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Sunday, February 8, 2015

REALLY Beaver? ~ Craft Space & Update

Beaver: A large semi-aquatic rodent. 

A beaver has moved onto our property.
He is taking down trees right & left by our creek.  The
beaver does this in hope it falls into the water, so they can
use it to build their dams.  He has not done so well with these
 large trees, but Mr. Retro says he has managed to build more than one dam.

I love nature and our animal friends, but this guy is dangerous.
First, you can see the pool of water that has built up into a pond,
being held by the dam, and the dry creek bed past it.  He is well on his way
 to flooding our property.  Our neighbors farther down the creek may
find their boats sitting in the mud, rather than in the water. 

But even more worrisome to me is Doyle's safety.  I'm afraid
he might run into the beaver while he is romping and playing.
North American beavers go 40-80 pounds & with their tails
can be 5-8 feet long.  If those powerful teeth can cut
down trees, what could they do to my fur baby?

I have no idea what we are going to do about him, or maybe "them".
Who knows if there is more than one?  If you have any experience with
this, know someone who has, or have suggestions, please share.
Enough of that for now.  Moving on...

Craft Space!
I want to show you my craft space.  It is not a beautiful space
with fabulous storage & light, but it is my space, and I love it.

I commandeered an area in our storage room.  The walls were still
sheet rock.  I've hung so much stuff on my wall Mr. Retro says keep it up
and I won't have to fix & paint it.  I disagree, or course...tee hee.

I love hanging the cards and notes I have received from
happy mail & swaps, giveaways, thanks...well you get it. 
It makes me happy to see them all when I'm sitting at my table, & it
does double duty, hiding the ugly wall.

I don't have fancy cabinets, but these photo boxes sure do the trick
for organizing my supplies.  Michael's often has them on sale for
5 for $10.  Mr. Retro hung the shelves for me.  He also made the
 ribbon shelf below, which works great.  Yes, he is an enabler. 

I love my shabby craft space!  Many happy hours are spent here.

Thanks to so many of you who have sent me healing prayers, good thoughts
and support.  It means a lot.  The doctor has ordered  Physical Therapy for my knee.
 I will try it for a month with the goal of a good outcome, aka pain control and
avoiding surgery.  I start next week, so keep those good thoughts for me.

& maybe think a good thought for these crazy daffodils,
 the first of which have popped up already.  :(

The vintage valentine was a gift from a sweet friend.
Isn't it just beautiful?  Happy Sunday~Have a great week! 
I'll be back with a couple weekend finds in a few days.


  1. Thank you for my Valentine! So sweet of you to send it to me. That beaver is certainly a busy fella and I don't blame you for being worried about Doyle's safety. I wonder if he needs to be trapped and relocated. Your crafting space is just lovely! So organized and pretty! My space needs a good cleaning. It's become a dumping ground of craft supplies and estate sale treasures. Thinking good thoughts for you and your physical therapy!! Valentine hugs!

  2. First, thank you so much for the sweet Valentine's card you sent me....such a sweet surprise! I love getting happy mail! I immediately noticed the card in your header because of the pretty violets. The beaver issue doesn't sound like a fun issue to deal with. I have heard that they can be a big problem. Maybe you can find someone in your area captures and relocates them. I hope physical therapy helps with the knee! And, last but not least, I love your craft space. Isn't it nice to have a spot to create. I sure love mine! And, I also hang cards and things from my blog friends so I can enjoy looking at them. Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday and week ahead!

  3. I don't know anything about Beaver's, but I would try to find out for sure. Doyle is your main concern for sure. Love your craft space. Mine is a bit crazy but I also use lots of the photo boxes and they work and are cheap!! My kind of storage. I just got a little board to hang on the wall so I can tuck my cards and other mementos there to inspire me. Take care of yourself!

  4. I haven't had any experience with beavers but I totally understand your fear of Doyle getting into a tangle with one. I didn't realize they could get so big!

    I am so happy that you are loving your craft space. It doesn't have to be big and fancy. It just has to work!

    Have an awesome Sunday,


  5. I love seeing Real craft spaces! Not stiff & magazine-ready but organic & project-ready. It gives me courage to show mine sometime.

    Best of luck with the poor pesky beaver(s), and especially with your knee.

  6. A beaver! Oh my goodness. My husband says to shoot it and make a stove pipe beaver fur hat. Here's your opportunity to have a gen-u-ine Abe Lincoln hat! Just kidding. I don't know what one does with a beaver. Your little crafting space looks wonderful. I do love those little boxes, too. Your property is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have a spring running through. Have a wonderful week!

  7. Beavers sure can do damage with their downing trees and building dams. I am not sure what can be done...have you tried calling the local game warden?
    Your crafting area looks great to least it is all in one area!
    Have a great week, Pam.

  8. ohh! a few things! first of all, thank you for the sweet Valentine! HOw thoughtful of you and what a nice treat to find in yesterdays mail! Second of all the Beaver.. call your local DEC officer or what ever they are called. He should be able to help, give info or at least direct you to the right spot. .. 3rd, love seeing your crafty space! Isnt it nice to have a special little spot to play!? I love my playroom! lol!
    happy sunday my friend

  9. No help on the beaver. My grandparents had them on their land. We use to go sit and watch at the beaver dam. So I only have good kid memories. He messes with Doyle, well that's another story!

    Your craft room is impressive and so organized! I'm not surprised!!

    Yay for the daffodils. It will be about 2 months before ousr pop out here.

  10. Your craft space looks very well organized. Still working on mine!
    Oh Beavers! I do know that baby beavers stay with their parents for a full two years, not sure if yours have babies yet. Maybe it's a male trying to find a mate and building her a nice house? Beavers are territorial so it is hard to relocate them, however it can be done by a professional. Some states are actually using beaver now to re-establish a ruined ecosystem. Sometimes a simple pipe can be run through the beaver dam to let some of the water flow through which will stop the flooding.
    Here are a couple of links for you to look at:

  11. I think your craft area is great! Very cool old table and nice that hubby made your ribbon holder. I have no idea on how to handle beavers...calling your local DNR(dept of natural resources) should be of help. Stay away Doyle from those beavers!

  12. Love your craft space. I wish I could help you with the beaver situation, but I don't think I've ever even seen one in my whole life, even at a zoo.

  13. I'm not a big fan of show rooms. Your craft area looks so productive and real, very nice.
    Hope the beaver problem is sorted soon, didn't know they were such a menace.

  14. Sending good thoughts for that darn old knee. most the time PT does help. I had no idea a beaver weighted that much! Wonder how you get rid of them oh my goodness. Again many thanks for my sweet card which is center of my post!

  15. Praying for your knee my friend and praying that beaver down the creek! Your craft space is so cute, it looks like the perfect "easy spot" to let your creative mind wander.

    Thank you for the Valentine card, you are so thoughtful, it made me smile.



  16. Your craft/storage room is WAY more organized than mine!

  17. What a great creative space Pam! You are so organized! I love all the photos boxes in all the different patterns. It's so fun and interesting. I wish I could help you with the beaver issue, but that's one creature we've never seen around here in our neck of the woods. Probably because we don't have a creek on our property. Good luck with your physical therapy. I hope it works for you.

  18. Yikes! I actually laughed when I saw YOUR "semi-aquatic rodent" definition, but by the time I got to the end of your beaver story I was not laughing. 5 to 8 feet and up to eighty pounds? Yikes! You definitely don't want Doyle to run into one of those beavers. :( I loved seeing your craft space! And I can't believe you actually have daffodils poking through the ground. Our ground here is covered by over 5 (yes, FIVE) feet of snow, I will probably see my daffodils sometime in July. Good luck with your physical therapy, sending some healing thoughts your way! -- Fran :)

  19. I love your craft space. It looks like a fun place and the table is great! Sending up prayers that physical therapy will be enough for your knee and you won't need surgery. Happy Valentine's Day.

  20. Healing Energy for your knee. Your craft space is wonderful and Mr. Retro is too for building and enabling your Creative Spirit.


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