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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Flea Market & More!

I spied an ad seeking vendors for a community FLEA MARKET to
be held in a retail parking lot.  Perfect!  We had already sorted a few bins of stuff
 we wanted to get rid of, so we gathered more stuff and started pricing.  All vendor
fees went to  the local humane society animal shelter as donations.  More perfect!
We borrowed a friend's trailer so we could bring more than the truck would hold.
 Lots more stuff not in these photos.  Mr. Retro set us up early and we were ready
 before the starting time of 8:00 a.m.
Woo Hoo! 
One small problem, where were the customers?
I was a little concerned when I saw they hadn't advertised it in our local once-a-week
newspaper...hmmm.  I looked for big poster board signs at the road to let folks know
there was a Flea Market in the set back shopping center....nothing.

I had even packed up several bags of craft supplies for $1 each,
full of irresistible goodies.  I sold 2.
I think we mostly attracted folks who came to shop at Tractor Supply, Ollies, etc.,
and just happened upon us in surprise.  Foot traffic was so disappointing.
We managed to get rid of some stuff, but brought way too much home. 
 Ready to try it again in the fall when the weather gets cooler. 
Have you been doing any outdoor selling lately?
No, these are not for sale.  This is my collection of vintage pottery, getting their
summer cleaning.  Years ago my Mom gave me her Roseville Peony vase.
 It was my Nana's.  Pottery love ensued, and a new collection was born.
 I promise to do a proper post on them soon.

I'll close with a few summer shots from our house. 
Mr. Retro is working on the Casita camper.  Here he blocked it up to remove
 the frame so he can put on the new axle.  Whew, luckily that went well.
We bought a Windsor rocker about 30 years ago.  So sturdy and comfy.
I spied the Boston rocker (left side) at the thrift store this weekend.
 Furniture was 30% off, so it came home with us.  The same manufacturer
as ours, Nichols & Stone of MA, maker of quality rockers.
So happy with this find, and no more doing the dash to see who gets to sit in
the rocker, we each have our own for porch sitting!  :)
Doyle is happy on his fuzzy mat. 

No tablescapes today, but will share this Simtex tablecloth on the porch table.
 Hope you all have a great week, and thanks for your visit. 
What summer fun have you been up to?


  1. So sorry to hear about the sale... all that work and no customers! The fern leaf simtex tablecloth is really nice. It would go just about anywhere too. Mr Retro has been busy too.... always scares me when my hub does things like that. I'm always standing there with my hand on the phone ready to dial 911...

    1. I laughed at the 911comment, because I can relate and was also at the ready, lol!

  2. Pam that is so frustrating when you do all that work for a sale and no one comes. Fall might be better. I love your pottery collection, I'm working on a post about my newest collections of Roseville, flower frogs and misc pottery. Its an obsession I tell ya!!

    1. Yes, but at least a fun and non-harmful obsession. Other than to the wallet. :)

  3. You just never know how those little flea markets will go. Nice pottery collection :) "we" have been on a buying spree lately! SO, now it's time to price things and clean up the family room. No summer plans...

  4. A friend of mine has an online loose tea business, and my daughter and I are running a booth for her at a local farmer's market on Saturdays. It has been pretty fun so far. I love that camper.

    1. I'll being doing posts as he updates the camper. The inside is gutted now.

  5. Too bad the flea market only advertised for sellers and not buyers! I had the opposite experience last fall--my daughter and I went to a sale at a local farm, that was heavily advertised as a vintage extravaganza; when we got there, however, the grounds of the farm was full of shoppers who were waiting to get into the teeny-tiny modern barn where all of the vendors were crammed and you couldn't even move around once you got inside! They're already advertising it for this October and I am NOT going, hehe. Your porch with those rockers, lovely tablecloth and most of all Doyle is so much more inviting! :) --Fran

    1. I would have put the darn $8 ad in myself and made poster boards had we known. Oh I get too claustrophobic at those type sales, staying home is a good choice.

  6. Well that was a lot of work, but now you'll be prepared come this fall for all sorts of buyers! How nice that you each can enjoy a rocking chair. Such a beautiful pottery collection. My mother inherited her mother's pottery collection. Those pieces are so valuable now. Happy July!

    1. I bet her collection is amazing. Mine are all on a high shelf in the living room, out of harms way. Need to do a post soon before they get dusty again lol.

  7. What a bummer that the people putting on the flea market didn't do better advertising! It's not difficult to throw up a few signs and an ad on Craigslist.

    Super happy for you to have found a matching chair. What a score!!

    Have a great weekend and I hope you are enjoying your summer.

    1. Yes we are loving our rockers! Actually when I didn't see it in the paper I went ahead and did a Craigslist ad. We are so rural that it doesn't help much around here.

  8. great rockers! nice camper! and as for the show, I used to do some craft shows and I would always sell a few things, but I would make so much stuff ahead of time to make sure I had a full table and a nice display. Eventually I just did up baskets for display and took orders from business places. I usually would end up giving all the pieces I made away for gifts! lol!
    happy summer!!

  9. I would have loved to be a shopper at your sale! So sorry no many sales. Love your new rocker.

    xo Dianne


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