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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finally Fall!

Happy Fall!  Tis the season to start enjoying a hot steamy cup of tea.
I joined the teacup exchange at The Enchanting Rose and received
this beautiful Johnson Brothers teacup from my "gifter" and new
friend Deborah.  We gave to one person and received from another. 
Sweet because we make two new friends!

My partner spoiled me!  Thank you Deborah!!!
Tea cookie cutter, cards, tea bags, doily, tiny amour banner, 
and even my favorite - dark chocolate.
Deborah is not a current blogger, so I can't link you up, but next
month our exchange hostess, Stephanie, will arrange a link up
where we all share our goodies.  Over 100 exchangers  signed up.  
(A link to The Enchanting Rose is on my sidebar.)

On the home front, we have started a bedroom redo.  New paint, window
and floor trim, and window treatments are all needed.  We have at least two
layers of paint and some wallpaper to remove.  Yucky job, but time to do it right.
We moved our bed to the dining room and our bedroom end tables,
cedar chest and some art is stacked in the living room.  I hate having
a topsy turvy house, but it's just temporary.  I'll keep you posted.
Planning to get away to one of our State Park campgrounds this weekend.
We love our little camper!
So does Doyle! 

He got very excited when I told him we would be camping!

Ending with a fall table.  My vintage tablecloth is linen with a design of
small leaves and gold border trim.  The gold is intact & in perfect condition,
so  I don't think the tablecloth has been laundered ever.  Maker is unknown.

I borrowed these photos since the dining room is currently housing
our bed, I have no table to set.  :)  It is one of my favorite settings,
because it is set with my mid-century china, which I LOVE!
I started this set with some dinner plates I found at Goodwill.
Maker - Iroquois, Pattern - Stellar, designer Ben Seibel. 

Glad you could stop in.  Hope you are also welcoming fall!
Wishing that east coast storm away from all of us!


  1. I hope your bedroom redo doesn't take too long! It will be fun to see it when it is finished. Love your tablescapes. Have fun camping!

  2. Hi Pam! You received a lovely gift from Deborah. Deborah was the lady I sent my teacup to. Ugh, bedroom redo's.......We did that a few years ago. What a pain in the you know what! Good luck and be nice to each other, because things can get a little snippy when a husband and wife are trying to do home improvement projects together! LOL! Love your camper, so cute. I would love to do the camper thing. My tenting days are long OVER! Tents are for kids and/or when you're in your twenties with a bunch of other twenty something's that stay up all night drinking! It's now a hotel, camper or cabin for me! Doyle is such a sweetie. My little fur man would love camping too. The tablescape is beautiful too. I can't believe you found those pretty dishes at Goodwill! I swear, I NEVER find stuff like that at Goodwill! Talk to you soon and have a great time camping!



    1. Kelly, It was years ago at a Goodwill in Florida. Most of the pieces I got off eBay, or in antique malls and at flea markets. If had these dishes about 15 years now.

      We gave up tent camping. I used to love it, but as I've aged I want a bed I can climb up on to sleep. I spent my fair share of time sleeping on the ground in the past. Done with that now, lol.

  3. I love your little camper. So cute. Sweet teacup exchange.

  4. That teacup is lovely, and our camper is awesome. Doyle is adorable!

  5. That teacup is lovely, and our camper is awesome. Doyle is adorable!

  6. Hi Pam, I am so pleased you loved the tea package. It was so much fun! I love making new friends. You are so sweet and generous with your comments. I received a very lovely generous box as well from Kelly. She sent so many beautiful gifts to me. The photo will be on Stephanie's blog in October I think.
    I love your camper and your sweet looking dog.
    Good luck on your painting re-do. Have a great weekend.

    1. Kelly sent to me last year, she is extremely generous! I have to share, since we are sleeping in the dining room when I lie in bed I'm looking at the china cabinet, and enjoying the pretty view of my new teacup! :)

  7. Beautiful table cloth for fall! Lovely tea cup swap!!! I can relate to redoing a room...can't wait to see it all done! Have fun camping in your sweet camper!

  8. Love your vintage tablecloth and dishes! It makes a perfect fall tablescape :) Your teacup exchange gifts are so sweet. Love your camper and sweet little pup. Looking forward to seeing the room redo. xo Karen

  9. Sweet Pam, your items from Deborah are simply lovely! Isn't she a sweetie? And your tablecloth is fabulous....just like you! Happy October. Hugs!

  10. Happy October, dearest Pam! Oh...look at the lovelies dear Deborah sent you! How I love the tea cup exchange...such a beautiful way to make sweet new friends and share the happiness of tea, tea cups and gifts!

    Have a blessed and creative weekend...hugs to you! Oh, and enjoy your little camping trip...{{smiles}}

  11. Happy Fall! I'm also in the topsy-turvy mode here! Thinking about how happy I'll be when all is finished is what keeps me motivated. I love the way you spread the rug out in front of your cute camper. And TWO pictures of Doyle!!! He always brings a smile to my face. Hope you have a great weekend!!! :) --Fran

  12. What a lovely package you received.
    Good luck with the reno on the bedroom we have some work to do to I wish I could say I'm looking forward to it but I'm not that handy in reno's.
    Hope your had a Good time camping.
    Nice tablecloth and dish set.
    Have a wonderful week.

  13. Reminds me of when we put hardwood floors in our dining room....oh my we could barely see tv with all the stuff stacked in the living room! Your camper is too cute, does Doyle get to go along?

  14. What a sweet gift your teacup exchange partner provided! Blessings this day, Lynn

  15. Your treasures are so lovely, such thoughtful gifts!
    Good luck with your remodeling, thanks for sharing.

  16. Your teacup exchange treasures are wonderful! Isn't that FUN????

    Love your little camper and doggie. GL with your bedroom re-do - never easy.

  17. Pam,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog tonight to see my tea cup! Your new tea cup is beautiful and you received some really nice goodies besides! I love participating! Good luck with your bedroom redo, I'll have to come back and see the completion!

  18. Hi Pam, Thank you for visiting me and your sweet comment! Your teacup is absolutely beautiful, I love Johnson Brothers and 'pink roses', What a treasures your gifts are! Hope you had a nice road trip! =) Christine@CherishingaSweetLife

  19. Deborah sent you the prettiest teacup...I love Johnson Brothers china!!! The goodies are adorable, especially the tiny banner!
    Doyle is super cute!!!

  20. Such a lovely gift package you have been blessed with, and a gorgeous tea cup in deed.
    Deborah certainly graced you with some delightful treasures, I LOVE those mini flags!
    Enjoy you gifts and new friendships. :-)
    Joy! Debbie

  21. The teacup exchange was so much fun! How lovely to see everyone's gifts. Your camping trailer is so cute - just perfect for the two (3) of you! I hope the bedroom reno doesn't take too long. We're in the midst of bathroom redos and they are dragging out a little.

  22. Oooh, I love the Rose Chintz pattern by Johnson Bros! Such a pretty teacup! Best of luck with your bedroom renos.

  23. Rose Chintz is a favorite of mine. You sure received lots of nice goodies. We just finished some remodeling sure takes patience. Hope it just goes super quickly for you.


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