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Sunday, June 26, 2016

4th of July Vintage Tablescape & Stuff

We have some time until Independence Day, but the table needs to be set early,
for some extra time to enjoy the holiday theme!

I used my Wilendur "Mountain Ash" tablecloth, with the gorgeous red
and blue berries.  Westmoreland Glass candlesticks, Hazel Atlas dessert cups.
I've been wanting to use the two Nikko cloud plates since I thrifted them.  
Perfect for this table.
I used some things I already had for the centerpiece.  I made the pinwheels a
few years ago.  I decorated the birdhouse on the right, and Patti of Paintin' Patti
blog decorated & sent me the one on the left in a bloggers swap.  My friend
Debbie of My Vintage Daydreams blog sent me the Virginia souvenir glass. 
Thanks for helping me set my holiday table bloggy friends! 
 I bought the flag pin right after 9/11.  It still makes me sad to look at it...
never forget.  
 We have so many, from our forefathers to the present, to thank for our freedom.

I used tags I also made a couple years ago to decorate the plates.

Whether you have a beach day, and a picnic or barbeque, and enjoy some
festive fireworks...take the time to think of all of those who fought for the
freedom of our country and continue to do so.
Happy Independence Day!

Other stuff..........
I love fresh Blueberries.  Better still is getting to pick them at a local farm.
That will start here mid-July, can't wait!  Fresh baked blueberry muffin anyone?

We have another wild group of territorial Hummingbirds summering
with us.  I captured 4 of them in this photo (descending on the feeder),
but there were actually 6 birds jockeying for 4 flowers.
Don't feel too badly for them, there are two more feeders in our backyard.
They zip back and forth between them. 

Don't know about your pets, but Doyle likes nothing better than drinking
from a running hose outside, second best is finding an unexpected
 bucket of fresh water. 

That is it for now.  I'm trying to do a post every couple weeks.  There are so
many outdoor activities that keep us busy in the summer.  Thanks for
taking the time to stop by! 
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  1. Everything looks very pretty. My dog is afraid of running water, but she'll drink anything that's still, including puddle water. I wish I got that many hummingbirds, but they don't seem to frequent my house.

  2. Dearest Pam, your table is a work of beauty! I simply love every little detail you added. We have been so blessed by the many, many people that have served and fought for our country...may we never let our freedom slip through our hands.

    It was a joy to visit with you this afternoon. Take care, have a blessed week, and enjoy your 4th of July. Hugs!

  3. Love the tablecloth...pretty colors. Your table decorations are sweet. I have a hummer feeder and only have a couple of them drinking from it.
    Happy 4th...

  4. pretty as always! Love the bird house and the decorations on the plates. Greta won't get near a running hose, but I had a dog once that drank out of one.

  5. I like your 4th of July table setting. It's going to be a quiet holiday here. The Grands are heading to the mountains so Mom and I will just enjoy a meal together. I'm healing slowly but surely from my surgery.

  6. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday decorate for. I normally keep my decorations up throughout the summer. Who says that you can only be patriotic for certain holidays? Not me! I love those cloud plates. So unique and perfect for your tablescape!

    My dogs prefer fresh water out of just about anything EXCEPT their bowl. Dogs are so silly!

  7. Your table looks so beautiful! I'm in love with that tablecloth actually. ;) Doyle is so adorable. :) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss. Jo

  8. With Memorial Day and Flag Day leading up to the 4th of July, I don't think it's ever too early to decorate! I never tire of red, white & blue, and it reminds me to be thankful for all who have served to protect us and remember their family's sacrifices as well. My husband and I were helping my mother-in-law go through some family photos/papers last weekend and we found the telegram that was sent to HER mother-in-law when her son (my father-in-law--have I confused you yet?) was wounded in Korea, 3 days before his 19th birthday. Seeing the words "in critical condition from a missile to the chest" so coldly delivered on a piece of paper knocked the wind out of me, I simply can't imagine how his family felt. Your tablescape is lovely! :) --Fran

  9. Perfect tablescape! So festive and patriotic!
    Give Doyle a snuggle from me <3


  10. Pam, I love your 4th of July tablescape. I just want to sit down and visit there. Wishing you and yours a blessed 4th of July!

    xo Dianne

  11. Pam, your 4th of July tablescape looks just beautiful, love the little tags and of course the tablecloth!!


  12. Oh Pam your tablescape is ADORABLE! The tablecloth is so pretty!
    Hazel Atlas looks right at home there and blueberries are good anytime of the year!

    Love ya,


  13. I love your July 4 table setting. It's so nice the way you tied it all together and added those little festive patriotic touches. Hope your 4th was fun!


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