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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vintage Tablecloth & Halloween Crafting

Just showing off a favorite tablecloth and a
little Halloween crafting.
Warning~Lots of photos!
I am adding a lot of photos of this prized tablecloth so you can enjoy
the gorgeous detail.  The tablecloth was made by Leron Linen Company,
which has been around since 1930.  They make high quality linens, and
are still in business today selling bed and bath linens online.

My research has shown this tablecloth to be from the 1950's, and is a difficult one to find.
I happened upon this one at an antique market show in South Florida.
I love how the dolphin candlestick holders (Metropolitan Museum of Art reproduction
 from1984) look on this cloth, like they were made for it! 
The center bowl is Carnival glass Iris design.
Some close ups of the design.

The graphics made me swoon.  I had to have it!  Did a little bargaining,
but paid more than I had previously paid for any tablecloth. 
So glad I splurged.  I have been enjoying it's beauty for about 20 years now. 
Isn't it gorgeous?

Changing tracks completely, I've been on a crafting binge.
Ever since I joined two Halloween swaps, I've had orange and black
all over my craft table, thinking and playing.

Here are a few things I came up with.

 None of these were for my swap partners, so can show them. :)
I'll be selling at the little consignment shop and maybe a
craft bazaar ~ fun!
This decorated cookie cutter is not for the swap either.

Added a yo yo to the back. 

 I got a little carried away with all the stuff I put on the cards, but I was having such fun
that I couldn't stop myself.  I think I could hear Jim Carrey in the Masque saying ~
Have you started any fall crafting? 

On another note, we are getting less tomatoes.  The little sweet Cherry and Juliet
tomatoes are still producing. That could be because the temps are still in the 90's. 
Since last week-end.  YUCK!

C'mon Mom, turn off that laptop and let me out to play!
Okay Doyle, you know I can't resist that face. 

Sharing a few photos of what Doyle enjoyed last week-end
before I close. Swimming and retrieving his fake duck.
Happy "Friday Eve" Day & Have a great week-end!


  1. Your tablecloth is wonderful. As a child, I loved playing with pieces like that because I wove stories around the scenes.

    And, I love your Halloween pieces.

    I actually made something for Halloween yesterday and my husband grimaced - afraid that I was breaking out the Halloween decor. It was being sent off as a thank you to a blogger who sent me a sweet gift. Now I am in the mood to make a few fall and Halloween items.

  2. That Asian inspired tablecloth is just gorgeous. Makes me think of our time in China and my sweet Josie. It was definitely worth splurging on. I can't wait to get more time to start Halloween crafting. I've got to get my swap things going. So many ideas swirling in my head. Thank you for the inspiration. Halloween hugs!!

  3. I am in love with your tablecloth!!! What a beautiful design and you are right the dolphin candlesticks look perfect with it! I have been Halloween crafting too in this stupid hot weather but relief is on the way next week. It will be Fall before we know it!

  4. That tablecloth is gorgeous. So glad you splurged on it 20 years ago. You would have always regretted it. Love all your Halloween crafts.

  5. I'm in the mood to craft!! Maybe next week. My craft room is packed and becoming a drop off room...not good! Fun Halloween craft.
    Looks like Doyle loves to retrive.

  6. You were very smart to treat yourself to that gorgeous tablecloth. Fun Halloween goodies you are creating. I am truly embracing Halloween this year...not scary or gorey. Creative Bliss...

  7. Love the tablecloth...the colors are great! Your Halloween items are too cute. I haven't made anyting for fall yet. It's so hot here and seems like fall is nowhere in sight. Just a few more weeks maybe! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings, Vicky

  8. My 5-year-old grandson said to tell you he loves your ghost! :)

  9. Pretty table cloth!! Love love all your Halloweenies!! I just started crocheting some little pumpkins!! And Doyle is so cute as always!! xo Holly

  10. You've been a busy bee! Love the tablecloth and such cute Halloween crafts! Nice to see your lovely dog Doyle!

  11. Such a fun tablecloth Pam! Must bring a smile every time you take it out.

    You are on a crafty binge, look at you go! And that doesn't even include what you're making for your Halloween swap? Can't wait to see more spooky craftiness! That's great you're selling at a consignment shop.

    Doyle is such a cutie! He loves to go broccoli hunting hahahaha

    Happy weekend!

  12. That tablecloth is stunning! Oriental style has gone out of fashion it seems but I have some amazing things from when my Dad was stationed In Japan in the mid 50's. I also love your crafting binge...I've still not started anything but hope to make at least a few tags for fall this year!

  13. Oriental style has never been my thing, but that table cloth is really stunning. Such a beautiful scene and color combination. Don't you just love it when you buy something, and every time you use it, you love it just as much as when you first saw it. That just confirms that it was money well spent!
    Yep, Doyle sure has a face that would be hard to resist! Good luck with that! Ha!
    Erica :)

  14. Such pretty colors in that tablecloth, I especially like all of the tropical blooms around the border. I wouldn't be able to resist Doyle's face either! What a cutie, I could hug him all day :) --Fran

  15. Oh Doyle reminded me Greta is outside.....better put my laptop down and check on her! Beautiful tablecloth, how grand that you have enjoyed it for 20 years.......I am sure your glad you paid more for it that you wanted, since you have enjoyed it so. Your little halloween goodies are adorable, I say keep going!


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