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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Estate Sale Linens!

There were two Estate Sales listed for Saturday, yippee!
However, the first one really was a yard sale, with only a few decent
but overpriced items.  I don't know about you, but pricing a very
used Vera Bradley bag $45 at a yard sale is a little nuts.

Hopes were high for the second sale, which really was an estate sale,
 although small.  Mr. Retro found the room with vintage linens before I did.
Mostly sheets and fabric, but I did nab a few tablecloths.  He pointed to a
sign that said: fill a grocery bag for $3.50.  He already had stuffed a
few in the bag and I took over.  Neither of us bothered to check
them first, just stuffed the bag while other buyers wandered in.

This is the one I fell in love with! Ah, roses & polka dots. 
But then I opened it up...

and wanted to cry.  It was obviously a favorite of the woman's, and
she kept it holes and all.  I may patch it or fuse it to a solid white
tablecloth for use.  Or maybe I should just get someone who sews
 to make a couple pillows for me.  Sigh... just not sure yet.

The small one is a pillowcase, the rest are tablecloths. 

Three with pretty fall designs and colors.  Not bad for $3.50 for all!

My only other purchase, a couple cute red transferware bowls, pair for 50 cents.
Marked:   Stratford, Scenes from Shakespeare Country, British Anchor, England. 
I kind of love that...and think they'll find their way into a tablescape sometime. 
I made the card & decorated the box to hold a gift for my Sister.
Think she'll like?  Hope so.

I got that dreaded cold, sore throat & cough thing that is going around.
Yucky... so stay healthy! 

Did you find any treasures this week end?
Hope you have a great week, and thanks for stopping by! 


  1. That is such a pretty cloth but oh the holes. I don't know if pillows would make you happy, think on it before doing anything, but its a sweet cloth one way or the other. You really did score! I love the bowls also.

  2. You did very very well. Such pretty linens. My mother collects that pattern of china too. Love that sweet card for your sister. Stay healthy, dear friend. PS. Keep you eyes open for that Stetson pine cone china. I've been looking online and it's not cheap. I paid very little for those pieces that I found this weekend. They are perfect for the A-frame.

  3. Great deal on the tablecloths! I can see why you fell in love with the roses and polka dot one. It is so pretty! Too bad it has holes. I'm sure you will figure something out for it though. The bowls are really pretty too! I'm sure your sister will love the sweet box you made her. ANd, I agree that $45 for even a gently used Vera Bradley is ridiculous! You can get them at the outlet or on sale for around that pirce!

  4. Sweet! After I cut up one bedraggled quilt to make pillows, it was easier to cut the second one. You could do an etsy search on cutters and find pincushions, sachets, napkins, and all kinds of patchwork goodies using your roses and polka dots.

    You go to some amazing estate sales!

  5. Hi Pam! Hope everything is well with you! You picked up some pretty things and your box and card are lovely! $45.00 for a very used Vera Bradley bag is ridiculous! It should've been $5.00! Have a wonderful week Pam!

  6. Looks like you have some ideas for the table cloth with the holes. Still a great buy for all of them.I did get to a couple estate sales and will be posting tonight.

  7. Love that table cloth!! It sooo pretty; roses and polka dots!! I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do with the small holes...darn it has them, but still a gorgeous find! Stuff a bag for 3.50...I'm totally in! :) I think your sister will be excited for her cute box! :) Happy Tuesday! xo Holly

  8. I'd find someone to sew pillow covers for you. That tablecloth is just too sweet to not use somehow.

    Feel Better!


  9. Id fuse it to a white back ground.. its a beautiful table cloth.. and really who will notice or even care if its not perfect? great finds my friend!
    happy Wednesday!

  10. Wow, 3.50 for all of those linens! You did good. That tablecloth is so sweet! It takes a bit of courage, but I'm sure you can guess what I would do with it...if you need any help (or just words of encouragement) let me know :). --Fran

  11. Hello, my friend! Long time no talk! How have you been this past week? I hpoe you are completely recovered from your cold....

    Your linens are lovely and the pretty one that is well-used is qute the beauty! Pillow covers would be oh-so-cute or even an apron :)

    Hugs to you, dear Pam!

  12. Pam, I can see why you fell in love with the Roses and Polka Dot tablecloth. So much charm! I am certain you will find a perfect way to display it -- maybe as a background to a vignette with some other pretties covering the damaged sections.


  13. I love vintage fabrics. The rose and polka dot combination is lovely.

  14. I love the tablecloth with the holes! I agree with the other Erica! Pillow covers, or maybe a runner??? Hope you're feeling better!
    Erica :)

  15. That tablecloth was gorgeous! It would be great as pillows. Love what you made for your sister.



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