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Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Vintage Tablecloths & Stuff

Here we are almost at the end of another year.
The presents have been opened, Doyle sniffed out his treats.
He was an excited "whirr" of motion, hence fuzzy in the photo.
The Snickerdoodles are gone.  (Thankfully!)  I found an interesting
 cake mix recipe for them and gave it a try.  Delicious!

It was warm here as it was so many places.  We broke temperature
records all week!  Unfortunately we had days of rain.  This is the
ditch at the end of our driveway.  I took the photo from my car.
It looks like a small pond!  The heavenly sun came out today
to start drying everything up. 

About time I got to the tablecloths.  Mr. Retro Santa brought me
two new vintage tablecloths!
The color is a deep purple, not black.
I just love the deco looking pattern. 

This beauty is a Wilendur. The pattern name is Mexican. 
I couldn't wait to put it on the table.
After all the Christmas sitting, eating and drinking, we took a day trip on
Saturday and visited a couple antique malls. 
I so enjoyed looking, but only brought home a couple things.

I don't have the matching tablecloth, but couldn't leave
these two Wilendur napkins.  Sweet!

And I can't resist candlestick holders either.  This pretty soft
yellow pair made by Red Wing also came home with me.
This reminds me I  need to share my candlestick collection with you.
They just belong on these vintage tablecloths! 

I love the joy of Christmas, but am glad it is over.  Sorry if that upsets some
some of you, but I'm anxious to get back to our redo, and cleaning out. 
A difficult task in a Christmas decorated home. 

I'm starting with a "small" project.  Cleaning and sorting my vintage pins. 
 Some are keepers, but most will be sold.  I'll share these later.

Hoping everyone enjoyed Christmas Peace! 
Are you ready for a New Year? 

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  1. Hi, Pam
    The picture of Doyle is so cute.
    The tablecloths are lovely but I really love the purple one Mr.Retro I mean Santa did really good.
    Can't wait to see the vintage pins.
    I hope that 2016 is a wonderful year for you.

  2. You find the nicest things. I just love tablecloths - and vintage pins. I wear one almost every day to work. I'd love to see your collection, too - and the pins you might sell. Thank you for posting all year long. I have enjoyed reading your posts - and especially been inspired to use my vintage tablecloths and other things every day.

  3. Hello dear Pam! I know just what you mean about being glad Christmas is over...yes, it was lovely, but I am looking forward to the new year!
    You do find the most azing vintagey items...
    Love and hugs to you!

  4. Your new tablecloths are so fabulous! I also love the candlesticks you found. I'm having a late Christmas but then will be ready for the new year and a fresh start!

  5. Beautiful pins! Love love! The tablecloths Santa brought are beautiful. It's still Christmas for us until January 6, but I could do Christmas all year long : )

  6. Love the first table cloth! I'm ready to "clean the clutter" in my home! Our puppies had fun opening up their new toys.
    Happy New Year.

  7. I always love to see your tablecloth collection! just popping into blogland for a quick visit this morning! Glad you had a nice christmas and got some things you love! and now here we are about to start a new year! woohoo! happy new year! xoxo

  8. Hi Pam! My sister's dog rips open her gifts too. We love watching her! I wish I could say it's warm and sunny in Chicagoland, but it's wet, snowy and dreary. I always dread, I mean DREAD January and February. So dreary and cold. ICK! Anyway, I always love admiring your unique collection of beautiful tablecloths. I don't think I own one tablecloth. Weird huh? Anyway, PLEASE share your vintage pins and if want to sell any, please let me know! Have a wonderful New Year Pam!

  9. What a cute little pup you have! Mine didn't rip open the gifts, but my younger dog did chew the plug off my favorite reading lamp yesterday (it was unplugged!) So naughty, but it's hard to get angry at those sweet little faces. What a nice hubby for gifting you with those fabulous tablecloths! Love your new finds, too. Hope you have a wonderful New Year! x Karen

  10. Despite your rain, it looks like you've been having lots of fun outings and adventures this Christmas week. We just had a wicked ice storm and I'm so glad to finally see snow. It finally feels like Christmas with cooler temps and a ground covered in white. Happy New Year, Pam.

  11. I was just stacking up all my Christmas linens I didn't use this year and sighing....I will have to put out something else soon. Terrible this affliction of the yellow candlesticks, and I would have snagged those too, Thanks for the view, Sandi

  12. LOVE the purple tablecloth!!! Purple is my favorite color, and very hard to find in vintage tablecloths-at least in Michigan it is! :)

  13. Sweet Doyle! I love that he can open his own gifts. I wasn't very happy with the weather last week here. Besides the rainy days, it was SEVENTY degrees here in Boston on Christmas Day! My kitchen was so hot from having the oven on I actually opened all of the windows and changed my shoes to flip flops--never did that on Christmas before. Mr. Retro has great taste in gifts! :) --Fran

  14. As much as I love Christmas, I too look forward to a less is more look for the New Year. Doyle looks like he is in puppy heaven. :) Love your new clothes and fun finds antiquing as well. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing with SYC.


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