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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hot August Hodgepodge

It doesn't look like August is going to be any cooler than July,
so I guess I should quit whining and just accept it.

The garden is not looking good, it hates temps pushing 100 day after day.
What we didn't lose in the flooding rain, we mostly lost in the heat.
Fortunately we still have tomato and pepper plants in the barrels that
are producing.  Summer without garden fresh tomato sandwiches just
wouldn't be right!

The row of sunflowers on the side of the house are opening. 
Love them! 

We have a few different varieties.
Looking forward to more blooms soon.   

Not too much on the thrifting front. I did find a sweet little Christmas tablecloth
last week end.  Probably made in Germany, tagged Viskose 100%. 
(Rayon in German=Viskose)
Here is a close up of the design. Santa pulling sleds and carrying bags
filled with presents, and angels carrying candles, all among the trees.   

It's blueberry season so I just had to make some muffins.  I found an
extra simple recipe online, and I don't mind saying they are yummy. 

Last but not least....I got happy mail from a sweet blogging friend.
Debbie @ My Vintage Daydreams

 A homemade card, sweet note, and even the package was decorated.
She shared some wonderful paper with me.  I'm all set for card making! 
Such a nice unexpected surprise!  That's Debbie ~ a very
sweet & thoughtful friend.

Well, that's about all the hodgepodge I have in me for today. 
Don't you just love that word? 
How are you staying cool this week? 


  1. Love your sunflowers my friend and oh that tablecloth!!!

    Hugs and smiles,


  2. Those muffins look so good! Our summer has been pretty mild this year compared to the last two that were record breakers heat wise. I'll take it!

  3. Oh Pam, your sunflowers took my breath away! They are such a beautiful and happy flower :)

    Your muffins look oh-so-good and what a charming package from your sweet friend. I am so glad you were blessed, dear one. Love and hugs to you!

  4. I'm just trying to survive August as I did July! So hot!! Love that new tablecloth, so cute. I keep saying I'm going to grow some sunflowers but never seem to get them planted. Oh well. Enjoying some days with Tiger before school starts next week.

  5. Those muffins look tempting! and your sunflowers are gorgeous ♥

  6. I've been freezing blueberry for winter! Those muffins looks so GOOD! Too hot to bake around here! LOVE your sunflowers! Are you going to keep the tops/flowers and decorate with them?
    keep cool,

  7. oops, YES, Debbie is very Sweet & Kind!

  8. Sunflowers just say "August" to me! You planted your tomato's the same as my neighbors did this year. Having tomato's and cottage cheese everyday, love it! Cute little tablecloth, Christmas will be here before we know it, eeeekkkee!

  9. It's always so nice to find a Christmas tablecloth! And it looks perfect! Love those muffins and of course the sweet gift. Blog friends always know just what we love! We all love the same things! heehee! Hugs, Diane

  10. We've had the heat too and the humidity made it unbearable! Finally a storm moved through and after almost 3 inches of rain it has cooled off and the dry Canadian air has moved in! Aaaahh! The Christmas tablecloth is soo cute! Blueberries are my favorite fruit, can't get enough of them! Just made a blueberry pie a week ago! Thanks so much for coming over to visit my blog! Hope the cooling air moves your way and you have a wonderful weekend! ~ Diane

  11. Oh the heat! Glad you're still able to grow your tomatoes and your gorgeous sunflowers!

    Love the santa tablecloth!


  12. Yes, I love the word hodgepodge and I love your hodgepodge post! For the first time, I have a sunflower growing! A bird must have dropped a sunflower seed from our bird feeder, and as luck would have it the seed was dropped into one of my deck boxes! So convenient that it's growing out of a container. Your blueberry muffins look yummy. Hang in there, the summer heat will be gone before we know it. :) --Fran

  13. It is sooooooo HOT! I am just over it. Over. It.

  14. I'm so ready for some cooler temps! If it's not sweltering hot, it's pouring rain! We got 16 inches in 3 days earlier in the week! The first day of school was canceled due to some flooding! Anywho, your sunflowers are beautiful! I love them...such happy flowers! Have a wonderful weekend.


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