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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Garden Stuff & Vintage Tablecloth

It is all about the garden this time of year.

I've planted all the flowers in our patio pots, and the perennials
seem to be sprouting back up as planned.  Love this large Hibiscus.
Doyle can never be too comfortable, can he?
How often do you see a dog on a patio lounger? 
He is a character! 
Oh we use lots of mulch every year. 

This years garden is quite large.  

 After a week of rain our garden turned into a pond.   It seems to be
coming back (luckily) and growing.  The bad news is rain is predicted
for later today, tomorrow....
barrel and ground plantings
Mr. Retro fenced the garden this year, so we won't be sharing as much
with the deer, groundhogs and bunnies.  I may sneak some to the bunnies.
We have planted lots of tomatoes and peppers, also beans, squash,
cucumbers, cauliflower, radishes and herbs. 
Crossing fingers for a good harvest! 

Before I leave I'll show you a tablecloth I found when we were
visiting Virginia Beach.  Maker unknown.  I love the use of these
colors together, and the tulips are large and beautiful.

This is a busy time of year with the yard and garden, so I might not
be posting as much as usual.  Hope you are enjoying being outdoors
as much as I am.
& me too!  Can we go out again???  

Are you gardening?  Flowers? Veggies?  Would love to hear.
Have a great week! 


  1. Doyle looks like he was just begging for a close-up! I'm impressed that he likes to lounge on your patio lounger, considering that it could be difficult for a dog to maneuver on those vinyl straps! It's finally stopped raining here, today is a GORGEOUS day so I finally called to have my mulch delivered! I didn't want it sitting in the driveway through the rain. Can't wait to get out there and get my hands dirty. Enjoy your week! :) --Fran

    1. I wish I had taken a video of Doyle maneuvering the straps. It was a riot! :)

  2. You guys have a HUGE garden! WOW! While I love fresh veggies, I don't like to garden, so I'll be at the Farmer's market when the veggies come in! Nice lounge area too!
    Cute photo of Doyle.

  3. Love that tablecloth. The colors are fab!! Your garden is looking good and so is Doyle!

  4. That Doyle! He looks at home on the lounger. Mr. Deanie has planted the garden and I planted the flowers. He also ordered a lot of bark dust and it smells so good! Love that unusual tablecloth.

    xo Dianne

  5. Hi Pam!
    Doyle is such a SWEETY. I would just pet him all the time. :-)
    Your tulip tablecloth is a beaut. I bet its always a pleasure to sit down at your table. Love the garden, you will have lots of good fresh veggies this summer.

  6. No time for gardening around here. Yours is looking so nice though! That Doyle is a cute! The new tablecloth is so pretty and those are such pretty colors together. Have a great Friday and weekend!

  7. It looks amazing Pam. I've been working on my garden. I had lots of aloe Vera to be shared. I still need to pull some apart. The tablecloth is beautiful. Oh and that picture of Doyle is just darling.

  8. Wow what a garden my friend! Wish I could grow a garden, here with the drought and hard soil its impossible. :(

    Love that table cloth too, soooooo YOU!



  9. Hi Pam! Don't you just love this time of year! The flower garden begins to call my name long before I can really do anything. My husband enjoys a small vegetable garden while I play in the flowers.
    Love you table cloth! Great colors together, and would certainly look nice with tulips.
    Doyle has the best spot in the yard.
    Enjoy your weekend~

  10. I am so envious of your large garden! No room in my yard for one. It is still too cold here to even plant annuals. We never can until after Memorial Day. Love your tablecloth and your Evesham bowl. I have a set of dishes in that pattern and just love them. What a cute, sweet doggy you have!

  11. Wow your garden is going to be so nice Pam! I really wanted a vegetable garden this year but just didn't get it done :o( Hopefully next year. Your dog is adorable and that table cloth is so pretty!


  12. I love your gardens, especially the use of the barrels. It makes it a little easier not having to bend down so far and I'm guessing it controls the weeds. Your vintage table cloth is very pretty, perfect for the season. Doyle is very sweet. Have a great week!

  13. We've had such a cold start to our spring. We even saw traces of snow yesterday...May 15th! Enough already. I love the idea of using barrels for gardening. I need to show this idea to my husband. Doyle is just precious. My girls would love him so. Hugs!


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