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Sunday, July 17, 2016

New Thrift Finds!

This is the time of year to get out and snap up the thrifty finds!

I've been donating and cleaning out, but this week Mr. Retro and I hit some thrifts.
 "Just browsing" can't help but turn into a little buying at the thrifts.

The colorful serving, fruit, pasta, whatever bowl ~ pretty & useful!
Mr. Retro found it for 50 cents.  What?   He loves to show me up.

It looks great on this vintage tablecloth with purple accents.  I just
happened to have candles with the same colors as the bowl.  I know!
One  little lonely fish plate, made by Syracuse, pattern "Driftwood".
Couldn't resist this cutie, wish there had been more of them.  

Fell in love with this mod looking pot.  My score for $1.50!
Marked Tirschenreuth, Bavaria. Wonderful quality.

Mr. Retro found this gingerbread house mold, two sided for making all the house
 pieces.  Guess I'll be making a Gingerbread House this coming Christmas!

 I found two beautiful teacups that were both Made in Japan.
A lovely Lavender with gold accents,
and this lovely floral, still in original packaging.

With gas prices like this and still dropping, its a great time
for some road trips to go treasure hunting, isn't it? 

Mr. Retro framed the two abstract paintings I finished a couple months ago.
We thought they helped to make this a nice grouping.  The large fish is a chalk
 painting  by Bolivian artist Mamanimamani.  The hoop chair is indeed
mid-century modern, and my pottery collection sits on a wall shelf above. 

That's it for now.  Have you done any treasure hunting?  Wishing you a
 "cool" week, it has been hot-hot-hot here with no relief in sight, whew. 


  1. I really like all your finds, but the Bavarian pot is my fav! Very mod and groovy! I love your paintings, that chair and your pottery! Looks wonderful. I have some new junkin finds to share soon.

  2. WOW, your gas is's around $2.13 here :( I sure enjoy seeing your finds :) Also heard it's going to be hot & humid here this coming week. I might need to run thru the sprinkler LOL!

  3. I love that mod pot. Your paintings are really great.

  4. Hi Pam your finds are always so super. I love them all! My husband seems to get the best deals too... anyway we've had crazy weather here too, lots of storms and supposed to hit a hundred by the end of the week! Stay cool see you soon. Diane

  5. Well, if those aren't the neatest candles! I love how they look with your fabulous bowl :) You definitely found some delightful items, sweet friend.

    Happy Monday! Hugs to you!

  6. Love the bowl and the pot. Your hoop chair, paintings, pottery collection make a beautiful grouping.

  7. Great finds! The fish plate and the teapot are my faves :)

  8. I haven't done any treasure hunting, I've been really trying to pare down! I don't always have the willpower, but I was very proud of myself this week when I dropped off a carload of donations to Savers and did not go in to see what was on the shelves! There is no way I would have been able to ignore finds as wonderful as yours. I especially like that mod pot :) --Fran

  9. Great finds. I love the last picture with the hoop cool! Wish our gas was that cheap! Enjoy treasure hunting!!

  10. The gingerbread mold is the BEST find! I've never seen one but how cute will it be just on the counter during the holidays! I've been donating...but buying a little too. It's FUN! Stay cool! It's HOT here too! Hugs, Diane

  11. Lordy, I wish gas was that cheap around here. It's $2.39 right now. Nice finds. You seem to have really good thrifts in your area. I especially love the GB house mold.

  12. Cheap gas = great treasure hunts!Love that hoop chair.

  13. all the money you save on gas you can spend on treasures! I need to hit up some thrift stores! Or a really good flea market. love the rosey teacup!
    have a great weekend my friend!

  14. OK, bone to pick! You have been holding out showing us a great Pottery collection! You have a great eye, for the mid century modern!


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