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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thrifting on Crutches

Well hello there!  I have some goodies to share with some bad photos.
I'm no photographer,  but these are worse than usual, and I
Still have my messed up knee to blame.

First up, have to share this vintage tablecloth that Mr. Retro 
Gave me at Christmas.  It is tagged Made in
Occupied Japan.  Love the reds & aqua together.

First thrifting I've done in ages!  My favorite consignment store 
Is a small shop, but always packed with good things.  Mr. Retro
Offered to drive me for a thrifting on crutches adventure.  I was a
Couch potato going through withdrawal,  Of course I said yes.

Using one crutch for support, I got around fine.  The best 
Part, the shoppers got out of my way and let me pass,
Rather than the usual elbowing the competition out
Of the way....tee hee.

Okay, the goods...
These sweet S&P shakers.  Fun for a tropical tablescape.

Loved this nutcracker box. Vintage made in England
And  It actually works.

Sweet 100 year old Valentine post cards.

& Mr. Retro's finds.  These fun old movie lobby cards.
From a Mexican theater. 
Written in Spanish.  So fun and colorful.

Will end here for now and save some for later.  But before
I go, sweet Erica from Golden Egg Vintage sent me this
 happy mail package before Christmas to cheer me up.  
She is a super bloggy friend!

Sorry for the terrible photo, but look at all the wonderful goodies!
Thanks Erica!  :)

Oh, and update on my knee is more healing time allowed
 before I have to make a decision on surgery.  So keep those fingers
Crossed for a good outcome for me & send those healing thoughts!


  1. Love the tablecloth but I am so happy to see the s&p...they made me smile! Fingers crossed and good thoughts on the healing!

  2. What we won't go through to get our thrifting urge taken care of...happy to hear you are doing well, Pam! Love the new vintage carnation tablecloth...gorgeous.
    Wishing you all the best of 2015.

  3. That tablecloth is so pretty. They look like carnations or dianthus to me? I hope your knee is better soon.

  4. Your tablecloth is gorgeous! And so many cute goodies! Oh, I do hope you feel better soon!

  5. Love your tablecloth Mr. Retro got you, its gorgeous!!! Glad you were able to get out and go thrifting, and you got lots of goodies too! Love the sweet Valentine's and the nut cracker box is too cute! Erica is the sweetest!! Cute things she sent you!! Wishing good thoughts and healings for you and your knee! Hope you feel better soon!! xo Holly

  6. Love the tablecloth, and the candles/holders and bowl are perfect with it.

  7. Your husband did a wonderful job on that tablecloth. So glad you were able to get out for a much needed thrifting adventure. Erica is the biggest sweetheart. Her packages are always so generous. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  8. What a beautiful tablecloth! I too love the red and aqua. Fun finds at the thrift too! I hope you'r able to ditch the crutches soon. I know that must be miserable. Happy Wednesday!

    Hugs, Vicky

  9. So sweet of your hubby to take you thrifting. You found quite a few treasures too. Love your new tablecloth. The red and blues go so well together. Looks so pretty on your table too. Wishing you a speedy recovery on your knee. Hope all goes well. Happy New Year!
    xx Beca

  10. I love red and aqua together! I think I better dig through my tablecloth stash and see if I have one with that color combo. Otherwise, it goes on the Wish List!

    Glad you are doing better. That crutch may be a good tool for the future for thrifting even if you don't need it :-)


  11. Cute Alert! The illustration on the nut cracker box is adorable!

  12. Pretty tablecloth that your hubby bought you. Hope you don't need surgery..Take care.

  13. Mr. Retro sure has great taste in tablecloths! Those vibrant carnations are stunning, love the red & aqua combo. I am so sorry to hear that your knee is still hurting :( . I've been thinking of you and sending lots of positive thoughts your way, wish there were more that I could do! Stay warm and try to rest up! :) --Fran

  14. Pam, sorry to hear about your knee! Using crutches at a thrift has got me thinking? lol! Just kidding, I will not pretend to be injured just to score goods! Love, love the new tablecloth. Mr. Retro has good taste! Duh! He chose you. Hope your knee heals!

  15. If I was on crutches..No way would my Mr take me shopping! Good for you!. Your new table cloth is pretty love the pink carnations on it. thanks for stopping by and I might just show you my David Cassidy box while your on the mend!


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