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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

June Gardens & Tablescape~Tablecloth

I hope you are enjoying sliding into summer.  Our yard looks the
prettiest this time of year.  I'll bore you with too many photos, but
I like to be able to look back and see which plants did well.

Tropical Hibiscus, one of my favorites.  We had a yard full when we lived
in Florida, but unfortunately this will just last the summer here.  Enjoying
it every single day we can. 

The day lilys remain short, probably stunted by living in this pot,
but this is the 4th year they have survived and returned to grow and bloom.

The small white flowers are a type of Zinnia and the green is oregano,
which also sprouts back up in this pot each year. 
The voles destroyed my Hostas a few years ago.  They love to eat the roots,
which kills the plants. Hostas are perfect for the semi-shady spot under the Ginko
 tree, so I decided to try them in pots. They also come back each year. 

The petunias haven't done as well this year, but I love
their continuing splash of color.  Yellow Marigolds share the pot.

Another type of tiny daisy like Zinnia shares a pot with the
returning purple Salvia.  More Marigolds share a pot with Coleus.

These pots of Zinnias are by the front door.
A lovely show of color. 
Each year I sacrifice at least one hanging plant to our bird friends.
The birds love to build nests in my hanging plants.  I didn't realize this
Begonia was occupied until I was watering it and a terrified Wren flew out.
There are 5 eggs and mama bird is still sitting on them so I'm glad all is okay. 
Does this happen to you? 
We live in the country and have numerous trees, so I'm wondering why
they choose my hanging plants.  Especially one on the patio, over a bench
that we sit on!   Now I will  let another plant die from lack of water to
save the sweet baby birds. 

The vegetable garden is doing pretty well.  The barrel plants are
doing the best.  They were better able to drain from the drenching
rain we had the whole month of May. 

You can see all the yellow blossoms on the summer squash,
but the peppers in the box in front of them are looking sickly.

Finally, a few photos of a small tablescape that I recently did. The sweet vintage
 tablecloth is made by Startex , with a plant design  It fit the plant theme of my post!

Doyle was enjoying being on the front porch when I saw this.  He usually looks
out the front screen door, but decided to hop up on the cedar chest for a better view. 
Dogs are so funny! 

I hope you are enjoying sliding into summer and keeping cool.
How is your garden doing? 

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On another note, I need to add a personal comment...
 I am deeply saddened by the horrifying tragedy that has taken place in Orlando.
 The hatred and ignorance needs to stop now. So does the sale of assault weapons.
Let us care, pray, understand and accept everyone without bias. 


  1. Very pretty flowers. I used to have hostas, but they became deer salad. Funny about your petunias - mine are doing well this year, which isn't usually the case. And I share your sentiments at the end of your post.

  2. Lovely photos and I absolutely love the tablescape!

  3. It was such a joy to see your pretty flowers, my friend. I just love Hibiscus flowers and tried to grow them once here in the mountains, but sadly they did not survive {which I wasn't surprised at}.

    Your tablescape is so colorful and fun for the summer. Hugs to you!

  4. Your plants are beautiful. As soon as I seen the hibiscus that meant Florida to me. Where in Florida did you live did you say and I missed it. Great looking tablescape. I loved looking at your Dog watching out the window too...

  5. I really enjoy seeing your table settings with your awesome table cloth collection!
    Looks like you are going to have a nice harvest.

  6. Everything is gorgeous! Your vegetable garden is amazing!!
    Love your tablescape, as always!
    Puppy hugs to Doyle!


  7. Your plants are looking so good. I have had birds nest in my hanging plants and one year I kept watering it or they plant would have withered away before they were ready to leave that nest. The Mama squawked at me but then flew right back to her nest. I really love that tablecloth. Nice tablescape.

    I am so disturbed by this latest massacre and I can't help it. This hits very close to home in my family. I could be one of those Mom's getting a text message, but then couldn't we all.

  8. I would like to hop onto that cedar chest and give Doyle a hug! Your plants are really thriving, and I'm intrigued by those little white zinnias. I've never seen them around here. I've never had birds try to nest in my hanging plants, but one of my neighbors did. I noticed the dead plant hanging by his front door. He was so meticulous about his lawn and his flowers, standing outside with the hose every single day just watering, watering...I couldn't understand how his plant could die with all that watering, much less why he just LEFT it there if it did! Turns out there was a nest in it! --Fran :)

  9. Your plants really are thriving well and I'm super impressed with your vegetable container gardens. With all our graduation activities, we are just finally getting our garden into the ground after Chris has built Fort Knox around the garden from Mr. Deer and Mr. Ground Hog. Love your table settings as always!

  10. Wow, that tablecloth really makes those blue dishes POP! I want one just like it!

  11. Your flowers are all so pretty Pam. That pink hibiscus is amazing! Love that tablecloth. Your tablescapes always make me smile. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.

  12. Wow! Your flowers are all so pretty. Unfortunately I don't ever plant too much. I just don't have time to properly care for things. I do enjoy looking at everyone else's though. Your table is pretty too and that Doyle is too funny! I am in total agreement with you on your comment about the Orlando tragedy. I don't know why people can't just ignore things they don't agree with instead of acting out in hate. So very sad. I simply cannot imagine what a nightmare that must have been and still is to the families of those who didn't make it and the victims who did. So tragic. :(

  13. Good morning! happy sunday! I like how you have planted your garden in tubs. I was just saying on another blog that I wish I liked to garden, as I would like to grow some veggies.. then on the other hand.. I think geesh.. someone has to support all the farm stands around here. I live in farm country as well as there are a ton of Amish, so there are farm stands EVERYWHERE! lol! so maybe its good that I dont garden! lol
    Loving your table scape. wondering how you will dress it up for the 4th?
    have a great day!


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