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Friday, March 18, 2016

Sharing Vintage Finds & Easter Stuff

Yes, I continue to downsize but that doesn't mean I can resist
every treasure I come across....right?
We made a trip to my favorite tiny consignment shop.
They pack a lot of goodness into a small space.

I found this gorgeous Paragon teacup, saucer & dessert plate.

Won't these adorable Avon candleholders be perfect for an Easter tablescape?
 Then I will redonate them. 

I have a thing for boxes and containers, and why not?
They are perfect organizers for anything. 
These are heavy duty and in new condition.

Mr. Retro found a pair of retro curtains which I plan on using
for our one window in the dining room.  They are so cool! 

They are tagged Trulon from Beacon Looms.  I love a little history
on found items so I did a "Google" search and found out that
the New Jersey factory closed in 2011 after 97 years in
business.  My curtains are from the 60's, part of their no iron
wash and air dry line. 

What do you think?  I love the pattern and the colors. 
The original gold threads are still bright & shiny.
$2 for this pair. 

I have taken some time to do a little crafting.  I had these two boxes that actually
were for baby gifts.  They were easy to update to a spring look.
I'll be using the butterfly decorated box to package a teacup for gifting.

A better look at the sweet lid. 

I'm taking part in Stephanie's Teacup Exchange over at
The Enchanting Rose.  I'll be surprising my exchange person with the
package below.  Royal Albert~Country Roses teacup, vintage hankie and
apron, little vintage lace for sewing, a sachet & soap, and tea bags of course!

Had to do a little Easter crafting. 

And a little Easter decorating.

 Beautiful Pysanky eggs.

I went to a class where we learned to make clothespin peg dolls.  They
are so adorable, and the instructor had samples for every holiday.

Here is the Easter girl I made.  I'll be buying some new craft supplies
so I can make more of these cuties. 

Are you ready for Easter?  It is early this year, so will sneak right up on us. 

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  Have a great weekend!


  1. The teacup is so pretty. I love the boxes, what a great gift idea. I'm still figuring out where my bunnies can stay, but Easter is quickly on it's way!

  2. Oh Pam, the tea cup set you found is stunning and so feminine! You luck girl, you :)

    I just LOVE your sweet boxes and what a fun idea to package your tea cup in one. So glad you joined the exchange again.

    Happy weekend! Love and hugs!

    P.S. -Your Easter crafts are oh-so-cute and sweet!

  3. Hi Pam! Fabulous finds and your handmade boxes and Easter decorations are so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. BEAUTIFUL tea cup, saucer and plate!!! Also a pretty tea cup that you are sending out. I'm almost ready to send out my teacup. I'm behind in getting out my Easter cards :( and I should think about my Easter meal.
    Happy weekend!

  5. Great finds Pam! Love that teacup set, and those retro curtains are so fun. Mr. Retro has a good eye. I've never heard of a peg doll, but it's so sweet.

  6. I love the retro curtains!! They are pretty cool. I have a question for you Pam. I have a tablecloth that I got for $1 at an estate sale. Now since I think you are the tablecloth guru, would it be horrible to cut it up and make coasters? There are some pretty big holes in it and I can't find a maker anywhere on it. Thanks!

    xo Dianne

    1. Hi Dianne, that would be a good thing, because you would be using it. Just my opinion, but why not give it a new life? I have cut damaged tablecloths to recover chair seats and for crafting. I have pillows that I love. If I could sew I sure would work around the holes and stains to repurpose. :)

  7. Those curtains have the best colors in the them! Perfect for Spring!


  8. I have a weakness for retro fabric, and your curtains are just great.

  9. Those curtains! Your crafts! I don't need make anything more, but you've inspired me to want to play in my craft room again.

  10. Hello Dear Pam, I spy with my little eye a tea cup treasure!!
    And your lovely box has found a home in my craft room. I have been so blessed by your generous gift box! You have a lovely blog and I added you to my side bar, I look forward to see what you are up to!
    I noticed your comment above and I also look for old curtains and I use the fabric for all sorts of things!
    Happy Spring and a blessed week ahead!
    Hugs, Roxy

  11. Im ready! I wish I had been able to do a little more easter crafting.. as Ive done very little.. but Ive been busy elsewhere with life! we did all get together to do dye easter eggs.. yikes.. chaotic! and my daughter said shes not coming to anymore family functions! hope she changes her mind. anyways.. Im considering changing our easter to saturday as everyone has other places to be as well as here. we'll see! love that teacup!
    happy Monday

  12. Beautiful things for a Spring vignette and the curtains are wonderful with that 60's pattern look.
    I have made tablecloths out of old drapes and are some of my very faves.
    Happy Easter,

  13. Mr Retro has a good eye. Those curtains are wonderful. Your Easter creations are adorable. Love both the teacups, and the packaging. Lucky swap partner.

  14. Love all your treasures Pam, but my faves are those adorable bunny baskets you crafted! Cute Alert!

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