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Monday, January 19, 2015

Gettin' into Valentines fun & Happy Mail!

It's less than a month until Valentine's Day.  I'm still mostly
house bound, and have been spending time at my craft table.
Making cards for family & friends, goodies for a swap, and just playing.
It sure does help chase the January blues away.

I'm not showing the swap goodies I made, those are a secret for now. 
I'll share some other things though.  I love decorating boxes,
 and this pink & blue little heart box turned out sweet.

Mr. Retro gave me a big box of craft supplies for Christmas.
One of the items was a bag of wooden clothes pins. 
I decided to paint some and tie on a pair of paper hearts.
Simple, but I like the way they turned out.

I do love spoolies, so I made a few.

Just need to get out my box of decorations and work on my display.
Are you doing any Valentine decorating?
Woo Hoo!
I got a surprise happy mail package this week from
  my blogger friend Fran, of Hey Mom! What's For Dinner?
Fran surprised me with this amazing package to cheer me up.  I guess
I have done my share of whining about my knee.  Which is still not
healed.  OK...enough of that. 
Just look at all these crafting goodies!  Doyle even got some greenies, which
he loves...and we love because good dog breath is a nice thing. ;)

I'm in love with this retro looking laundry soap can. 
 Fran says it works great, so I'll be checking out the website.  
There was chocolate also, but I couldn't find the container for
the photos...Mr. Retro took it away from me last night, and
dang him, I think he hid it! 
Last, but not least...
Fran is not only a fabulous cook (she does a cable cooking show in Boston), she is
a creative and fantastic seamstress.  LOOK at this beautiful pillow she made for me!
& from my favorite things, vintage tablecloths!  She does gorgeous work, doesn't she?
So generous and thoughtful, I was teary eyed.  Thank you so much Fran.

Do yourself a favor & visit Fran.  The latest food post is on homemade pizza.
Warning~don't visit hungry, or you'll be sorry.  All her posts are
beautiful, and make you want to lick the computer screen. Tee hee. 

There is no nicer group than bloggers.  I treasure all my bloggy friends.


  1. What adorable Valentine's decorations you've been making! And, what a sweet friend to sen all the goodies to cheer you up. Happy mail is always nice, especially if you aren't expecting it. Enjoy your new treasures. I will have to pay Fran a visit!

  2. You have been quite the busy bee :) I simply love your Valentine's Day pretties!

    And Happy Mail is the best - yours looks delightful. Hugs to you!

  3. You made such cute spoolies. Love all your gifts. I agree about bloggy buddies.

  4. Blogging friends are just the best kind of friends. So many fun goodies. I'm glad you are making the most of being housebound with crafting. Hugs!!

  5. Blogging buddies come through at the best times don't they!! Love that pillow so much. Your crafts are adorable. I need to make something for Valentine's day this year! Now that I'm feeling all crafty and stuff!

  6. Beauatiful pillow!! It would certainly cheer me up! I'm almost finished with your Valentine swap package! You certainly have been very creative.
    I think I need your mailing address...when you have time to email me with it! Thanks.
    Sorry that your knee isn't feeling so good.

  7. What a pretty pillow, love the brightly colored flowers!! Such sweet Valentines you've been busy working on!! The spoolies are always so fun! And love your little heart box you made, so cute!! Really hoping your poor knee gets better soon!! Hugs!! xo Holly

  8. I'm so glad you are enjoying your happy mail, my bloggy friend! Despite your knee discomfort you are still so upbeat and full of sunshine, much like the sunshiny colors of that gorgeous tablecloth you've displayed all of your goodies on! I hope you have a wonderful week :) --Fran

  9. Bloggy buds are the bestest! I hope that she brightened your day. I hope your knee is soon better!

  10. So bright and cheerful! We need more during these dark winter days! Love your vintage Valentines spread out in your header! :)


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