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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vintage Valentine Tablescape!

Time to share my Valentine Vintage Tablescape!
This year my table is very simple.

 I chose my gorgeous Wilendur roses tablecloth. 
It must have been one of  their most prolific and popular
patterns, and can still be found for sale on eBay and Etsy.

 I added some vintage hankies around the table, a napkin by Moda dresses up
the centerpiece, and well as a Valentine spoolie I crafted last year. 

I found a set of roses decorated glassware at the thrift for a couple dollars
last summer, and grabbed them to use with this tablecloth. 
Couldn't resist the contrast of the green plates, Hazel Atlas moderntone.

A couple close ups of the place settings. 

Do you have plans for Valentine's Day?  I usually don't like going
out to dinner...too crowded, too rushed, too everything.
One of the restaurants in our little town is having a Valentine
special, from appetizer through dessert.  I might have to rethink this!
Sweet, huh???

I wanted to add a little update here on the beaver quandary.  One of our
neighbors down the creek trapped a beaver.  Don't know if we have  more
than one, but that is one less beaver to worry about.  Turns out we can't catch to
relocate, not allowed in our county.  Guess that might make them someone
else's problem.  The average cost to hire someone to rid you of beavers is $3,000+.  

Sending love to all my blogging friends! 

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Do I get a Valentine bone?


  1. Such a pretty tablescape. The vintage hankies add such a special touch. I always love your pretty spoolie creations too. Have a lovely valentines. Hugs to Doyle!!

  2. Love the table! The cloth is so pretty and your centerpiece is so cute!

  3. Blasted beavers! Hopefully they will move away soon! I love your pretty adn romantic. My mama used to have those same glasses and I loved them. I saw a set recently in the thrift, but have no room to store them, so I passed. Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  4. I love the napkin that is by the spoolie. Darn rules. We had something similar with those nasty buzzards. My neighbor would shoot at them, I don't think real bullets, every time they would come back in the evening. This is the first time in 4 years that they went away.

  5. You set a pretty table for Valentine's day with all your valentine teasures!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. That is such a pretty table. I love that rose tablecloth so much!

  7. How sweet! No we don't go out either..tomorrow is Mr. Birthday and I will probably make him his favorite, my spaghetti. Happy Valentines Day and thanks for making me happy with my card!

  8. Hi Pam,

    That tablecloth is so beautiful and you set your table so festive for the holiday of Love. I enjoy your posts so much, you always amaze me with your tablescapes.



  9. Hi Pam,
    Your table looks charming and perfect for a quiet dinner at home. We stay in, too, and eat "red" food, usually spaghetti.
    Hope you don't experience any more beaver troubles! Yikes!

  10. You are definitely right about the Wildendur roses being a popular pattern. I see it all the time! I even have three of my own that I've picked up at sales plus some dishtowels. It's so pretty!

    I am loving this tablescape so much! Especially the way you incorporated hankies into it. So cute!


  11. Such a pretty, pretty table!

    Have you ever seen a baby beaver? I about died from cuteness!

  12. Cute details on your valentine table. Like you, I use hankies as napkins. You have some pretty ones.

  13. Your table is so gorgeous Pam! Love those sweet roses on the table cloth!! And your settings look perfect!! Happy Valentine's Day!! Jerry sends hugs to Doyle!! xo Holly

  14. Gorgeous table arrangement! Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. Such a pretty tablescape Pam! Love the little Valentine at the end of your post and your doggy is a cutie! Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. Pretty table who wouldn't want to sit a spell there ! Good luck with the beavers, I have an opossum issue darn nuisance xo E

  17. Oh, Doyle. Yes, I would give you a Valentine bone, in fact I would make you some heart-shaped cookies if you were here. :) I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day, Pam, how could you not with such a pretty table? Love the hankies, such a sweet detail. One beaver down, hopefully he's the only one! Hope you are enjoying your weekend :) --Fran

  18. pretty tablescape - love the roses tablecloth!


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