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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Virginia Beach & Camping!

"Fishing at Old Points Virginia 1934"

A fun weekend at the BEACH, despite the wind.
It was a little chilly, but the wind was unrelenting.  The first time we ever went
camping without having a campfire.  Just too darn windy to sit around outside.
The campground loop was full but we didn't see many folks.   Like us, they
 were inside staying warm, or out driving around looking for adventure. 

We had an adventure even before we arrived.  Driving through this
tunnel that goes under the water was a scary adventure for me, yikes!

It is a 3.5 mile crossing.  

Fortunately, some of it is over the water.  Beautiful! 
I made the photo large so you could see the ships in the background,
at Naval Station Norfolk, the worlds largest naval station. 

I wish I had more campground photos, but we never "sat around" and I
even had to take my vintage Wilendur tablecloth inside so it wouldn't
blow away.  Isn't our little Aliner camper cute?  Mr. Retro hung our
cute pepper lights and the wind banged them into the camper all night.
Ah, life requires a sense of humor, doesn't it?

The dunes led from the campground to the ocean.
I borrowed this photo because mine didn't turn out.

You gotta love Virginia Beach just for the street names, Atlantic,
Pacific, get it, Monopoly game names.  We spied this
 grand hotel, CAVALIER, that was built in 1927 and is being refurbished.
We were across the street stopped at the light.  Storm clouds
headed our way.  We had a few minutes of tiny hail.  Isn't it
supposed to be spring!

Of course there was antiquing!  At a large antique mall I have been
wanting to visit.  I spied this humpty dumpty game board and just had to
take a photo.  No, I didn't buy it, but loved the "cute" factor.

But I did buy tablecloths (sigh), three actually.  One of the dealers had a
50% sale, which made their prices more than reasonable.  I only got a
photo of this one.  Beautiful Violets & Lily of the Valley flowers,
manufactured by Marlene Linens.  Promise to share the others later.

Saturday was Mr. Retro's Birthday.  I was browsing Yelp reviews so we could
choose a good  restaurant for Linner.  (Linner=Lunch & Dinner combined). 
We wanted to try something different.   I spied great reviews for this restaurant:

  Jorgio's Bistro - Agrentinian Cuisine & Charcoal Grill.

Large portions of meat were involved, so of course he chose it!
I'm so glad he did.  It was all wonderful; the place small but cute
and immaculate, the service was stellar, and the food was fabulous! 

We started with a appetizer of beef empanadas.  Yummy!  
I'm not one to take photos of food at restaurants, but when they brought
our entrees and we saw the size of the servings, we both broke out laughing.
Seriously!  My skirt steak sandwich was fabulous, on a huge crunchy roll.

 Mr. Retro's steak was enormous & delicious.
This is not a regular plate, but a large charger...that's how big it was!
Served with Russian potato salad, and a side green salad.  All the food was
scrumptious.  We had plenty of leftovers, enough for another full meal.
We met the owners, lovely folks.  If you are ever visiting
Virginia Beach, do find Jorgio's Bistro.

We enjoyed the rest of the day and weekend in spite of the cold weather.

And we endured this again on the trip home.
Headed under...

(Is it me, or do underwater tunnels creep you out too?)

We picked up Doyle from doggie camp, which thankfully he seemed to enjoy this time.

And I found paper whites blooming in our yard!
I'm having a little trouble getting into the swing of things
this week, a nice long weekend away will do that to you! 

Thanks for putting up with all my terrible phone photos. 
How are you doing this week? 


  1. Despite the wind and cold, I'm glad you had fun and even got some shopping in! Your camper is just darling.

  2. Hello, So glad you had a good time, yet that darn wind is a such a pain. Love the tablecloth! We just got a camper and I am looking forward to our first trip soon. Love the flowers!
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. Ahh - Virginia Beach -- my birth place! My dad was stationed at Norfolk Naval Base. So many fond memories! Hope to go back and visit soon.

  4. Looks like a fun adventure, even though it was a little chilly. Just love your little camper and tablecloth...too cute! :) Happy week! xo Holly

  5. I love a good trip and even with the wind it looks like you had a great time!!

  6. We are taking our travel trailer out in 2 weeks for the first time this year. Your pics have me super excited!!

  7. Sunshine, the beach, the ocean, shopping & food! Good time.

  8. No, you are not the only one creeped out in tunnels that are under water! Every time we have to fly out of Logan airport, we have to go under water to get there...I'm so glad I'm not a nervous flyer, the double whammy of under water and then air travel in the same day would probably send me over the edge. I loved your photos! Just looking at beach photos makes me so happy. Enjoy your week :) --Fran

  9. it was windy while we were in florida too. but warm so we could endure the wind! glad you got away and yes, your camper is too cute!
    have a lovely day my friend!

  10. Pam, it looks so pretty there! I love your new tablecloth, can't wait to see the other 2. I think your little Aliner camper is quite cute. Happy late birthday to Mr. Retro. Mr. Deanie would love that steak!

    xo Dianne

  11. How beautiful, Pam! And the food looks scrumptious! :)

  12. It sounds like you had a great time. We stayed at the Virginia Beach Campground back in 1976 and drove across Chesapeake Bay (I think it was about 26 miles?). Such a beautiful place. Your "linner" looked delicious. We love camping too, too bad you couldn't have had a campfire. Those are a must. Enjoy your weekend!

  13. The way you described the chilly winds reminds me of our coast, can be sunny and beautiful but so windy. No problem getting a kite up here! :0) Love your camper!


  14. Wow! What a fabulous trip you had! Love your photos of your adventures and the lovelies you found!


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