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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mr. Retro's Thrifty Finds & Valentines!

Mr. Retro can't resist stopping at a couple thrift shops he passes
 on the way home from work.  He gets lucky at these shops, a lot!

He found this very cool oil painting, texted me a photo & I sent back
 a resounding YES! Turns out, it is signed.  The artist is Polish,
Michael Lester, the American version of his name.

He was born in Poland in 1906, later lived in England, and eventually
moved to Jamaica, where he continued to paint and opened his own gallery. 
  He was very prolific and many tourists left Jamaica with one of his works.
I love the internet for research!

This painting is very large, about 4 feet tall, and was painted in 1962. 
The Title is Wild Pine.
It looks great on our dark green dining room wall! 
Next time he stopped he found this very cool retro lamp.
We needed a lamp for our end table, and this one is perfect.

I wasn't able to find any signatures or marks, but it
looks 60's to me. Love the hairpin legs.
 Here is a close look at the pattern.

He did great! (even if I am a little jealous that he
found such cool treasures without me.) 
I, on the other hand, haven't really done any recent thrifting, but on one
quick donation stop I found this huge bag of wooden crafting items.
It's Valentine season!  If I have your address, you just might be getting
a card/tag.  Been keeping myself busy while my knee is healing.


While I'm in the Valentine mode, here are the items I made for
Deb of Garage Sale Gal.  She was my partner in Viv's recent
swap.  You can find the links and info HERE in my last post.

& the other goodies I included in her swap package.
That's about it for today.  I head back to the Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow.
Please think good thought for me.
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  1. What fun items, Pam! Deb is such a sweetie :) And that lamp is simply fabulous!

    I will certainly be thinking of you, sweet lady. Hugs!

  2. O my gosh I love your husbands finds he has good taste.
    Your Valentine goodies are great.
    I hope everything goes well with the Orthopedic surgeon tomorrow.

  3. My husband gets so excited when he finds something great on his own. But sometimes he brings things home and I look at him wondering what in the heck he was thinking :-) He still has some learning to do.

    LOVE that lamp!!


  4. what a great lamp! and your valentine creativity is amazing. especially the bingo card.
    : )
    best of luck with your appointment.

  5. I am green eyed over that painting and that lamp! Wow your husband did great. Love all the crafty Valentine's your making. I've not done any this year, but I do think I'll make something Special for Tiger this year. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  6. That retro lamp would fetch some amazing money. It's just fabulous! Your valentine goodies are just wonderful. I'm sure Deb just loved everything. I'm glad you've had some fun crafting while you are still healing. Best wishes at your appt tomorrow!

  7. Mr. Retro has great taste, those are some fabulous finds! I'm sure you made Deb's day with all of those crafty goodies. Good luck at your appointment, I'm keeping you in my thoughts and sending lots of positive thoughts your way! :) --Fran

  8. You've hit the treasure trove! Your hubby has good taste, mine does too and is always bringing some neat item home! Love that cool lamp!

  9. So hope things go for you well at the Dr's. Wow a Mr that shops! Mine would never but then he has brought stuff home for me from his paint shop where someone rented space that had I guess I should not say never! Cool lamp!

  10. Wishing you all the best with your dr. Wow, your hubby did great! Love your Valentine's you made! What a fun swap!

  11. Wow...I love the painting and the lamp!!! We sold a black lamp with similar markings several years ago, and I've missed it ever since.

  12. So many fun things Pam!! You have been busy!! :) I'm sure Deb loved every bit of her package, it all looks so cute!!! Good wishes and thoughts for your appointment!! :) xo Holly

  13. Mr. Retro has great taste! I love both pieces, but that lamp is so cool! Love the shape and the legs. The shade looks great on it too. Good luck tomorrow....:) Hope you get good news!

  14. Wow! Mr. Retro scored big! I love the lamp! You swap gifts are just awesome, this was a fun swap. I sure hope you get good news from the doctor!

  15. Oh how happy I was today when Mr. said "you have mail!" a sweet Valentine from you!!!! THANK YOU........probably the only one I will get, it means so much to me!


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