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Friday, September 9, 2016

September Vintage Tablecloth - Tablescape and Some Fun Art

Time to share a tablescape!  
A simple table today, showing off another vintage tablecloth, and all set for brunch. 

The tablecloth shows off it's beautiful colors and flora, by Pedigree/Thomaston.
I used my Hazel Atlas platonite plates, sugar and creamer,  cup and saucers, and apple bowls. 
The center blue bowl is an oft used Russel Wright Casual.  The sweet salt & pepper
shakers are very old, and belonged to my great aunt.  Vintage Fenton
 purple candlestick holders, and a crystal vase from the 80's. 

The new item on my table? Thrift store glasses, which will be re-donated.  I knew
 when I saw the striped colors that I could find a matching tablecloth in my stash!

I kind of lost my blogging mojo, but think all bloggers go through that now and then, and
also blame it on the unrelenting heat.  High temps and 100 degree heat indexes into
September are no friends of mine!  We had a brief respite when tropical storm
Hermine came through, but the heat came back to slap us.  I can't really even thrift in
the heat, so I've enjoyed doing some acrylic painting, which I will now inflict on you.

abstract dancing girls

Impressionistic trees

And this one is still on the take on a Picasso entitled
"Death's mask and Leeks". 
Hubby loved the skull, I loved the leeks.

Oh, one more creation.  If you can't shop, bake!
I had two round cake pans I had never even used, so I made a chocolate cake. 
 My baking and decorating skills will never get me on the "British Baking Show",
ha ha ha ...(love that show for some reason).

That's it for now.  Hope there was something here you enjoyed.
Hope not to stay away so long til my next post.  Have a great week-end!


  1. I love your painting of the dancers! Hang in there with the heat. We're almost in mid-September. It HAS to end some time!

  2. The trees are my favorite painting!! Love the table cloth and dishes, you have such a great collection. I've slowed way down in blogging and I too blame it on the heat. Let's hope for cooler weather soon and more posts! HUGS!!

  3. You're not keeping the glasses? They look great on your table. Love the apple bowls. How cute. I didn't know you were also an artist. Very talented.
    xx Beca

  4. You're not the only one who lost the blogging mojo a bit! I have been trying to get back to it...:) Love the colors on your pretty! The paintings are the tree one! Have a great weekend!

  5. I always love to see your colourful tablescapes, and the tree painting is beautiful. I can so relate to the heat this summer. I took a five week break a while back. It was way too hot and humid here to get motivated, but thankfully fall is coming and it'll be nice to spend more time outside. Maybe even a do a project outside. It's been a while since that's happened.

  6. I lost my blogging mojo, too, and now I feel like I'm in good company! I also blame it on the non-stop high temps, and I am glad that we may have finally had our last 90-degree day. I'm impressed with your paintings! The tree one is my favorite. And as always, your tablescape is fabulous 😍 --Fran

  7. Your paintings are amazing! Keep on creating! It's definitely hard to blog in the summer months. I'm blaming my absence on all our life changes, but I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone again. Hugs!

  8. Love your layer cake, and I also watch the British Baking show! The tables-cape is so pretty, the plum, blue and green is such a nice combination. Your impressionistic trees are my favorite! Hope you're enjoying these last days of summer!

  9. The colour match on all of your items is amazing, especially the glasses and the table cloth. They're perfect together. Love the art work.


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