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Monday, February 16, 2015

Thrifty Finds ~ Linens!

Well here we are starting another week.  Time to put away the Valentines
and move on...but before I do I'll quickly show you 3 Valentines I received
from complete strangers: blogger Aunt Peaches hosts an enormous
Valentine card swap, 1,500 folks last year.  No pressure for what you
create, just fun, and you can be anonymous or not. 

I received these 3. The stars by Kaylin in Washington,
The woodburning by Eva in Illinois, and the red heart by
someone in Colorado.  Cute!
My valentines were sent to folks in New Jersey, Idaho and Illinois.  Fun! 

Okay, my linen finds.  A linen dealer consigned her thousands of linens
to the Antique Cottage shop in my little town. Most of her stock is the true antique
 "fancy" linens, but I did find some playful linens & a printed tablecloth to rescue. 

A gorgeous and hard to find Wilendur lily pads design.  This is the
cotton version, so vibrant and beautiful, but with more than it's share
of yellow age staining.  Here it is after the first soak.  I'll need to soak it
a couple more times at least. 

I can't resist vintage hankies, they look like miniature tablecloths to me!
Best scores are the "for he's a jolly good fellow" &
"she'll be comin' round the mountain".  Too cute!

 Vintage dish towels & tea towels.   I love to use vintage dish towels,
far superior to todays version.

I couldn't resist scooping all of these crocheted items, too cute to leave behind. I think the
green dresses may be teapot cosies, or bottle covers. Anyone know?
I don't buy many of these white linens,
but her goods were so gorgeous I had to choose a few.
 This runner took my breath away, doesn't show its true beauty here.

  The napkin set still has the original Madeira label on it
Sweet Mexico souvenir napkin, and vintage hankies.
 I spent just under $30 on everything, and considering the fact that I found
an old price tag on the antique runner of $25, and snagged a Wilendur
Water Lily, I know I got a special price.  I sell at this shop also, so the
owner treated me right. 

I do LOVE my vintage linens, and freely admit I am addicted enamored.
I do not need or want an intervention, she says confidently.  Tee Hee.
 Did you do any thrifting this weekend? 
Enjoying some sun on the enclosed porch before the 8 to 10 inches of
snow that is predicted for tonight hits.  Virginia is considered "the south".
 We don't handle snow very well here because we hardly ever get any 
In our area of the state.  We sure don't drive well in it, so we're 
dangerous on the roads, schools close & most businesses also. 

 Looking forward to a cozy snow day because Doyle likes to do this...
Have a terrific week my friends! 
Joining in this week ~
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  1. Oh your new tablecloth reminds me of a Monet painting! Thanks again for the Valentine, it wa the only one I received, meant so much! Doyle has the right idea, enjoy the snow! I am luckily off today and tomorrow as we are getting about 7 inches. Watching it snow!

  2. Some great finds the tablecloth is wonderful the minute I saw it, it made me think of Clarice Cliff's dish ware the pattern reminded me of something she would have done.
    Have a great week.

  3. Great finds for $30. I love anything vintage and have a hard time passing up those tablecloths!

  4. Pam, that tablecloth is gorgeous! Kind of reminds me of a Monet painting in primary colors! You always find amazing linens.
    Doyle is adorable...have a great week!

  5. The hankies are so cute but I love love that tablecloth! Yes you did get a special price on it all! Good for you.

  6. I always enjoy seeing your new linens. I agree that the old dish towels are the best to use. I use mine too.

  7. Hi Pam!
    Hah! First I've got to say that the chair Doyle is sitting in, is the exact spitting image of the furniture my Aunt and Uncle had when I was little! Made me smile and giggle.
    I love that you participated in the Aunt Peaches swap --- I wanted to sooooo much but in the little time I had, I couldn't think of an idea for cards. Maybe next year.
    Well yes, you are enamored but I won't tell hahhahahha. Good gosh, that's an absolute TON of stuff for ONLY $30 from an antique store!!! That would be called unbelievable in this neck of the woods. I adore the dress potholders and the Pennsylvania Dutch-y (?) towel.
    Enjoy your loot and good fortune!

  8. Wow...what a haul and what a great price. That water lily tablecloth is so beautiful. I love the picture of Doyle sunning...too cute! Try to stay warm and have a great week.

  9. That water lily tablecloth is so fun. That is a great haul for $30. Doyle looks like he really loves the snow. Sooo cute!

  10. Love all the linens!! I found a green Wilendur Dogwood tablecloth this week. I was thrilled...haven't found a vintage tablecloth in months! Be careful in the snow!

  11. I got the most amazing vintage Las Vegas souvenir tablecloth the other day! It is so close to being my favorite. I really want to display it somehow and not just fold it up and put it on the shelf with all of my other linens. Any suggestions?

    I love how you say that hankies are like miniature tablecloths. I totally feel the same way and have so far been able to avoid collecting them. I can't make any promises that I will continue!


  12. I'm just checking ... you did say $30 ...? ...what a DEAL.

    The water lily is a beauty ... and Doyle is a treasure!

  13. Wow, you always find such fabulous tablecloths! What do you soak them in? I usually soak in Biz. Love, love the crochet items. I pick them up also. And hankies too cute! Hunker down and stay warm. We are the ones that usually have snow. Nada this year! We will be sorry this summer if we don't get some.

  14. You did very well with all your lovely linens. I hope you are safe and enjoying all your snow!

  15. You have some beauties here ! This was fun to see :)

  16. Wow you got so many great linen treasures!! LOVE those music hankies, those are so cute and neat!! The crochet doilies are so pretty too!! Doyle is so cute!! We're sure having a snow day here!!.... negative 20 wind chill and blizzard like outside! I have some crock pot potato soup on right now! :) xo Holly

  17. Such wonderful linens! I love looking through them when I come across them in a thrift store.

  18. You hit the jackpot of those linens. I love the lily pad tablecloth. Are you freezing your tail feathers off? -2 here today! Ridiculous!

  19. You hit the jackpot of those linens. I love the lily pad tablecloth. Are you freezing your tail feathers off? -2 here today! Ridiculous!

  20. I'm on love with the crocheted potholders.As a crocheter,I can appreciate how long it took to make them.


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