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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bedroom Redo & Messy Vintage Tablecloths!

I'll start with the cute Valentine photo. 
Because the next few photos are NOT pretty!

We have lived in our ranch style house almost 12 years.  It was a "fixer upper".
We are still fixing it up.  Will it ever end?  I'm sure some of you can relate. 
You know those blogs whose photos make their homes look like they
should be in House Beautiful magazine?  Yeah...this isn't one of them. 

I'm going to share some photos of our bedroom renovation.  Years of
paint and ugly wallpaper had to come off.  No easy trick.  There were lots
of layers since the house was built in 1961.  We had already replaced the
windows.  Mr. Retro decided we needed new window trim & baseboards,
as well as paint. 
We moved our bed and night stands out and he covered our dressers with plastic.
It was going to get messy.

We are lucky to have beautiful hardwood floors throughout the house.
Look at my poor floors now!  This is what sanding did, and even
though we kept the door closed, that white dust was all over the house.

The new window trim still had to be installed, but hubby hung the
Levolor bamboo shade for me to make sure they were keepers.
I'm not a lover of blinds or curtains, but I do like these shades and
how they look.  They are also room darkening, which really works!

Whoops, I caught the ceiling fan light in this photo. 
 A view of the shades when they are down.  Yup, they're keepers. 

Coming least no plastic covering my dresser!
Yes, we love mid-century modern.
Yes, this is Heywood Wakefield ~ Kohinoor.

 We still have a few little things to do, but are mostly there.  The green
on the walls looks different in each photo, but the photo below is the truest. 
Such a soothing & serene color.  Now the challenge is to try and not bring
 too much junk back into the bedroom, and keep a minimalist look.
 (Oops, I left Doyle's Kong on the nightstand.)

My next small project is to straighten out my tablecloth cabinet.  It is not easy to
keep them stacked neatly when I am always dragging them out. 

I would tell you this is all of my tablecloths, but that would be a lie. 


Most of our snow from the big storm was washed away.  Our snow changed
to sleet, then to rain when it warmed up during the night, then froze on the snow
when the temperature dropped again.  Doyle liked it anyway.

I should be planning my Valentine tablescape for my next post. 
Have a good rest of the week! 

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  1. Oh very exciting to have done a redo of your looks wonderful! So much work, I am sure, but rather rewarding I should think! My! I am in awe at your incredible collection of tablecloths...:-). Enjoy the falling snow, Pam! Hugs to you...

  2. Oh, I Love your stack of tablecloths! I have some myself. Love them! And your Bedroom came out Beautiful...if you want to see ugly, visit my blog to see the basement sewing room Mr. is a messy worker.

  3. Your bedroom looks great. I can relate to the vintage tablecloth stash. I have a cabinet full of them myself.

  4. We just redid our master bedroom too! New floors, paint, and trim as well as new tile around the fireplace. You sure don't realize how much your bedroom is a central gathering point in your house until you can't use if for a week :-)

    Love your tablecloth shelf! I'll have to post a picture of mine in my next blog post if you haven't seen it. You'll be so proud :-)


  5. Love the "shelfie" of the tablecloths!

  6. Your bedroom looks wonderful. It's so much work to renovate and that dust is just a beast to keep in one room. Of course, we are all drooling over your tablecloth collection. I stopped at an estate sale this morning and wanted to rescue several linens but they were so full of holes, I couldn't bring myself to do it. Happy soon-to-be February!

  7. I love the color of your bedroom! The blinds are great and what a bonus they are room darkening! I think the room looks cozy!

    xo Dianne

  8. Your bedroom looks great. Oh how I am in love with your real wook floors. We had them growing up.
    I did notice I lost a big chunk of my followers. Not sure why Google made the changes?
    Hope you having a great week my dear.

  9. Your bedroom looks very nice. I was wondering why so many bloggers stopped following me!!! Thanks for the information on your side bar! I feel better know it was google's issue!

  10. The soothing green is a great choice for your bedroom. Love your furniture!! Oh girl, those tablecloths are so awesome and I would have bet it wasn't all of them even before you said so.

  11. Oh boy, I'd love to redo my bedroom, too! It's finding the time and the motivation. What a big job. But, you will love it when it is all finished. You have so many pretty tablecloths. I have never found one at a thrift store - only yard sales - and very few. You are Tablecloth Queen!

  12. Oh wow! I love how it turned out! The color is beautiful and very calming. I love the dresser and definitely thing minimalism looks great with mid-century modern. The pieces make such a statement on their own. I have one Levalor bling like that. My mother-in-law found one brand new at a yard sale for a dollar or two and gave it to me. I haven't decided what to do with it. At least I think I kept it,...thinking about it now, I might have donated it finally. It's bad when I can't! Anywho....Great job! Have a great weekend and enjoy your beautiful new room!

  13. What a wonderful transformation of a room.

    I am intrigued with your cabinet full of beautiful table linens.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  14. I'd love to repaint our bedroom too. It is a mauve color now. When we moved here we said we HAD to paint over it. It's starting to grow on me. It's just SO MUCH WORK to paint! Your tablecloths are always a treat to see. I wonder how many you have altogether? Glad you are having fun and feeling creative. Your new room is pretty.

  15. I LOVE the color of your bedroom walls! It must be so nice to be able to start putting it back together. The kong on the nightstand made me laugh, as we seem to always have errant kongs showing up around here as well. I can't wait to see your Valentine's Day tablescape :) --Fran

  16. I read somewhere once that the Japanese have a saying: When your house is done, your life is over. Obviously I will live forever.

    I may have to sneak in and steal that dresser. Wow!

  17. I love this -- I get discouraged by a lot of make overs too lol. I love your little Valentine display and the color of the walls you chose and that dresser AND that tablecloth (partial) collection! I think that was a run-on sentence haha. I'm a sucker for vintage linens but can't rival your collection so I guess I have some catching up to do! Do you use your linens or display only?

    1. Lauren I use them as much as possible. There is always a tablecloth on our dining room table, and one on our porch tzble. We even take a couple when we go camping. I do have a handful that are off limits to eat on, but they are less than 10% of my collection and still get displayed. Thanks for visiting.

  18. I love your Valentine's, so cute!....and the idea of plastic over the table cloth is just brilliant. I have wee ones, and lots of spills!

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