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Friday, February 20, 2015


There are so many of us sharing in this winter misery. 
The temperature inside our house is 57*.  The furnace is running
and the wood stove stoked, but single digit temperatures outside and
the howling wind are winning.

*Edit:  turns out my furnace wasn't heating and had to be reset.
Heavenly heat again!

I've been sorting photos on my computer this morning.
I find myself WANTING all of

The gorgeous Crepe Myrtle blooming in the front yard.

A camping trip to one of our Virginia State Parks.
(Of course I bring a tablecloth!)

You can live anywhere in Virginia....and you are never more than an
hours drive from a State Park. 
I want to be back in this chair enjoying Holiday Lake State Park.

I want to be picking spicy steamed crabs on the porch,
washing them down with a cold Landshark.

I want to be picking these out of our garden. 

I want to hang some of these beauties in the sun to whiten.

Finally, I want to enjoy an afternoon nap with the warm spring sun
 shining through the bedroom window. 
(Doyle always has good ideas.)

But seeing as Mother Nature doesn't give a hoot
about what I want...I will try to make the best of this. 
Stay warm & toasty as you can my friends! 


  1. Pam, great minds think alike, when you visit my blog you'll know what I mean! Anyway... I am so sick of winter and cold! Your post is real eye candy today! The tomatoes and those crab look so good! The Crepe Myrtle is gorgeous, similar to our lilacs and the green grass and tablecloths on the line reminds me that this winter misery isn't forever! Take care and stay warm and snuggle up with Doyle. ~ Diane

  2. What a summery treat to see your pics! I WANT most of your WANTS too.

    And I also want to remember not to gripe about the Virginia heat & humidity later this year.

  3. This post gives me hope! Spring will come!


  4. I am definitely with you! We have had too many cold days here in Florida and I'm not a happy camper! I do not like it all all. Last night it was 23 degrees. I don't remember it getting so cold here when I was younger! I cannot imagine living where it was in the single digits and snowy!!! I guess it you get used to whatever you're raised in or around but I say bring on spring! Try to stay warm....:)

  5. I'm thinking of all my friends dealing with the snow and ice. We are chilly here in TX, but don't have to deal with your temps or snow or ice. I can't imagine living with all that snow!
    Hope you can stay warm. 57 in the house is pretty chilly.

  6. 57 inside sounds horrible.....

    We hit a record low of -8 degrees yesterday in Chicago. I've been dragging my heating pad around the house and sitting with it behind my back. It's helps a lot and keeps me from cranking up the furnace too much. :-)

  7. Hi Pam! I was just going to say, Diane did a similar post about wanting to be somewhere warm and sunny! But I see she commented too. lol
    Looks like everyone is ready for Spring! Your post reminds me to focus on the fact that it will soon be here, and those good times are on their way! I keep thinking about sitting on the patio with my coffee, watching the humming birds. I can't wait!
    Thank you so much for my darling valentine card! It was so fun to open up that card when I got home from my trip!
    Talk to you soon- Erica :)

  8. Hi Pam,

    I too have been longing for Spring, we are warm here in California but I still "want" to put winter behind and move onto Spring flowers and April showers.

    Hugs my friend,


  9. Oh what a pretty tree!
    Hang in there, Pam!
    Another great thing about Virginia is that a warm day can be only a day away!
    Of course here in northern Idaho we're like, "What the what?!"
    This can't be for real right?
    We're all holding our breath and wondering if winter will arrive once spring comes!
    It keeps us guessing- that's for sure! ♥

  10. Glad you got your heater reset and you're toasty again!

  11. Beautiful! I love VA! I'll be in VA next month for a few days.

  12. 57 degrees!!!! Brrrr! Glad that you're warm and toasty now. I'm right there with you...I can't wait for garden tomatoes and sunny days. Your Crepe Myrtle takes my breath away. Soooo pretty! I think I'll just stare at that picture for a while and try to forget that we still have 5 feet of snow on the ground!!! :) --Fran


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