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Friday, February 19, 2016

LOVE Your Pet Day!

Love Your Pet Day is February 20th.
Thanks to blogging friends posting about it,
I did not miss this day.
Six years ago we met 4 week old Doyle.  He was too young
to take home yet, but the owners called us on Christmas Eve day
and asked if we wanted to come meet him. His eyes were open
 and he was shakily crawling around.  We fell in love immediately! 

I would like to give a loving nod to beloved pets who came before him:
Aggie~ a sweet cockatiel who loved to "wheet" when we came into view, 5 years.
All our cats were rescue/shelter cats.
Toni~formally "Antoinette"~the sweetest longhair tabby ever, 16 years.
Custer~as in General~ he was so bad, lol, & full of spunk, but so lovable too, 15 years. 
Lily Langtree~adorable tabby, not very smart, but extra sweet, 8 years. 
Big Head~an outdoor tomcat who adopted us for awhile and moved on.
Before he did, we got him vet care and had him neutered. Maybe that's why he left?
Sadler~our first dog!  An amazing Brittany, who stole our hearts, 15 years.
I know they are all enjoying pet heaven!
Our sweet pets, past and present, have such a positive and loving impact on our lives. 

Meet Doyle!
Our wonderful 6 year old Brittany, who is smiling for his head shot here, lol.

He loves to play.

And to point,

He is a bird dog after all!

He loves his doggie friends. 
Cute how the neighbors Beagle is a similar color.

He loves making new friends.

Loves anything involving snow. 

Especially rolling.

He loves to swim in the summer, at the beach,

or at the lake.

Camping is great fun too. 

He is a champion snuggler.

& napper...whether on the porch

or in the guest room...which is supposedly not allowed.
Or sitting up on a foot stool even!

He is great at letting us know when he wants
something.  This is his "give me a treat" look.

Obviously, he is loved everyday & spoiled (but good spoiled).
We think he loves us too!

"I don't judge others.  I don't hate. 
I don't discriminate. I don't care about money. 
I don't hold grudges.  I DO know how to love unconditionally...
and that's all I want in return.  I'm a fur-ever friend."

Remember to love your fur-ever friend today!


  1. aww! Ive had many pets. maybe I'll have to do a post on them! lol! It would be fun to track down pics of everyone and scan them all into one place. I had a kitty that I got when I was 5 and she lived to be 19. I was 24 when I had to have her put down. one of the worst days of my life! I called her Flannel, but her name really was.. (are you ready for this? remember I was!) "Flannel Baby, Strawberry eyes, Pumpkin head, Twitter bug"! yes, that was seriously her name. I also had two rabbits with funny names, "Fluffanutter bunny butt" and "Uncle Wiggly bun buns"! lol! have a great weekend my friend!

  2. Hi Pam! Oh Doyle, he was just cute as a button when he was a pup! Looks like he grew up to be a fun loving, beautiful and loyal friend! Sounds like you have had some amazing fur friends over the years... they are all special in their own ways! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too... I think we help inspire each other! Have a super day with your best "fur" friend! ~ Diane

    1. Oops I forgot to mention your feathered friend too. I know they also make wonderful pets!

  3. What a sweet boy! He is so cute when he smiles!! I miss all my fur-ever friends that have gone over the bridge, most recently Charlie. I'm just not ready for another fur baby but I know one day one will walk into my life and be mine.

    1. On a christian radion station I heard that dogs produce twice as much of the chemical that makes the feel love as people do. That means they love us twice as much as we love them. Love your blog.

  4. Aawwww...what a sweet post about Doyle and tribute to all your other pets. Doyle is such a handsome boy and I know he is well loved. I'm watching my Sadie napping on the rug next to me as I type. She's well loved too. Have a wonderful week!

    Hugs, Vicky

  5. Pam Doyle looks so adorable as a puppy. He always looks like he's having a good time in his pictures. I didn't realized there is a love your pet day.
    Have a good work.

  6. Love, love love love LOVE this post! And I love Doyle, too, but you knew that. I did not know that February 20 was love your pet day, I'll have to remember that. But really, we love our pets every day, all the time, don't we? I had to laugh when you said being on the couch is supposedly not allowed. It's supposedly not allowed here, either, but... What can I say, I'm a softy. Hope you are having a fabulous week :) --Fran

  7. Hugs to your furbaby! That baby Doyle photo is just precious. We certainly love our pets too.

  8. I just love Doyle! Oh his baby picture!


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