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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Finally! Estate Sale Goodness

Finally sharing some Estate Sale goodness!
Along with some crafting & a genuine tablescape.
Just a warning, photo heavy post.
Thank goodness Mr. Retro also loves Estate Sales, because he found the
pretty green depression glass bonbon dish and candlestick holders. 
Bingo, now a part of my collection. 

Set of Pyrex bowls.  These are the clear glass inside, with color fused on the
outside.  I've never had these, so couldn't resist the bargain set.  I'm not
sure if they are 70's or 80's era, but hope someone can let me know.

At last....some true vintage Christmas.  I see it advertised at these sales
often, but they are usually talking 90's.  I was thrilled to find the truly
vintage flocked pieces.  Love the little 60's angel also.
Sweet vintage stocking
Some assorted fun goodies.  The game chips came in the tin can from
Germany.  Some birdies for crafting, and another cigar box, which I
 can't seem to resist.  The cigar that breathes....interesting. :)
 Some costume jewelry, also something I can't resist.  Pretty rhinestone clip,
Sarah Conventry gold & pearl brooch, and unmarked sweet pin.
There wasn't much in the way of linens, but I managed to find two aprons, a
runner, and the piece de resistance....a tea towel signed Peg Thomas,
AKA Tammis Keefe.  Score on that! 

& last but not least, Mr. Retro's find.  A good sized piece of brain coral.
I am so glad to be feeling well again.  I spent the entire day Friday
in my craft space.  You know how you buy those radically marked down
supplies at the craft stores just because they are so cheap, but then you
just stick them with your stash and never use them.
How is that a bargain? 
So I dug out these wooden birdhouses and got creative.
I decorated one of them for my Independence Day display.

As we were sitting down to dinner (zucchini parmesan casserole) hubby suggested
I take a photo to show we do actually use my tablecloths.  Great idea! 
This one has a few small repairs, but none the less beautiful on the table. 

Thanks for sticking with this long post, but I can't close without giving a nod to
Don Featherstone, who died this week.  He was the creator of those kitschy
pink lawn flamingos in 1957.  A big thanks to him for all the fun & smiles
these have given us!
Love when you visit!  What fun did you have this weekend?
Enjoy a great week!

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  1. How nice you tribute Mr. Featherstone and his flamingo yard art. My son had a pair when we were a young family. He brought them on vacation one year. It was so funny to see where he put them. They loved the campfire at night! LOL! They really are whimsical. You find so many cute and clever things on your hunts. My sister in law just gave me a big box of green vintage and depression glass! Yippee!

  2. I love the pink yard flamingos! Thanks Mr. Featherstone! Love your finds, I have that bonbon dish only in cobalt! Glad you are feeling better. I must say this heat has made me cranky this past week! LOL!


  3. You hit the jackpot! My friend bought a set of the clear base pyrex. To me they would go great with fiestaware! Love the little angel and christmas goodies. Now go read my old flamingo post! I wish I knew how to repost a post!

  4. Glad that you are feeling better and making up for lost estate sales with some fabulous finds! Mr. Retro has a great eye, love the green depression glass that he found. I got a chuckle out of your reference to "vintage" Christmas from the 1990's, I always feel like it's not vintage if I was old enough to buy it when it was new! I think I should adjust my thinking, no? I have such a soft spot for lawn flamingos...they remind me of my grandparents' yard in the 60's and what a happy place it was :) --Fran

  5. I'm so happy to hear you are finally feeling good again! You had great success at the estate sale. I know you enjoyed being out and about again. I never knew who created the infamous pink lawn flamingos. I learn something new every day! I had a wonderful weekend with my daughter. She came home to see us and we enjoyed hanging out and going to the races last night. She just left to head back home and I am trying to get rid of a terrible headache. Have a a lbessed and beautiful Sunday and week ahead.

  6. So many great finds.
    Isn't it great having a husband who adds to your collection.
    Nice flamingo pic & tribute.
    Have a great week.

  7. Some great finds! Love the Pyrex and Christmas!

  8. Hi Pam! You found some really great stuff and I LOVE your birdhouses, so cute! Love your tablescape too! Nothing too exciting the past weekend. Had my family over on Saturday for the community fireworks and my sister, dad and I managed to polish off 4 bottles of wine! Nothing exciting on Sunday, just did a little crafting. Have a wonderful week!

  9. It's about time the germ fairy left your house. I'm glad that you are feeling better and making up for lost estate sales with some wonderful treasures! I always enjoy hearing how your husband equally enjoys the hunt too. My Chris is the same way and with his K-12 summer schedule, he's the one that does the estate sale shopping while I'm at work. Love your pretty tablescape and that dinner looks amazing. Long live Don Featherstone. I've got his pink plastic flamingos and our house and the lake A-frame cottage. I love them so!

  10. Some great finds there. Your bird houses are cute too. I have one or two real vintage Christmas things but then I am heading for vintage myself, haha.


  11. Love the tribute to Mr. Featherstone, and I love your table with the rooster plates.

  12. Yard flamingos! We had them when I was young along with ducks, chickens, baby chicks. Not plastic though. I love all your finds : )

  13. Love those pink flamingoes. I have one in the garden right now. So much fun. You found a lot of great things. I especially love the Christmas goodies. I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope you have a wonderful 4th weekend.

  14. Oh my, estate sale goodness indeed! What fun and fabulous items, Pam :) And your decorated bird houses are darling!

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join the party again this week. Hugs to you!


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