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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Figs, Peppers & Vintage Tablecloth

Glorious Fall!
Sharing another vintage tablecloth from my collection.
This is our porch table.
I used my large ironstone pitcher for the centerpiece.
Sweet pumpkin made from metal Ball jar lids,
and cute pumpkin salt & pepper shakers.
Lovely crochet doily is a gift from a friend.

I believe this tablecloth is made by Simtex.  Unfortunately I lost some of
 my tablecloth ID information when my former laptop imploded.  :(

The chilly temps spurred me to pick the rest of the basil and
oregano.  I'll be drying this for winter use.  Yes you do see a
sprig of Rosemary.  The Rosemary plant should weather the
winter and turn into a Rosemary bush (she says hopefully).

A friend gave us an offshoot from his fig tree a couple years ago.
It is doing great and weathered last years freezing winter.
The fresh figs are so delicious it is hard not to peel and eat all of them,
but I decided to search for a recipe with fresh figs and hopefully
will find a fig cake or bread to try. 
Our peppers are just about done, but our friends have an
overabundant harvest of peppers of different varieties. 
They generously gave us this huge basket!
Are they gorgeous eye candy or what?
What's a woman to do with all these peppers?
Freeze some, dehydrate some, & use some fresh for cooking.
For a start, how about making stuffed peppers?
I used a turkey mixture and they were delicious!  {smile}
Image shared by A Swap for All Seasons blog.
Please do what the cute cat says. 
& Have a good Halloween week!


  1. Love the harvest and the table cloth is as always fun to see!

  2. Your stuffed peppers look amazing. You'll have to let us know if you find a fig cake recipe. Have a wonderful. Darling Vintage Halloween image.

  3. You've got my mouth watering with those stuffed peppers!

  4. a FIG tree? Bet those are yummy. I have seen those ball jar lid pumpkins..too cute. Happy Halloween dear friend!

  5. WHat a colorful post! That doily looks familiar. Mine is still proudly displayed in my kitchen...:) The fresh peppers are just beautiful and the stuffed ones look mighty tasty! Hope you have a great week!

  6. all so purty! I love peppers.. yum yum yum! and the jar lid pumpkin is great idea! and now, you know, I shall be thinking about stuffed peppers all day long!
    happy Day!

  7. I love pepper too! I would absolutely chop them up and freeze the ones that you can't use right away. They are so handy to through into scrambled eggs or a soup or whatever! Have a Happy Halloween!

  8. Hi Pam! Excited to come say Hello! Wow your peppers are gorgeous and looks so delicious! I love them fresh from the garden, looks like you have plenty to make lots of yummy things! The table cloth is so pretty with a lovely centerpiece! Hope you have a wonderful week a head, and Halloween hugs!! xo Holly

    ps. Look up a stuffed green pepper soup....that's very yummy too! ;)

  9. Such pretty fall pictures. I love your vintage tablecloth, and the pumpkin made with the jar lids is so clever. I have never had fresh figs before; will have to put that on my list of things to try.
    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I just became a new follower.

  10. Your own fig tree? How lucky can you get?! I admire your restraint in trying to find a recipe rather than eating them fresh. I would never get beyond eating them fresh picked... Or perhaps fresh picked wrapped in a slice of prosciutto. That would be the limit of my restraint! :) --Fran

  11. I'm missing my garden already! Love your figs! You must be in zone 6? I can't keep rosemary in the ground here in zone 5 (almost 4.) When we lived in TN a friend had a giant rosemary shrub! I keep mine in a pot, inside. It's just big enough to give us what we need,


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