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Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Thrifty Finds!

Gotta love all the summer sales.  Recently the Ladies of the Auxiliary
 Volunteer Fire Department held their annual sale.  There are
some things guaranteed with these sales:

1) There will be lots of stuff ~ yay.
2) The prices will be cheap more than fair.
3) The money spent goes to an excellent group.

We headed out early to be there when it opened.  Mr. Retro strikes again! 
He found this mid-century modern style cedar chest  by LANE.  Woohoo! 
Yes, I can see the finish is in poor shape, and the  decorative wood strips need
 replacing.  Mr. Retro is a talented cabinet maker, so this is really no challenge
for him.  The inside smells of that heavenly cedar.  Ten dollar donation.

I, of course, found the smaller junk treasures.
Pretty hand painted handled dish.  Who can resist a peacock motif?
50 cents.

Candlestick holders are the last thing I need, but this silvered pair for
50 cents came home with me. 

How cute is this bar set!  Stainless steel, priced 25 cents.
Honestly, who sells anything for 25 cents?

I held off on snatching everything off the table, as I am also in the process
(very slow process) of downsizing.  So, if it comes home with me it will
be for sale or for use.  Here is an example, the candlesticks on my table!

I paired them with a Dansk stainless bowl ~ silver & stainless, why not?
They compliment each other.  Used this fun bamboo design vintage tablecloth.

I think the gray in the tablecloth sets off the toppers.  A closer look at the fun pattern.

On the home front, our neighbors just got a horse and Doyle is enthralled. 
He might just think it is a big dog, lol.  We are watching him carefully to make
sure he doesn't sneak under the fence to visit. 

That's it for today.  TGIF ~ Have a great weekend! 
If the local blueberry farm is open, I hope to do some picking. 
What are your plans?  Whatever you do, have summer fun!


  1. Wow, Pam, what amazing finds!!!

  2. Love the table cloth and it looks fabulous with those candle holders! Bar set for .25 score! I love the thrill of the hunt so I buy but things go out if things come in!

  3. I love the pink tablecloth with the stainless! They are the perfect match.

    I went to a church sale last weekend and bought things for 10 cents each. 10 cents! I just wonder how money can be made at those prices.

    Have fun blueberry picking! I tend to eat more than I pick...


  4. That bar set was a great find at 25 cents!

  5. Great finds as always, Pam. Love the vintage many do you now have?
    Great photo of Doyle!

  6. WOW! What great deals! The table looks so the silver with the pink. Doyle is so cute! I bet my Sadie would be totally enthralled too. She freaks out over a turtle coming in the yard! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend...hope the berry picking goes good!

  7. The table cloth looks like birch branches. Pretty hot & humid here for too many days. The only fun thing I'm doing is the girlfriend 60th birthday party/gathering a the end of this month. Lookimg forward to it.

  8. Those prices are amazing! Love the silver candlesticks with your pretty tablecloth. How nice to have a handy husband. Wink wink. Enjoy the berries and your new horse neighbor!

  9. What nice finds. The candlesticks look great on your table. What a great score Mr. Retro found with that cedar chest!

  10. Great finds. I particularly like the cedar chest. We worked outside for a while this morning, before it got too hot and nasty. Now, we are inside hiding in the a/c. Doing stuff inside for a bit, then we will go lawn mower shopping. Just another exciting day in Hartwood.

  11. Great finds and great prices

  12. Such steals! I can't wait to see what Mr. Retro does with that cabinet, I'm sure it will be fabulous. Sweet Doyle, I can see the longing in his pose, wanting to make friends with the horse! So different from my dogs-- Clyde is very shy around other animals and Gus only wants to make friends with skunks. I'm waiting for the blueberry farms to open around here, too! There's nothing like fresh-picked blueberries (except maybe fresh-picked strawberries...) :) --Fran

  13. Hi Pam! Great finds, those candle stick holders are pretty and go so nicely with that pretty table cloth!! :) What a pretty new white fence ....enjoy watching the horses!! {You too, Doyle! ;) } Happy new week, hope you have a great one! Did you get to go blueberry picking!?! YUM!! xo Holly

  14. What wonderful finds you found... the prices are so cheap--- practically free lol Lucky you :-)

  15. Great chest find! Love those cheapies that will fix up nicely! Hope you post after pictures when it's done! :0)


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