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Monday, April 4, 2016

Saturday Thrifting Road Trip & Tablescape!

Saturday Thrifting!
I needed a big dose of Saturday thrifting.  Mr. Retro said "let's go"
and off we went.  We have an Animal Welfare League thrift
that always has lots of goodies, but is about 45 minutes away.
We headed out for a Saturday thrifting road trip!

I found these sweet vintage dishes, partial set but enough for my needs.

Made by Steubenville Pottery Co., pattern is Fairlane.
Look at this wonderful backstamp.  There was pride in their product.

I found this Caribe Co. Restaurant Ware platter, made in Puerto Rico.
Love the modern pattern, which is turquoise.

Mr. Retro found the vintage tablecloth.  Dang him, he loves to
beat me to them!  I'm not really complaining because either way,
it came home with me!   Sweet baskets of bright flowers. 
Tablecloth love!

I didn't go crazy buying out the shop, because I am still cleaning
out my own stash at home and donating or consigning.  Looking
 forward to using my new dishes was enough for me. 

I knew I had the perfect tablecloth to show off my new Steubenville.
Vintage tablecloth manufactured by Leacock.
Very simple tablescape for the purpose of showing off these pretty dishes.
I used the thrifted platter also. 
Retro cool iced tea glasses
Fenton marble hobnail candlestick holders finish off the tablescape.
I blame all my purchases on Mr. Retro, he is an enabler, but we do love a road trip.
We had a delicious lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, and made a couple
more stops at thrifts.  Mr. Retro found a few things for himself, and I
found a few things for crafting.  Tired and happy, we headed home.

So...when you get home with your loot are you excited to unpack it and see
it all again, or is that just me?  Love that part of thrifting too!
Looking forward to a busy week.  How about you? 


  1. I love those dishes! Many of those Stubenville patterns call my name. I love a thrifting road trip!

  2. The dishes are beautiful! You have lovely taste.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! Love the china, especially with all the other pretty things in your table setting.

  4. Your setting is lovely! My husband is also an enabler! Sometimes they find the best things don't they!! lol

  5. Love your retro finds! The table looks very pretty. My husband likes to go once in a while but I do my best thrifting alone :-) I LOVE coming home and looking at all my stuff again. It is probably the best part!

  6. My hubby likes to "hunt" for treasures too! I hope you had a lovely birthday!!! Very pretty dishes and table setting.

  7. Yes, coming home and looking through my purchases is part of the fun! Having an enabler would be fun,'re lucky that Mr. Retro enjoys the hunt! LOVE that platter, it goes so well with those hobnail candlesticks! Hope you are enjoying your week :) --Fran

  8. lovely finds and they look very nice on your pink tablecloth! I'm envious that you have an enabler - mine would most likely roll his eyes and tell me not to buy anything but to have a nice time and see me when I get home! He prefers online shopping if he must shop! Best-CailinMarie

  9. Thrifting road trips are so much fun. Love those dishes! My hubby's an enabler too. He often does the scoping out while I do the more detailed looking. He often finds great stuff.

  10. Good afternoon Pam! You and the hubby always find such beautiful stuff and your tablescapes are perfectly put together! I love the dishes and the table cloth is adorable. I love thrifting trips, but all I really look for now is vintage paper, junk jewelry, books and fabric, so I love unpacking it all when I get home!

  11. Pam, I love your finds. I am like you, I can't wait to unpack the stuff when I get home. Sometimes I can't remember what all I bought so it is always fun to see the stuff again. Have a super weekend.

    xo Dianne

  12. I love it that Mr Retro is a enabler! Mr Sentimental is NOT! Oh he never says a word but I can not get him to go with me EVER! Funny he found the tablecloth. He must enjoy the variety of the tablescapes for his dining.

  13. Pam you never cease to thrill me with your finds......those dishes are to die for and of course you have the perfect tablecloth. Love it!!!




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