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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Spring has Sprung & Teacup Gifts!

Spring has surely sprung here in Virginia!
I picked the last daffodils, added a sprig from the Rosemary bush,
and a blooming branch from the pear tree.  So pretty.

Blooming Kieffer pear tree.

Peach tree blooms against the sky.

Dwarf plum also in bloom.

Can you spot Doyle by the fence? Just peek between the branches.

Bright yellow Forsythia.

Even the Rosemary bush has tiny blue flowers.

Stephanie who blogs at The Enchanting Rose hosted a spring teacup Exchange.
This is the 3rd time I have participated.  Her exchanges are such fun, and we
make two new friends ~ the person we send to, and the person who sends to us.

I received my lovely package from Barbara who lives
 in San Antonio Texas.  She doesn't have a blog at this time,
but sent me a nice newsy note with the package.  It was so nice
to meet her and she spoiled me in this swap!
She wrapped several gifts in the prettiest fabric and sent me
a gorgeous teacup!

Look at all this goodness!  A book from the "Tea Shop Mystery" series, tea coasters,
sugar spoon, pretty napkins, shortbread & biscotti to enjoy with tea....

She even made me a teabag wallet!  Whee!!!
Out of vintage tablecloth pieces!  So thoughtful, and I just love it.
Everything she sent was very generous and thoughtful.

 Thanks so much Barbara!  & Thanks to Stephanie for hosting the exchange!

I sent to Roxy who blogs at Living from Glory to Glory.
She sent me a lovely thank you note, letting me know she
enjoyed the package I put together for her. 

Is it spring where you live?  Or were you hit with the snowstorm? Ouch!
Another new week to look forward to.  Enjoy it!


  1. Love your teacup and the teabag holder is so cute. It is Spring here! Showers today but so many things in bloom!

  2. Barbra graced you with a gorgeous gift package, Pam. That tea cup is quite beautiful.
    I am still waiting with great anticipation for my tea cup and mug to arrive. I did both this time around. I do not use mugs very often, but I do like a dainty mug every now and then.

    It was nice to visit with you as it's been awhile. :)

    Have a blessed week~~

  3. Pretty tea cup and nice extra's! I have received mine and wasn't sure when to post about it! The sun is out today, hooray!

  4. Good Morning, Your gift box you sent me was so lovely and packed with love! My tea cup is just beautiful! And all the extra treasures were like a party! I am so enjoying the pattern you picked out for me it was perfect! I did add your blog to my side bar so I can get to know you and enjoy your pretty blog!
    May you have a wonderful day and a blessed spring season!
    Thank you again for all my gifts!
    Hugs, Roxy

  5. I am so thrilled you love your package. I had such fun putting it all together. I have made several tea wallets, one for me and one as a Christmas present for my daughter-in-law. (Don't tell)

  6. A teabag wallet out of a vintage tablecloth? How awesome is that! I never noticed blue blooms on my rosemary before, I am going to keep an eye out for sure. You're quite a bit ahead of me in the gardening department--my first daffodil bloomed today! Have a wonderful week :) --Fran

  7. Such pretty exchanges. I love the teabag wallet and the blue trimmed doily. You set lovely things too. I have blue blooms on my rosemary too.

  8. I just love all your pretty treasures. We are still nice and brown in MI. A bit of green grass here and there, but it still looks ugly outside. I'm afraid snow/cold temps are headed are way again the end of the week. Good thing our K-12 spring break is coming, I'm ready for a change of scenery. Hugs!

  9. Oooh la la! What pretty little things from Barbara! The tea cup is exquisite! And her tea bag wallet is so beautifully made :)

    I am thrilled to see your lovely items, sweet friend. And once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a beautiful lady!

    Love and hugs!

  10. You got a lovely exchange gift! So much fun to join these. Happy Birthday to you too! I like your quote that it's illegal to cook on your


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