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Monday, March 30, 2015

Fun Finds & Friends!

I wanted to share some finds & happy mail from a friend.
 I'm a little wordy today, so hope you will bear with me.

Sweet  Debbie of My Vintage Daydreams blog
surprised me with a happy mail package.

Her package took almost a month to travel from CA to VA!
According to the post office tracking it was "delayed", but that is the end of their
explanation.  A one word explanation is all you get.  The box was smashed in
on one side, so I knew there was trouble, uh huh.  Sweet lamb planter was
broken badly, so I did my best with my hot glue gun. 

Debbie used tons of bubble wrap and put fragile labels on the box.
The post office paid no attention to that.  I think it got run over by a truck!

Here are the sweet gifts!

Everything else arrived intact, and I think the cart looks pretty
cute here, bruises and all.  :)
  Have you noticed the beautiful tablecloth the goodies are on?
 This is not the first time she has gifted me with vintage tablecloths.
I am saving that tablecloth to feature in a guest post I'm doing in a
couple weeks.  So pretty!

Deb is a special person with a such a generous spirit.  She shares her
love of decorating her home for the holidays on her blog. 
Too sweet to miss, so check it out. 

I found all these tablecloths at the Big Flea Market
Antiques Show, in Fredericksburg, this past week end.
YES, I know that it is a big stack, but tomorrow is my Birthday
and of course we were birthday shopping at the show! :)

We try to attend this annual show each year.  It's large, there are
always interesting things to see, and I never come home empty handed. 
I'll be showing these new tablecloths off in future posts. 

Meet George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, Jane his wife.
Are you singing yet?  I loved the Jetsons!  This S & P set has them in the
aerocar.   Just fun & too cute!

Some sweet vintage bunnies for next year's crafting.  Debbie sent me
the aqua hankie, oops...I missed including it in the happy mail photo.

Mr. Retro picked up this foot locker. 
  Have no idea what he plans for it, but storage is always good. 

Lastly, this gorgeous Hammersley bone china teacup, which
Mr. Retro found for me at the show.  Precious oriental theme design.
I plan to be back with another post later this week...hopefully showing off
a vintage Easter tablescape, and with some details & sign-up for the
spring giveaway I am planning.  So come back!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my happy mail and my finds.
Have you brought home any fun finds lately? 

I'm joining The Enchanting Rose linky party today.
You can visit via the link on my sidebar.
Always lots of eye candy at her party!


  1. Oh, what lovely things! Boo about the damage to poor lambie! :/
    I love the vintage goodies you bought! I just love vintage tablecloths. Well, pretty much anything vintage really. :) I bought a couple of feedsacks on a shopping excursion this past weekend, along with some other treasures!

    Have a lovely day,
    Miss Michelle ^_^

  2. Yes, I bet it was run over or maybe thrown from the truck into your drive. They do that here. he postal service is really anymore. I would check to see if there was insurance on it. Sometimes certain ways that you ship gives free insurance. If we al did that when we get things that are damaged, maybe they would get the point. But, your gifts are sweet. Swaps are so much fun.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Bummer about the broken treasures that sweet Debbie sent to you. Love the tablecloth!! My daughter & SIL are having Easter lunch.

    1. Thanks Deb! I'm "holding" on the age thing, lol. Good for you, not having to prepare the Easter meal. Enjoy!

  4. Happy Birthday to you Pam! I hope you have a wonderful day!!! Love the sweet treasures your friend surprised you with! So sweet. Those tablecloths look so pretty as does the sweet teacup and saucer. Love the little bunnies cute! I know you'll make something cute with them!

    1. Thank you Vicky! Mr. Retro making us shrimp dinner tonight. Not cooking is a good day for me. :)

  5. We come home from the Big Flea exhausted. But we usually come home with treasure, display ideas, new bits of info from talking with vendors, and a huge appreciation for some of the things I've found in thrift stores. I learn a lot there. We go to the one in Chantilly ... one of these days we'll hit Fredericksburg too.

    Happy belated birthday!!!

  6. The Chantilly show is much larger, I think. Someday I'll get to that one. You are not belated, my Birthday is today! Thanks!

  7. So fun to get a sweet package in the mail. That is too bad it took so long in coming and with no real explanation. Looked like fun anyway.

  8. So many adorable things. Decorating for Easter is so much fun!

  9. It is always wonderful to receive something in the mailbox besides junk and bills. Poor little lamb. Beautiful tablescape. Thank you sharing and Have a Fabulous Day!!

  10. Okay, I admit that you had me singing the Jetsons theme song! You sure found a bunch of great tablecloths, too! I'm looking forward to all of the tablescapes that you will put together with them :) --Fran

  11. A lot of lovely finds and beautiful gifts, rotten about the post damage.

  12. What a sweet and generous gift from Deb! Ah, receiving lovelies in the mail is delightful, isn't it...? I am sorry that your package was a bit damaged, though!
    And I just love your new tea cup - it looks so delicate and the oriental design is beautiful!
    Have a blessed week!

  13. That stack of tablecloths is the perfect thing for me to see first thing in the morning. SWOON!!

    I have started not marking boxes that I ship FRAGILE. I think it is a trigger for the USPS. There is no doubt in my mind that there are some disgruntled workers who smash these boxes on purpose. I've seen it happen way too many times. Your lamb is still super sweet though. Don't we all have some cracks in our character? :-)


  14. What a sweet and generous friend, so much fun. So sorry your lambie suffered an injury! I used to sell china on EBay and when I'd take my shipments with large "fragile" stickers on all sides, to the good old USPS, I'd watch in horror as the clerks would throw my boxes over their shoulders into the bin!! ARGH.

  15. What a wonderful friend. Your cup is absolutely incredible!

  16. I love sweet Debbie Kay sooooo much! She is a true LIGHT in this world - and very generous! I received a Happy Box with a lamb, too. It inspired me to put flowers in all my lambs! Oh - my! your table cloths are amazing! I had a lamby shipped from Alaska. Oh dear - thank goodness for glue - and a little hat! Her poor head has a huge hole in it! Happy EASTER!!!!

  17. Oh how awful about the sweet lamb planter :( Sometimes I wonder about the Postal Service..... Debbie sounds like a sweetheart.

    I LOVE the table cloths, my friend. And may I say Happy belated Birthday! I, too, did a little shopping for my birthday and came home with 5 tea cups *smiles*

    Thank you, my dear, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. May you have a beautiful Easter! Hugs!


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