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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

More vintage Christmas tablecloths!

I have been remiss in showing off my tablecloths,  but
my perfect excuse is that my dining table has been
covered with gifts, wrapping paper, tags...well, you get it.
& I stupidly injured my knee. Wah-wah!

Well, on with it...
Love this festive vintage tablecloth By Fallani & Cohn, designed
by "The Ryans", a husband and wife designing
couple from the 60's-70's.

So pretty!  A secret Santa gift I received a couple years ago.

This table Is on my porch. It is made of terrycloth, 
almost indestructible,  so perfect for a porch. 

These cute guys are on the front lawn.
A church sale vintage bargain from the summer.

Our stockings are hung, we're not nearly almost ready!
I've had my NOEL stocking since I was a girl, 
ya' know, like eons ago.  :)  

Such a busy but festive time.  If I hadn't sprained,  strained or whatever
the heck I did to my knee, I'd have more done.  Shopping has been 
miserable challenging, and cleaning...nearly impossible. 

Ha!  I hate cleaning anyway, but expecting houseguests on Friday.   
Mr. Retro has been doing way more than his share, thankfully!  

How is your week?
Are you almost ready?
Hope so! Fa la la la la....


  1. My week has been ridiculously busy...and I have been sick, but life is good! I hope you knee feels better soon! Love your Christmas decor...always makes me smile!

  2. Awww! I love your NOEL stocking! Aren't you so glad you kept it? Things like that are much more special than all the stuff from flea markets and estate sales. I'm beginning to learn my lesson! More is not necessarily better. I didn't even get half of my stuff put out this year!
    I'm so sorry you hurt your knee! :( Makes it frustrating when you want to get things done!
    But don't push yourself!
    Happy Holidays to you, Pam!

  3. I need to get to wrapping! For whatever reason, I have been procrastinating on this like crazy this year! I figure the longer I wait, I won't be able to put it off anymore. I'll probably end up pulling an all nighter :-)

    Happy Holidays & I hope that knee gets better. NOT a good time of year for this to happen, huh?


  4. Love your table cloths! I have the one you gave me on my table now.
    Take care of that knee!

  5. Hope your knee is better, know what a drag that can be! Ouch! I looked back at a couple posts I missed and love your photos of all your collections on Christmas tins, ceramics and of course your fabulous tablecloths! Can't believe Christmas is just a week away! Where did the time go! Wishing you and yours a very vintage and Merry Christmas!

  6. I always love seeing your tablecloths. Love the Santas on the lawn too. I hope your knee feels better soon - that's no fun. Merry Christmas to you!

    xo Danielle

  7. I love your Christmas collection. Those lawn santas definitely bring a smile to my face Pam! Hope your knee feels better and good luck with your company tonight.....I think the cleaning is always the biggest chore when you have guests coming. Although that seems the only time my house gets a good

  8. Such beautiful table clothes!! The Santa's on the lawn are so cute, I just love them!!! Those were a great find for sure!! Sweet stocking from when you were a little girl, I bet you're so glad you kept it! I hope your knee feels and gets better soon for you! Happy Holidays!! xo Holly

  9. I just love your NOEL stocking! It's adorable. How fun. Get better soon! You need to enjoy your company. Christmas hugs!

  10. Love your linen tree. So sorry you hurt your knee. It takes a long time to heal those kind of injuries. Take it as easy as you can. Hugs


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