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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

vintage feedsacks & tablecloths

Imagine my surprise when I walked into the library and saw this display on
vintage feed sacks.  Right up my vintage fabric loving alley! 
Sweet childs apron.

Such soft colors and pretty patterns.

Just had to share.

Also sharing a new tablecloth.  I love the mix of flowers, diagonal stripes
and the modern looking circle design together. 

Closer look.  

The garden is still producing peppers galore.
I love a bowl of fresh garden veggies. 

What could be better than Chesapeake Bay steamed blue crabs
with an icy mug of beer (or two) for a summer dinner?
Especially when Mr. Retro catches and cooks the crabs for us!
Enjoy the rest of summer.  It sure is flying by! 


  1. Love feedsacks! They've been really pricey when I've come across one.

  2. Feedsacks have the prettiest patterns and colors. Now this tablecloth is fabulous. Love the design. Crabs....yum! Happy Wednesday!


  3. They made that display just for you! How fun to get to see all those amazing fabrics :-)


  4. Funny, first thing I thought was...I have never seen Rolling Rock in cans? Only bottles I guess here in the Midwest. Love the feedsack display. Really like the wreath design on your new tablecloth. Yum fresh crab! I am sure it was enjoyable.

  5. My mom has told me about the beautiful flour sack dresses my granny used to make them. So sweet! Love the muted colors. The new table cloth is very pretty too! And, those crabs....YUM! Have a great rest of the week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  6. Love the old seed flour sack fabric....also love to eat crab..enjoy.

  7. Love the feedsack display and your dinner looked amazing! Summer is indeed slipping by...sigh.

  8. I am ADDICTED to feedsacks and I would have loved that display! Thank you for the pictures. How lucky are you to have Mr. Retro so willing to rustle you up some Chesapeake Bay crabs? I'm not ready to concede that the summer is slipping by...compared to the 6 feet of snow that covered the ground throughout February and March, I'm happy to keep these 90-degree days! :) --Fran

  9. I love everything here! What a wonderful trip down memory lane!

  10. What a neat display at your library! I love your new tablecloth.

  11. Oh, blue claw crabs! It's been so long! My garden is in overhaul, too. I can't pickle enough cukes, but I pickle peppers, too!

  12. Some great items love the tablecloth.
    And a dinner cooked by your husband you lucky girl.


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