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Monday, December 7, 2015

Ornament Exchange & Giveaway (winner update!)

I was so happy to join in Vicky's 3rd Ornament Exchange
Life on Willie Mae Lane blog.  Hope you visit Vicky's fab blog!
The exchange is set up so we give to one person, and receive from another.
Two new friends are made!  Thanks for hosting Vicky!

I received my package from Tania at Little Vintage Cottage blog.  She made me
this sweet ornament using a Laughing Cow Cheese box. What a clever idea!
She included the adorable snow baby tags & a snowman Peeps.
Jolly by Golly

I sent to AnnMarie of Musings of a Vintage Junkie blog.
AnnMarie said she has 3 trees, one for her snowman collection, one for
vintage ornaments, and one without a theme.  So I sent ornaments for each tree.
Really, how could I choose just one?

I made the snowflake & Happy Holidays girl.
AnnMarie let me know how much she likes everything! 

I know I've said previously how much I'm enjoying crafting this year.
I takes my mind off of other things, I'm able to zone out when crafting.
How about you?

I made this pink wreath for a special friend.  The angel was a tree topper, but when I
found her the wiring had been removed, so she was ready for new glory.
This was an easy but fun project, and turned out sweet!
I added a little pink paint & glitter to the wreath, wrapped it with
some lace & satin ribbon.  The angel got a doily bouquet of roses and
ribbon trim.  She fit the center quite nicely & was affixed to the wreath.

(Sorry, Giveaway is closed)
***Christmas Giveaway***
In keeping with the spirit of the "giving season", I'm having a Christmas Giveaway
for my blog reading friends!  Vintage Christmas apron in mint condition, stocking,
 vintage holly pin, & a Mary Engelbreit "You Better Not Pout" ornament.
Quick sign up open until Thursday at noon.

I will let Doyle choose the winner.
"I'm really good at that!"

Here are the few rules:
1) Leave a short comment, telling something you feel "blessed" about this Christmas. 
(friends, the spirit of the season, a new dishwasher, lol, anything that fits)
2) Make sure I have your email address for contact.
(for example: If you are a no reply blogger.)
3)  Sign up ends Thursday the 10th at noon. 
I will be away for a couple days, but will be back to announce the winner Saturday.
Hope you choose to join in the fun!  I'm thinking of stuffing a few extra goodies
in that stocking.  {smiles}

UPDATED 12/12:
***Winner Announced!***
Each entrant's name was written on a slip of paper.  Doyle loves
to "find it", being a sporting dog.  He pounced on a slip, which I
snatched away from him.  The entrant was:
Linda @ A La Carte blog

Congratulations Linda!  I hope you will enjoy the package.
Thanks to all of you who signed up for a chance to win.  I love
 having giveaways, this won't be the last.  {{smiles}}
xo, Pam

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  1. I am leaving this comment to sign up my friend Joan, who doesn't have an account, but is a reader. :)

    1. Joan's blessed comment:
      "So Blessed in so many ways! Hubby and I will be celebrating 40 years of marriage and am so Blessed for my identical twin sister who has been my partner for so many years in my life."

  2. Blessed beyond words that our home finally sold after many many months and finding the perfect new home to meet our needs. We never thought it was going to happen. The road was rough but we are here and very happy. We prayed forever for this to happen. It is all in God's timing that just when I was ready to give up an offer came our way. And then to top that a brand new listing of the perfect place for us.

  3. Sweet Pam, what a generous and oh-so-beautiful giveaway! I would love to put my name in. And to have Doyle pick the winner - how delightful! Give him a hug for me :)

    I feel blessed this Christmas because of precious blogging friends like you. The blogging community has become very dear to me and the people I have met around the world have changed my life and made it more beautiful. I am so thankful for the kind and loving people that share themselves on their blogs...they are such sweet friends.

    Your sweet ornament from Tanis is just too cute! And I love the little extras she included. And my, what pretty delights you sent to AnnMarie - I know she was richly blessed by you :) I am looking forward to sharing my goodies from the exchange soon....

    Love and hugs!

  4. The ornament exchange was so much fun. I need to post mine. Oh you know I love giveaways. I am so blessed this year to have my family here and our new addition Miss Rosemary Scout. She is such a delight!

  5. I love your blog and all your excellent tablecloths! Great ornament exchange gifts, both given and received.

    I feel blessed to still have my elderly cat Eddie around for Christmas this year. We adopted him from the street 15 years ago, so have no idea how old he is, but he is certainly up there. So I am happy he's still here to brighten up the season.

  6. Everything is so deliciously Cute! Keep me out of the drawing, as I won your Fall Giveaway! But I do feel blessed for lovely Blogging Friends like you! Thank you for all the joy you bring! ~ Diane

  7. I would love to enter your sweet little giveaway. It's so nice of you to have one.

  8. What a sweet giveaway~ I am blessed with making new friends via blogging and keeping in contact with my own friends~ My email is

  9. Beautiful post, and a lovely giveaway. Thanks for your nice comment.

  10. Such adorable and very clever ornaments that you have given and received, Pam! It's wonderful to meet and share with new friends - isn't blogging so fun? I feel so blessed to belong to such a lovely and always inspiring blogging community. I am also blessed this year with my first grandson. Wishing you a lovely week. x Karen

  11. Oh, what a sweet giveaway! I am so thankful to be able to enter. Oh, my! I feel SO blessed in so many ways. Even though this year has been extremely hard for my family and me, I still say the good things outweigh the bad. God has been SO good...I am thankful for the health that we have and to be alive this Christmas to be able to enjoy it with my little family and so many other blessings!! I would love to win the giveaway, so thank you ever so much for letting me know about it. I love your is so lovely. So happy to have "met" you today, and thank you for entering my giveaway. God bless you and yours with a wonderful Christmas season. By the way, Doyle is adorable!! :)

  12. What a lovely selection of sweet treasures for your swap & your pink wreath turned out so pretty!
    I love your dog Doyle! What a pet!
    Have a happy day!

  13. I feel blessed that I recently completed chemo treatments for breast cancer and that it wasn't too bad.

  14. How sweet of you! You KNOW I love vintage things and would be thrilled to win. I'm thankful that our Christmas is a little slower this year. We'll be at home and not as much hub bub! lol I listened to Christmas music while I sewed yesterday...Anne Murray! She's always a blessing. Holiday hugs, Diane

  15. I love your blog and I also love Doyle!! It would be wonderful to win your gift. Sirius radio plays holiday songs all day, they have a station dedicated to it so it's fun to hear all different kinds of Christmas songs. Now if I can just get Mariah Carey out of my head!!

  16. You are always so sweet and generous. As you know, we've been busy decorating our Aframe lake house and our home for the holidays. I'm feeling very blessed to have our teeny tiny Aframe to love and enjoy.

  17. Hello Pam ~~ You received some wonderful items in the ornament exchange, and that laughing cow idea is great! There are so many wonderful ideas out there.
    I don't blame you at all for giving three ornaments, after all you wouldn't want any of the three trees to feel left out. :)

    How sweet of you to share with your give-away.
    I am blessed right now for the days we are enjoying with our dear and precious pet rabbit, Lakota. Every day is wonderful as he may not make it to Christmas. He is having some very bad health issues and only surviving by a thread.
    Lakota is house trained with a litter box just like a cat, and has the run of the house. Rabbits make excellent in house pets and they have quite the personalities.
    We are just making every day count.
    Your little Doyle is darling!

    Have a most blessed day~~

  18. I'm so glad Doyle picked my name!! Thank you both!

  19. I am visiting from Vicky's annual ornament exchange. love your cute ornament you received and hope you enjoy everything!! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  20. Love your cute hand made ornament from Tania. And I love all the goodies you sent to me. So special to have hand made, vintage and new all at once! Congrats to Linda for winning the giveaway.

  21. Oh my word, that laughing cow box ornament is too cute! Tania sent you some great items! I enjoy Vicky's ornament exchange so much. Merry Christmas!

  22. What a beautiful collection of treasures you received! Such a fun way for bloggers to come together. Merry Christmas to you and your family. PS congrats to Linda on winning such a great gift giveaway! Cheers.

  23. Hi Pam,
    That ornament that Tania sent you amazes me, a cheese box...oh my gosh it is so creative and so beautiful! I have been visiting Tania's blog for quite some time now and she is just so creative!
    Loved the tags too...and peeps, well you can never get enough peeps! ;)
    This was my first year participating and I loved everything about it - Vicky is amazing!!
    Happy Monday! Kimberley

  24. Loved seeing all of your goodies too! So much fun. I agree that crafting is a good time to zone out and rest your mind. I really need to do more crafts this upcoming year. I've missed it. Nice to meet you!!! Thanks to sweet Vicky! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  25. Loved seeing all of your goodies too! So much fun. I agree that crafting is a good time to zone out and rest your mind. I really need to do more crafts this upcoming year. I've missed it. Nice to meet you!!! Thanks to sweet Vicky! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  26. Such fun Pam! I am finally getting a chance to check out what everyone recieved! I love Tania's cute! The things you sent AnnMarie were wonderful as well! I'm so happy you joined in the fun! I am already looking forward to next year. Congrats to sweet Linda as well!

    Hugs, Vicky

  27. I love your Christmas tablecloths. It would be hard to find my favorite! You did some awesome crafting! Wishing you a Merry Christmas season!

  28. I do the same thing with my vintage Christmas linens, using them in my decorating - I loved seeing yours, and all of the other wonderful things in this post!


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