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Monday, August 3, 2015

This, That & Summer Giveaway!

Happy August! I wanted to share this sweet tin made by
Smith Crafters of Chicago.   I found it at a Church sale. 
So different and pretty.  Kind of gets me in the mood for the
harvest décor of fall. 

I got this very cool coloring book from Etsy a few weeks ago.
Coloring is soothing and these patterns are fabulous mid-century.
So far I've tried pencils, but paint and markers will also be experimented with. 
Have you tried this not-so-new-now adult craze?

Working on my crafts is also soothing, but I have to laugh at myself
when I step back and see what my table actual looks like while I'm
creating.  Messy, yes.  Cluttered, yes.  Functional, for me yes.  :)

I have several old cigar boxes in so-so condition.  They make great
makeover boxes. The mermaid box is one of those wood craft
store boxes.  I'm thinking about joining in a bazaar at a local
church this fall.  I would sell vintage linens also. 

I'm ready to host my Summer Giveaway!  Of course, you'll be getting
some goodies for fall in the package.  I'm calling this a "Flash Giveaway"
because it will only be open until midnight Friday.  Just be a follower,
 leave a comment and you are entered.  Easy peasy! 

Here are the goods! 
 Banner flag (28 X 40), beautiful linen tea towel,  leaf pin with pearl, some ephemera,
 and vintage S&P shakers.  I know most of you are ready to start fall crafting,
 so I put together some fun goodies to get you started. 
The S & P shakers are the sweetest!  The salt and pepper goes into the handles,
and the corks have the dingers attached so the bells actually ring.  So cute! 
Don't forget to leave your comment so you'll be entered.

 I want to thank all of you for the heartwarming comments you left on my
previous post.  Losing your Mom is likely one of the most difficult
things a daughter will go though in life.  Your comments mean more
to me than I can say.  xo, Pam

Have a great week! 
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  1. Some are shy about being the first comment, and some don't have an account. So I'm starting by entering this comment for my friend & follower, Joan. :)

  2. Hello dear Pam! Oh how delightful...I would just *love* to be entered into your fun summer giveaway! How darling are those salt and pepper shakers! And I am already one very happy follower...smiles...

    I must show my sister the colouring book you is so 'up her alley' as she enjoys doodling and colouring in!
    And I can really relate to your craft table as it looks just like mine - only mine is messier! I always say I get into 'creative mode' - I.e. I get messy!

    Have a blessed week, dear Pam and know I am thinking and praying for you...I can only imagine how difficult losing your mom must be.

    All my love and big hugs!

  3. Now that school is starting I'm getting ready to be ready for Fall! Love this giveaway, the S&P are adorable. Thanks for sharing your fun finds with us.

  4. Well aren't you sweet! Lots of goodies there I see.

    I hope you are finding a little happiness each day.

  5. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I'm loving this blog!
    campbellamyd at gmail dot com

  6. i LOVE your work station!!! that station tells me that one creative peep works there!! way, i am so "organized" that when i create, my area looks like my life, neat and tidy. but i think you've got it right!!! hehehehe

    the giveaway is nothing short of awesome but please don't throw my name in the hat.....perhaps there is someone who might need/want it more. it is a great giveaway!!!

  7. Good morning, sweet friend. I was smiling to myself when I saw your work area because mine looks the same when I am crafting and creating. It made me feel good to know that there is someone else out there that functions better with things surrounding them. My husband often comes into my craft room when I am making something and his jaw will drop when he sees my cluttered tables. Then he will ask how I can function in such disorder {{smiles}}

    Your giveaway is simply beautiful, Pam, just like you! You are very kind and thoughtful to have such a sweet giveaway and I would love to enter.

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Love to you!

  8. That is a interesting tin. Oh my when I do a project there is stuff everywhere, and I mean everywhere! What a mess I am. The tin is a one of a kind, have never seen one like that.

    I am glad your working and creating, that is a good thing to do right now. After my Mother died I was not able to concentrate...if I was at home I wanted to go somewhere, if I went somewhere I wanted to go home. I am sure you will be creating some beautiful things,

    Sending hugs dear one!

  9. Thanks for sharing your finds and giving us a peek at your craft/work area. Nice to see where all your wonderful creations are coming from!

  10. Looks like you've been productive!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  11. My sewing room is rarely neat--only if a guest is coming to sleep in that room. It just means I'm busy being creative in there!
    Great giveaway! Please enter me.

  12. You are always so generous. I'm glad you are having some crafting time. It's well earned. I haven't set foot in my special room in weeks. You've inspired me.

  13. I love the tin and your craft room. Yours looks very orderly compared to mine and I usually take over the kitchen table when crafting big time. I need to get my craft room back under control. Thanks for the give away and I look forward to reading future posts.

  14. Good morning Pam!

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Those salt and pepper shakers are really neat! I've never seen any like that before. :)

    I am praying God will give you comfort during this time. I can't imagine what it's like to loose your mom, but God knows what you are going through, and I pray you will lean on Him. I have been singing this song for the past couple days, and thought you might like it. God Wants To Hear You Sing:

    In Christ Jesus our Lord,

  15. Thank you for the giveaway and thank you for the great posts! I look forward to them!! My prayers are with you and your family during this time.

  16. Thank you for doing this giveaway. Everything looks so neat! I would love to enter it. :)

    God bless you.
    Love in Jesus,

  17. That looks like such a lovely giveaway. I would love to enter.

  18. I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is a difficult time for you and I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. How sweet of you to have a nice giveaway. Sweet hugs, Diane

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  20. Pam, your work table is great, if you don't make a mess you aren't being creative. LOL! I would love to be considered for your giveaway.


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