a fun and easy
class, and I like my finished product.  Here it is still unframed. 

Ending with a photo of wildflowers in the backyard.  We enjoy them each
year, and they are the last "bloomers" of the season. 

Looking forward to seeing lots of fall decorations and stealing using
some of the ideas.  Have a great FALL week!


  1. Thrifting, crafting, taking a sure have been busy! Cute little witches, I don't think those hats are pathetic at all, they are adorable. It's so nice that you have such a big patch of late bloomers, my garden looks like it's gasping for air! Enjoy your week 😊 --Fran

  2. Super fun post - cute little dollies! I just signed up to follow along - I hope you will stop by too! Love your finds!

  3. Love your linen finds!! I never seem to find vintage table cloths any more. I haven't crafted this year but maybe for Christmas? I'm enjoying the cooler temps for sure and soon the leaves will change!

  4. Love the little witches, and your vintage finds are fantastic too!

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the clothespin dolls!!!!

  6. LoVe your little witch doll! and the others as well. I used to make clothes pin dolls but must have given most of them away as I only have two here, a black cat and a pumpkin head. I have some others in my craft room that others have sent me too. they are sweet!
    Glad youre enjoying the season. its one of my favorites! have a great week

  7. Oh my goodness gracious me!!! Those little witches and little pumpkin head are just the cutest I've ever seen. I always wonder...why can't I do that! lol I know...I should try! I'm going back to look at yours again though! Happy Fall!

  8. Those little witches are just darling! I have a couple of clothes pin dolls that I need to unpack yet. Keep on creating! Happy soon-to-be Halloween!!

  9. Love the linens you found. Those clothespin dolls are adorable!

    xo Dianne

  10. I sure do love your clothespin Halloween Creations... great linen finds too!

  11. You find the greatest linens, my friend. And I must say your little doll creations are darling.

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend, sweet Pam!

  12. What pretty tablecloths.Great finds! Love your little Halloween witches.

  13. So much cuteness here. You find so many tablecloths! Amazing! Happy Fall!


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