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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Finds, Tea Cup Swap & Stuff

I have a mix of things for today's post; finds, swap & crafting.
It is almost March 1st, my date to put out the St. Patrick's décor.
I just finished altering this little doll into an Irish girl spoolie.
Like how she turned out, and I will have my vignette soon.

 I joined Stephanie's tea cup exchange (link on sidebar) for the first time.
I'm used to joining crafting swaps, so this was different, and I
really enjoyed it.  I'm waiting on my package, but just found
out my recipient has received hers.  She doesn't have a blog
so I'll show you what I sent her.

We were a include a handmade card and a couple things
besides the tea cup.  I sent to Sara, who you can find on facebook
at Ensembles of the Past, or at her website, Ensembles of the Past

Sara is a seamstress with her specialty being historical gowns. 
I'm in awe of her talent!  I included a couple doilies, a vintage hankie in her
favorite burgundy color, and lastly some vintage lace and buttons,
 in the hopes  she could use them in her beautiful creations. 
I fell in love with this vintage tea cup by Haviland Limoges.
 So dainty & beautiful.  Don't you agree? 
Now I'll show you my mostly lackluster finds of the last couple weeks.
They can't always be fantastic finds, right?

I'll start with the best, in my opinion.  This gorgeous vintage
Vera tablecloth.  It is cotton, rather than the more usual Vera designs
done in linen fabric.  Such a lovely pattern with beautiful blues. 
I also found this cute sewing box and sweet suitcase, both of which I can't
seem to be able to resist, but at $3.50 for both, who has to? :)
I also found this modish 60's looking glass serving dish for a dollar.
& finally, this beautiful and glitzy vintage bird Christmas ornament,
marked "JAPAN" on the underside. 
This cold and snowy winter has certainly fed my crafting gene,
I've made all these Easter cards already. 

I thought this stuff was going away, but we're expecting another
major snowstorm tonight.  Doyle says, bring it on! 
What have you been up to?  Enjoy the rest of your week! 

Joining withSYC @ Have a daily cup of Mrs. Olson.


  1. Ohhhhh all so pretty! I love your Easter cards! Where do you find those vintage looking graphics? So darling. I love a great find at the second hand stores and it looks like you did great!

    1. Please find my answer below, I missed using this reply space. :) More coffee.

  2. I purchase diecuts from 2 eBay sellers who never disappoint. Old Paper Cat (the small repro paper die cuts) and Idealstuff (the sticker type diecuts from England and Germany).

  3. Love the Easter cards also! So sweet. I've got my bits of green mostly out for St Pat's day. I love the Vera lovely. Stay warm.

  4. Yes it looks as those when I get up at 4 am to go to work we will have snow! Yet another beautiful tablecloth you found. My best friend would love your little Irish girl.

  5. March 1st is the day to put out the green decorations ... I admire your organization and the way you enjoy your goodies year-round. You would NOT want to see the couple of Christmas items that are still visible over at my house!

    Beautiful finds and swap goodies ... and I still covet your header clothesline and all its contents.

  6. I love that green suitcase - awesome!

  7. The cards you made are darling! The tablecloth is really pretty, love those colors. I almost never find anything that nice that doesn't have a big stain! The vintage bird decoration is gorgeous! Japanese collectibles are pretty popular now.

  8. Pretty tablecloth!! Nice cards! I'm hoping to make some cards next week! You gave a pretty tea cup with all the nice extra's!

  9. So many prettties in one post! That tablecloth is so beautiful. Doyle looks to be having fun in the snow. I know you're ready for spring though. Hopefully it will be here soon!

  10. I really love that green suitcase, and your spoolie girl is so sweet. You make cards for Easter? Wow, you're very organized. We're buried in snow here and probably will be for the forseeable future, but at least it's not -30(c)... for now anyway. lol. Stay warm!

  11. oh what fun could be had with the green case! and such sweet eastery cards! Im feeling my easter bins calling to me... soon soon soon.. I'll be decorating for easter!
    have a great day my friend

  12. You must have some pretty cool shops in your area because you always manage to bring home some wonderful things. Love that little sewing box and suitcase. I'm a sucker for those kinds of things. Great finds!
    xx Beca

  13. Pam, I bet Sara loved her package! Perfect goodies for a seamstress. Love the new (old) tablecloth. Your Irish spoolie is cute. I gave my St. Patty's box of décor away a few years ago. I just do Spring and Easter now. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Oh, what a delightful post, my friend :) I absolutely love what you sent to Sara - yes, perfect items for a seamstress! And that tea's quite the beauty.

    Your Easter cards are so sweet! I need to get some made too....hopefully soon. Have a great weekend, sweet friend! Hugs!

  15. How lucky is Sara! A lovely gift package. I would faint if I looked out my window to see all that snow.

  16. I'm behind on blog reading. Your swap gifts are wonderful and those Easter cards are darling! I hope you are nice and cozy with your latest snow storm. I'm officially ready to help mother nature find spring. We drove to our aframe cottage last night and the pipes from our well into the house were frozen. No water! With our extreme negative temps, it’s not surprising, but very disappointing. Good thing we only live 40 minutes away. Looks like it will be a good weekend for crafting and playing at home.

  17. Love what you sent to your tea cup exchange partner Pam! So pretty and I love your Easter cards, they're lovely!

  18. Hi Pam! I got my cards today! Yippee for me! Sooooooo cute! I love them! Thank you soooo much! It means a lot to me that you thought of me! (smile)

  19. I just love that tablecloth! I think that suitcase is exactly like my going away to college luggage from the late 60's!

  20. Such cute swap things you sent!! I love love that tea cup you sent!! So pretty and differently shaped! :) Your Easter cards are all so pretty! You're so crafty, you always make so many cute things and cards!! Love your new finds too!! xo Holly


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