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Monday, July 25, 2016

Painted Turtles "Rock"!

Whew, it is almost too hot to do anything.  It is morning and already 90 something
with a heat index of 100, which will climb to 110 today.  A good day to stay
inside and catch up on blog reading and posting. 

I wanted to share these photos with you today.  I went to a very fun
rock painting class.  We turned these large rocks into turtles.  No Picasso's
here, but lots of laughing and creating our turtle friend.

This one was especially cute with blue swirls instead of the
design we were shown to paint.  Yay for creative souls.

This one has the sweetest little face and his legs make him look
a little like a crab, don't they?

This was a very lumpy odd shaped rock, so the turtle
is quite an original! 

My rock wasn't smooth either, which made it harder to paint, but I
think it gives him great character.  Isn't he sweet?
He is enjoying life on the patio now, next to some potted plants. 
I have some smaller rocks I think I will turn into cute ladybugs. 

Mr. Retro always has projects going.  We picked up this Lane cedar chest
last year for $10.  The finish was in very sorry shape, so we elected to
paint it.  It looks very mid-century modern with gloss black and green paint.
(Excuse the light reflections.  It is curing on the porch.)

I kind of cheated here.  I used the same bowl and candlestick holders
on this weeks table.  I couldn't resist when I spied this tablecloth
with the red and purple teapots & teacups. 

How cute is this design?  I cut some Crepe Myrtle for the center.

Speaking of Crepe Myrtle (or Crape Myrtle - both are acceptable)
You can tell by looking at the chairs underneath, the size and scope of this
gorgeous tree.  It will bloom into September.  We have two others in the yard,
all a slightly different shade of pink.  I will share the other two, which are
smaller, in another post. 

Try your best to stay cool!  This heat is so unhealthy.  Take extra care of
your pets too.  Gosh we still have August to get through!

I'm joining in:


  1. Hi Pam, I love all the items in your photos! Thank you so much for sharing. And I will definitely keep Mr. Retro in my prayers. Hugs.

    1. Thank you Linda.. Mr. Retro's procedure was canceled for tomorrow so I removed the prayer request. He is off the hook for now. :)

  2. Those turtles are adorable. Now that looks like fun! The chest looks great and yes very mid-century modern. Oh you and your fabulous table cloths!!

  3. Cool idea with the turtles. That has to be one of the biggest crepe myrtles I've ever seen.

  4. Those rock turtles are adorable!!! I told my husband tonight that you find the most AMAZING tablecloths!!! I'd love to go hunting with you. :) Thanks for visiting my blog! I've been "stalking" you for a while. You ROCK. :D

  5. yes, the heat is brutal this year here too.. and the drought is a little scary. Its been hard to do anything constructive. We broke down and bought an air conditioner for the bedroom, but I hate sleeping with it on. Im thinking our electric bill is going to be sky high from the air conditioner and the 5 fans that I seem to always have running!
    I LOVE the rocks.. how stinking cute they are. I have a question for you, what do you use to get the old stains out of tablecloths when you find them my aunt gave me a really cute old christmas one, but it has stains.
    have a great week my friend!

    1. Hi Viv! Those old set in food stains can be hard to remove. First, does it have any metallic gold or silver designs. If so you can't do this, lol. First I soak in a mix of laundry soap and Oxy or Biz. Let it soak overnight if you can. You could do it in the washer or in a bucket. Then wash normally but do not put in the dryer. Lay out on the lawn. (Do your cats go out? You'll get kitty paw marks lol). The sun and grass helps to lighten the yellow food stains and brighten the white. If the stains are still strong, wet the tablecloth and lay it in the sun again. Yes you can use a clothesline also, but the chlorophyll in the grass is supposed to help too. Finally, don't worry if you still have stains. They seem to fade out of sight when you lay it on the table. Let me know how it goes! :)

    2. thank you! I shall try that. I'll let you know how it goes.

  6. Nuts... now I'm going to have to paint some rock turtles! lol... how very, very cute!

  7. Every summer I look forward to seeing your crepe myrtle! This year's photo is the best yet. Hopefully this heat wave ends soon so you can spend some time relaxing outdoors and enjoy sitting under that lovely tree! :) --Fran

  8. You must be under the same heat dome I am under !!!HOT for sure
    today the humidity was 100 % at 7 am now its 80 %.
    I have stayed in the house a lot when not at work

    Your turtle rock is so cute

  9. Love the little turtles and your cedar chest. That crepe myrtle is amazing. I don't think I've ever seen one that big.

  10. wow your crepe myrtle is huge! Your turtles are looks like it could be a John Deere turtle!

  11. The rocks are beautiful ♥

  12. That tree is beautiful and the turtle rocks are too cute. I probably would have ended up making mine a Ninja Turtle. LOL

  13. Om my gosh! That tree is fabulous! The turtles are super cute too!


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